Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds on Amazon: Why You Should Not Buy Lab Diamonds from a Bookseller

Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds on Amazon: Why You Should Not Buy Lab Diamonds from a Bookseller

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Lab-grown diamonds have been expanding in popularity. And unsurprisingly, lab-grown diamonds are now sold on Amazon, too.

But buying lab-grown diamonds and lab diamond jewelry is not the same as shopping for a memory card or Crocs. It’s a little more complicated.

There are a lot of aspects of lab-grown diamonds to be aware of, and if you’re not careful and aware, you’ll end up with a poor-quality diamond and disappointed. That’s why it is critical to learn how to shop for lab-grown diamonds before buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

Although Amazon is known for its convenience and endless inventory of products, the process of purchasing lab diamond jewelry is more challenging than most people think. The Amazon platform is not built for selling diamonds, and buying lab-grown diamonds online requires access to key features and information.

To help you decide if you should buy a lab-grown diamond or lab diamond jewelry on Amazon, we have reviewed what it’s like to buy lab-grown diamonds there. In this review of lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, we will uncover the potential issues to be aware of when buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

Buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon is different than buying books.

We’ll explore problems such as assessing stock or generic photos that may not accurately represent the lab diamond, limited knowledge about the specific lab diamonds used in jewelry pieces, and low-quality lab diamond options available.

Furthermore, we’ll delve into pricing concerns and value for money when purchasing from an online platform like Amazon. Finally, we will touch upon customer service limitations and how they might impact your overall experience when buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

Lab-grown diamond stock photos

When searching for lab-created diamonds on Amazon, you’ll always run into the problem of generic images of lab diamonds or, worse, stock images that may not even be from the retailer or of similar diamonds. This can be pretty problematic for several reasons:

Quality of diamond images

The quality of stock photos used on Amazon often leaves much to be desired. These images are often generic and do not accurately depict the actual appearance or characteristics of a specific lab-grown diamond being sold.

Without access to high-resolution images or videos of the actual lab diamonds being sold, it’s impossible to directly compare different options or ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Lack of diamond information

Stock photos provide very little information about the actual lab-grown diamonds being offered for sale on Amazon. Without detailed images or descriptions, it’s nearly impossible for you to make informed decisions when purchasing these gems online.

Our best-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds always allow you to pick the actual diamond. They list high-definition images and 360-degree videos of the actual lab-grown diamond you are considering. You’ll also have access to the diamond certificate of the particular lab diamond.

Misleading diamond depictions

In some instances, stock photos may even misrepresent the true nature and quality of a particular lab-grown diamond available on Amazon. As a result, shoppers who rely solely on these images might end up with a product that doesn’t meet their expectations regarding size, color, clarity, or cut.

To avoid disappointment and ensure you’re getting exactly what you want when buying lab-grown diamonds, it’s crucial to have access to accurate visuals and comprehensive information about each gemstone’s specifications and origin – something sorely lacking when browsing through listings featuring only stock imagery.

In this case, Amazon's own brand shows what is probably an honest image of very low-grade lab diamonds. Don't buy this!
In this case, Amazon’s own brand shows what is probably an honest image of very low-grade lab diamonds. Don’t buy this!

Overall, the quality of stock photos on Amazon for lab-grown diamonds is lacking and often misleading. With this in mind, it’s important to understand what knowledge of lab diamonds is used when purchasing them online.

Lab-grown diamond information

When shopping for lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, one major concern is the limited information about the diamonds used in the jewelry. We have already touched on this in the previous section of our review of lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, not only the problematic images. As a buyer, you want to ensure that the lab-grown diamond you are buying meets your requirements and is accurately depicted and described.

Limited diamond information

The product descriptions for lab-grown diamond listings on Amazon often lack crucial details such as cut quality, clarity grade, color grade, and even carat weight! This can make it difficult to compare different options or determine if a particular diamond is worth its price tag.

When buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, color and clarity are sometimes mentioned, but this seller is not listing the cut grade here or anywhere else on the listing.
While color and clarity are mentioned, the seller is not listing the cut grade here or anywhere else on the listing.

In addition, you cannot see the diamond grading reports (also known as diamond certificates) for lab diamonds on Amazon. These are critical for understanding the quality of the diamond and giving you the certainty that the provided information is correct.

Unclear origin of lab diamonds

In addition to lacking detailed information about each diamond’s specifications, many listings do not disclose where their lab-grown diamonds are created or how they were created. Knowing this can help you understand more about the quality and ethical standards of the diamond creation.

Thanks to Amazon's recommendation algorithm, you might also see listings for non-diamond products, such as Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite.
Thanks to Amazon’s recommendation algorithm, you might also see listings for non-diamond products, such as Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite.

Inability to choose your own lab-grown diamond

Unlike lab-grown diamond jewelers, who allow you to choose individual loose lab-grown diamonds based on specific criteria like cut, clarity, color, and carat weight (James Allen or Ritani, for example), Amazon does not offer this level of personalization when buying pre-set jewelry pieces with lab-created stones.

