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Best Brilliance

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  • Fantastic customer service
  • White-glove concierge buying process
  • High quality diamonds
  • Accurate and honest information about lab diamonds


  • Prices range from decent to high
  • You can't compare and inspect diamonds
  • Limited selection of lab-grown jewelry

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Summary of Best Brilliance Review

Best Brilliance has been on the market since 2013 and sells diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry pre-set with select diamonds. They sell both mined and lab-grown diamonds. However, their selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry is somewhat limited.

Nevertheless, we decided to review Best Brilliance and their lab-created diamond jewelry selection. Read our updated 2024 Best Brilliance review to learn if they are worth considering.

Best Brilliance embraces various selling platforms, including eBay and Etsy. This is similar to Friendly Diamonds and Grown Brilliance. These platforms make up a large share of their sales, but they also sell through their own website. In our Best Brilliance review, we’ll focus on reviewing the buying experience on their own site. However, you may prefer the certainty of buying through Etsy.

3 diamond jewelers we like better than Best Brilliance

In this Best Brilliance review, we learn that we like many things about Best Brilliance, but we also have some grievances.

The positive is that they are very clear and honest about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds over mined. However, while Best Brilliance also sells mined diamonds and advertises them as guaranteed conflict-free, it is impossible to guarantee that mined diamonds are conflict-free. In addition, there are several other drawbacks to mined diamonds.

Best Brilliance does a great job highlighting these benefits and has dedicated pages explaining what these are and fairly truthfully compares mined to lab-created diamonds.

Best Brilliance also offers excellent customer service, including the option to schedule virtual appointments with a trained gemologist who can help you through the complicated process of buying a diamond. They also have excellent customer service through chat and phone, and they’ll happily guide you and offer advice.

They advertise their customer service as being 24/7. However, when we contacted them at odd hours (evening), they were, in fact, not online. The 24/7 is thus a little misleading. However, they did get back to us the following morning (on a weekend). And truth be told, we prefer that over sub-par customer service with global support.

Best Brilliance does not sell loose diamonds, and they do not give you access to diamond certificates. That’s because they only offer pre-set jewelry and engagement rings, where you cannot pick the exact diamond you want.

That’s a problem. We always recommend that you match the diamond with the jewelry yourself to avoid the often sub-par diamonds that pre-set jewelry is combined with.

However, Best Brilliance generally uses high-quality diamonds with their jewelry, including their engagement rings.

And while the lab-grown diamond jewelry selection at Best Brilliance is somewhat limited, we do like their designs which span the classic to modern and creative. We only wish they would make more of the designs they offer with mined diamonds available with the superior diamond choice: lab-created diamonds.

Ring designs at Best Brilliance.
Jewelry designs at Best Brilliance.

Best Brilliance’s prices are difficult to gauge since Best Brilliance does not give you direct access to diamond certificates – you ask for one (just one), so you can’t shop around. While you can compare the diamond attributes and the diamond 4Cs, these are not apples-to-apples comparisons. You need to study the diamond certificates and HD 360-degree images to evaluate any diamond, as we explain in our lab-grown diamond buying guide.

That said, we did compare their prices to many similar diamonds and jewelry at some of our top-rated lab-created diamond sellers, such as James Allen, Ritani, Clean Origin, and Brilliant Earth.

We found that the prices at Best Brilliance are fair but generally higher than what we see at the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds. Depending on the actual diamonds that they pair the jewelry with, their prices range from decent to overpriced.

So your best bet is to get a copy of a diamond certificate and compare it to what you would pay at James Allen, Ritani, Clean Origin, Brilliant Earth, or With Clarity if you’re shopping for an engagement ring.

Best Brilliance should, perhaps, not be compared with the likes of James Allen, Clean Origin, Ritani, or Brilliant Earth, our top-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers.

Instead, Best Brilliance is closer to Ada Diamonds, which only offers personalized custom jewelry. And our review lands on a similar positive yet not perfect score. Best Brilliance can be great if you are willing to let the jeweler have more control and do not want to invest time in educating yourself on diamonds. But it comes at a price (quite literally). Just as the case is with Ada (see our Ada Diamonds review).

Keep reading our Best Brilliance review to learn if Best Brilliance is a good option for you and what you should be aware of.

Best Brilliance

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How We Reviewed Best Brilliance in 2024

As experts in lab diamonds, we have thoroughly analyzed and studied every aspect of Best Brilliance, including their diamonds and jewelry. We have compared Best Brilliance with its competitors and have ranked the pros and cons against what we find across the diamond industry.

