Klaus T

Klaus T

At LabGrownCarats.com, Klaus is responsible for everything related to diamond analysis and valuations, the financial aspects of diamond buying, and the impact of diamond mining vs. creating diamonds in the laboratory. Klaus possesses a profound interest and expertise in diamonds, particularly lab-grown diamonds, and has worked with diamond and lab diamond analysis and valuation for many years. Klaus is an expert in diamond prices and valuation, the investment side of diamonds, and the economic development impact of diamond mining. Klaus is an ex-diplomat, economic development expert, ex-Googler, and start-up founder. He has 15+ years of expertise in economic development, trade, and resource extraction, and he has worked with the impact of mining on societies and the environment. He is an expert on how resources, such as gold and diamonds and diamond mining, impact communities and exporting countries, and he has worked with the UN, the World Bank, the African Union, the African Development Bank, etc. Klaus later shifted focus to work with data analysis, marketing technology, measurement, and analytics, including 7+ years at Google. Please contact Klaus if you are looking for data and analysis related to lab-grown diamonds or if you have questions about the economic impact of diamond mining and the shift to creating diamonds in the laboratory.
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