To ensure our review is accurate and reflects the real-world journey that you, as a shopper, will experience, we have spent countless days and weeks utilizing all our expertise and experience in reviewing Best Brilliance. As part of our review process, we have thoroughly investigated the shopping experience, including buying and returning products ourselves, studying the actual diamonds and jewelry, and testing the craftsmanship. We have also subjected Best Brilliance’s customer service to a barrage of questions that you, as a customer, might have.

We update our reviews continuously to ensure they are always current, so you might see them updated. Please share your experiences with us in the comments section so we can include them in our assessments.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team of diamond experts has accumulated decades of knowledge about diamonds and jewelers, with a combined experience of more than 75 years. Our top diamond expert, Rolf Hartmann, led our Best Brilliance review with input from several expert contributors.

Ranking Criteria

We have evaluated and ranked Best Brilliance using the following criteria:

  • Diamond and jewelry prices
  • Diamond inventory
  • Jewelry selection
  • Quality of diamonds and jewelry
  • Shopping experience
  • Customer service
  • Sustainability
  • Shipping, and return policies

Who are Best Brilliance Diamonds?

Best Brilliance was established by Guy Mendel, who is also the current CEO of Best Brilliance. The company was founded with the mission to offer the finest collection of diamonds at surprisingly attractive prices. Best Brilliance does this by providing a wide variety of customized jewelry and outstanding service to numerous customers worldwide. Best Brilliance aims to be a personal jeweler who guides customers through their purchases. As we wrote in the summary of our Best Brilliance review, this reminds us of Ada Diamonds, who works in a similar fashion.

Is Best Brilliance legit?

Best Brilliance has existed since 2013 and is built on decades of diamond industry experience. Best Brilliance is a reputable and legit business that has served thousands of happy customers, and they sell high-quality diamond jewelry. They are trustworthy, and their customer service is fast and responsive. That said, there are numerous important factors to consider before buying a diamond and jewelry at Best Brilliance.

While there are a few complaints at Better Business Bureau, that is often the case since consumers specifically go there to complain. Overall, the Best Brilliance reviews on Etsy and eBay are overwhelmingly positive. We, too, at are on the whole positive in our Best Brilliance review, and we would not advise against shopping at Best Brilliance. However, there are diamond sellers that we rate more highly, as you can read in our James Allen review (5.0), Clean Origin review (5.0), Ritani review (4.8), and Brilliant Earth review (4.6).

Best Brilliance sells both mined and lab-grown diamonds

Best Brilliance does not uniquely sell lab-grown diamonds, such as Clean Origin or Vrai. Instead, they sell both mined and lab-grown diamonds and the diamond alternative Moissanite. In the following part of the Best Brilliance review, we’ll primarily focus on their lab-grown diamonds.

Best Brilliance lab-grown diamond selection

As mentioned previously in our Best Brilliance review, they do a great job of highlighting the many benefits of lab-grown diamonds over mined. We appreciate their honesty and transparency in doing this despite selling mined diamonds, too.

However, we are disappointed in their selection of lab-created diamond jewelry compared to their inventory of mined diamond jewelry. Set with mined diamonds, Best Brilliance offers many more ring designs and includes other jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and earrings.

Unfortunately, these are not available with the ethical and environmentally-conscious diamond choice, lab-created diamonds.

Best Brilliance loose lab-grown diamond inventory

Best Brilliance does not offer loose lab-grown diamonds the same way you see at James Allen or Ritani. Instead, Best Brilliance only sells diamond jewelry, and you are not able to browse through a catalog of tens or hundreds of thousands of diamonds as you can at Ritani and similar places.

However, their customer service will work with you to find the best diamond for your needs. You, therefore, have to leave much of the buying process in their hands. We prefer and recommend that you involve yourself more in the process, learn about diamonds, and pick between an array of potential lab-grown diamonds.

But, we know that some consumers prefer a more white-glove and uninvolved buying process, and for them, Best Brilliance may be a good option.

Best Brilliance lab-grown diamond engagement rings and jewelry

As mentioned above in the Best Brilliance review, they only offer lab-grown diamond engagement rings and not earrings and necklaces as they do with mined diamonds. That’s a shame since lab-grown diamonds are a better choice for most people. They’re 30-40% cheaper and do not negatively impact the environment and society the same way as mined diamonds do.

Therefore, in this part of the Best Brilliance review, we’ll focus on their lab-created diamond engagement rings. At the time of writing the Best Brilliance review, they had 198 different engagement ring designs set with mined diamonds. But only 33 designs with lab-grown diamonds.

Best Brilliance Review - Lab-grown jewelry selection

That’s too bad because Best Brilliance does have many exciting and beautiful ring designs that are not available with lab-grown diamonds. However, they may be able to customize one for you, so contact their support and see what they can do for you.

Best Brilliance lab-grown diamond certification

The diamonds at Best Brilliance are all certified by leading diamond grading laboratories. However, since you are not buying a specific diamond and can’t browse a catalog of available stones, you cannot access and study the diamond certificates.

This is part of the buying experience at Best Brilliance. While you will receive a certificate with your purchase, and throughout the buying process, you might be able to see the certificate of the diamond they are suggesting, you’re not able to browse through numerous diamonds and certificates and compare different alternatives. You’ll have to go with what Best Brilliance suggests.

During our Best Brilliance review, we found that diamond certificates are not available.

We generally recommend comparing as many diamonds as possible and studying the diamonds you are considering. For that, consider one of our top-rated diamond jewelers, such as Clean Origin, Ritani, James Allen, or Brilliant Earth. With Clarity is also an excellent option if you’re considering an engagement ring (see our review of the With Clarity Home Preview).

Lab-grown diamond grades found during our Best Brilliance review.
Lab-grown diamond grades at Best Brilliance
Mined diamond grades found during our review of Best Brilliance.
Mined diamond grades at Best Brilliance

Best Brilliance clarity-enhanced diamonds

Before we move to the next section of our Best Brilliance review, we’ll quickly touch upon the clarity-enhanced diamonds that Best Brilliance sells. Enhancing the clarity of diamonds is not an unusual practice. However, it is heavily debated. The process involves gently removing imperfections using a laser.

It may improve the diamond at a very low cost. However, purists do not believe it’s right to perform such enhancements. And generally speaking, the resale value of an enhanced diamond is much lower. As noted previously, we don’t believe in diamonds as an investment object. Diamonds should be bought for their beauty as jewelry pieces. If you want to invest, allocate your funds to something more productive for society.

That said, the diamond clarity-enhancing process is somewhat opaque, making it harder to assess and compare diamonds. So, in general, we advise against clarity-enhanced diamonds. Luckily, it’s more common practice with mined diamonds and not with lab-grown diamonds. And that’s also the case at Best Brilliance. From what we have learned, Best Brilliance only uses clarity enhancement with mined stones. Of course, we don’t recommend mined diamonds anyway, but we thought we would inform our readers.

Best Brilliance buying process

In the part of the Best Brilliance review, we’ll walk through the buying process. Usually, we’ll go through each step of identifying suitable diamonds by comparing the diamond inspection features, such as diamond certificates and 360-degree images.

However, since Best Brilliance works more like a “personal jeweler” and doesn’t make their diamond inventory available online, we’ll instead focus on the assisted process of buying a piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

The first step is to decide on the diamond shape. Best Brilliance has the most common shapes for engagement rings available.

Diamond Shapes available at Best Brilliance.

Next, you can then choose any of the ring designs. For brilliant round diamonds, there are only 9 to choose between. Having decided on a design, you land on the diamond engagement ring page, where you get access to more details about the specific ring.

Diamond engagement ring page at Best Brilliance.

There are HD images available, as well as a 360-degree video view. However, note that this is not the specific diamond you would be purchasing but rather a generic diamond stone. So while it helps gauge the size of the diamond and the ring design, it does not help inspect the diamond you’re buying.

Diamond 360-degree image/video inspection at Best Brilliance.

Best Brilliance has a nice feature that allows you to try the ring virtually. Other sellers, such as James Allen, Brilliant Earth, Ritani, Clean Origin, and With Clarity, offer the same. It’s convenient and gives you a reasonably decent idea of how the ring would look on your hand.

As mentioned previously, you do not select the diamond that you pair the ring with. Instead, a generic diamond is listed with the respective diamond 4Cs. All you need to do is choose your ring size. And if you don’t know, you can get a ring sizer from Best Brilliance.

However, instead of buying the stock diamond ring, we suggest you get in contact with their support and discuss diamond pairing options.

The idea of using Best Brilliance is to take the complexity out of the buying process. While this may be appealing to some, we recommend that you take more control of the process and involve yourself. This will likely save you money and get you a more suitable stone.

But, if you prefer to go with the concierge service of Best Brilliance, we recommend that you at least compare prices with some of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

Best Brilliance customer service

Best Brilliance has excellent customer service. That is, perhaps, not surprising given that their selling point is being a personalized jeweler. However, that is never a given, and we’re happy to report that their service and support are fantastic.

Best Brilliance offers customer service by chat, email, phone, and virtual appointments. The chat is supposedly 24/7, but we did notice that it’s more like 12/7. That is, they respond during the daytime but also on weekends. We think that is more than adequate, and we prefer that over an offshore chat center with mediocre support and knowledge.

The support at Best Brilliance is knowledgeable and provides clear answers. We’ve also found that they are honest and transparent in their guidance. They seem to have your interest at heart (but, of course, are also in the business of making money).

Virtual appointments have become increasingly popular in recent years, pioneered by the likes of James Allen, and during the pandemic, really took off. This is a great option and alternative to visiting a jeweler in person. And while you won’t get as good a look at the diamond, you are not limited to the selection they have on the given day. And you also avoid pushy salespeople.

Virtual Appointments at Best Brilliance.

The virtual appointments are straightforward to book (using Calendly), and they take place through Zoom, which more people are used to through work and school. You get excellent service, support, and export guidance during the appointments. However, we recommend that you do not commit to anything during a call but instead take your time to consider your purchase. You should also take time to compare with other diamond sellers.

Best Brilliance lab-grown diamond prices

When evaluating prices in our Best Brilliance review, we would typically look at the cost of loose diamonds. These are easier to compare, like for like. However, since Best Brilliance does not sell loose diamonds, it’s much more challenging to assess their prices since you cannot separate the cost of the diamond from the setting.

In addition, Best Brilliance doesn’t give you access to the diamond certificates; only once you’re further in the process you’ll be able to view a certificate for a specific diamond. So comparing their prices with other sellers is challenging.

That said, we still tried our best by comparing similar engagement rings and the combined prices with some of our top-rated lab diamond engagement ring jewelers.

We found that, on average, the prices at Best Brilliance hover above the lab-grown diamond market leaders and, perhaps unsurprisingly, are closer to those of another “personal jeweler”, Ada Diamonds. In some cases, prices were reasonable, and in others, we found they were too high.

However, since you’ll engage in a more personalized buying process, you may be able to have Best Brilliance find a better and cheaper diamond than the generic ones they list on their site.

In fact, if you consider buying at Best Brilliance, we would highly recommend that you compare the diamonds they offer with similar diamonds at places such as Ritani, James Allen, Clean Origin, With Clarity, Grown Brilliance, and Brilliant Earth.

Overall, we rate the prices at Best Brilliance as being at the high end but encourage any buyers attracted by their personalized buying experience to compare prices with other sellers and negotiate the best possible diamond price.

Best Brilliance Diamond shipping and returns

Shipping with Best Brilliance is entirely free and fully insured, as you would and should expect. They ship globally, which is a big plus and not something all other sellers do. And that’s free too. Best Brilliance uses FedEx for shipping and returns.

Best Brilliance has a 30-day free return policy, which is very standard in the diamond industry, but not as great as Clean Origin’s 100-day return policy. It should, however, be enough for most buyers. During seasonal sales, they’ll extend the return period much like Ritani and James Allen do.

Best Brilliance Review Verdict

Throughout our updated 2024 Best Brilliance review, we have found much to like about Best Brilliance – but also things we don’t care too much about. The positives include focus and dedicated information about lab-grown diamonds that is accurate and honest.

Best Brilliance also offers excellent customer service and support. In fact, that is probably their strongest point and also how they market themselves. That is, they are a white-glove concierge-like diamond jewelry business that helps consumers through all steps of the buying process.

That, however, is also our biggest negative with Best Brilliance. We recommend that consumers involve themselves in the buying process and have as much influence over it as possible. Buying diamond and diamond jewelry is complicated and often comes with a high sticker price.

There are aspects of the purchase that are a little opaque, and you don’t have the same opportunity to compare diamonds with a vast inventory or with other sellers, such as our favorite places to buy lab-grown diamonds.

We think Best Brilliance is a great place to shop for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, and the shopping experience is somewhat similar to that of Ada Diamonds.

If you decide to buy through Best Brilliance, we recommend that you compare prices with the market-leading sellers of lab-grown diamonds.

We suggest you visit With Clarity for their free home preview replica engagement rings, Brilliant Earth for their sustainability focus, Grown Brilliance for their engagement ring tool, James Allen for their superior diamond buying experience, Ritani for their extensive, low-priced inventory, and Clean Origin for their fantastic prices. Read more reviews of lab-grown diamond jewelers.

3 diamond jewelers we like better than Best Brilliance

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