We always recommend picking the diamond you want from the jeweler’s inventory of loose lab diamonds. That’s because you’ll be able to find the best diamond for your specific needs (e.g., lower color grade for a piece set in gold). And even more importantly, jewelers tend to use lower-quality diamonds in pre-set jewelry. Later this review of buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon will look closer at the lab diamond quality.

Since you cannot choose your own lab-grown diamond on Amazon, there is no guarantee that the diamond used in your jewelry piece selected will meet your criteria or expectations.

In summary, when buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, customers are faced with limited information about the actual stones being used and an inability to select their preferred diamond based on specific criteria. These factors contribute to uncertainty regarding overall quality and value for money.

Lab-grown diamond quality on Amazon

Unfortunately, many lab-grown diamonds sold on Amazon suffer from poor cut quality, low clarity and color grades, and limited carat weight options.

Poor diamond cut quality.

The cut of a diamond is critical for determining its overall beauty and brilliance. A well-cut diamond will maximize light return and create an eye-catching sparkle that distinguishes it from lesser-quality stones. In fact, when considering brilliant-shaped lab-grown diamonds, you should value the diamond cut grade over anything else!

"Good cut" is usually a very poor diamond cut grade, despite the name. And this lab diamond on Amazon is not even graded by one of the reputable diamond labs. Stay clear of any diamond not graded Excellent or Ideal by places such as GIA or IGI.
“Good cut” is usually a very poor diamond cut grade, despite the name. And this lab diamond on Amazon is not even graded by one of the reputable diamond labs. So stay clear of any diamond not graded Excellent or Ideal by places such as GIA or IGI.

Unfortunately, when purchasing lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, it is difficult to ascertain the quality of the cut due to a lack of information about the diamond cut grade, facets, and dimensions.

Some listings refer to diamond cut grades as “excellent” or “ideal”, which are the highest cut grades at GIA and IGI, respectively. However, in most cases, these claims are not backed up by independent lab diamond grading or certificates without providing factual information about the specific proportions or angles of the diamond’s facets.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult to know if you’re getting a truly well-cut stone or just an average one with an alleged cut grade.

Poor clarity and color grades

Beyond cut quality, other factors such as clarity and color also play significant roles in determining a diamond’s value and appearance. Unfortunately, when browsing through lab-grown diamond listings on Amazon, you may notice vague descriptions regarding these important attributes – sometimes even missing entirely.

Diamond clarity is determined by the presence (or absence) of internal flaws known as inclusions and blemishes. These can impact how much light passes through your gemstone unimpeded by imperfections within its structure.

Diamond color grades (in colorless diamonds) tell you if a hue, typically yellowish, is present in the diamond and to what extent. For fancy-colored lab diamonds, it’s a little different, but these, too, are graded.

Without proper grading information from a reputable gemological laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), it’s difficult to determine if you’re getting a high-quality lab-grown diamond or one with noticeable inclusions and color tinting.

Low carat-weight options

Another drawback when buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon is the limited range of carat weights. While some larger lab diamonds are available, many listings only offer smaller sizes that may not meet your needs, particularly for engagement rings or other significant jewelry pieces.

This lack of variety can make it hard to find the perfect diamond. In contrast, lab-grown diamond jewelers often provide much more extensive selections and customization options so you can choose the exact size, shape, and diamond grades that suit your needs best.

Purchasing a low-grade diamond can be an expensive blunder, so it’s essential to consider cost and value for money when selecting one. When shopping on Amazon, you should consider factors such as transparency in pricing, quality assurance guarantees, and carat weight options before deciding which diamond is right for you.

When buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, it’s essential to be aware of the potential drawbacks such as poor cut quality, low clarity and color grades, and limited carat weight options. Without proper grading information from a reputable gemological laboratory like GIA or IGI, it’s impossible to know what you are buying.

Lab-grown diamond prices on Amazon

In our review of lab diamond buying on Amazon, we have so far learned that there are issues with lab diamond images, inadequate or misleading information, and poor diamond quality. But what about the prices for lab-grown diamonds on Amazon? Let’s look into that next.

Having read through the above sections of our assessment of buying lab diamonds on Amazon, it may not surprise that prices, too, are not fantastic. Here are the reasons.

Prices for lab-grown diamonds on Amazon are high.

Lab-grown diamonds on Amazon are often higher than those from reputable lab diamond jewelers. Particularly when considering the usually low quality and lack of quality assurance.

This could be due to various reasons, such as higher fees charged by the platform or sellers trying to compensate for lower sales volumes by increasing prices, regardless of why, you’ll likely end up paying a premium without receiving any additional benefits in return.

Lab diamond prices on Amazon are not transparent.

In addition to lab diamonds often being more expensive on Amazon, there is a lack of transparency when pricing on Amazon listings. As highlighted before, many sellers fail to list detailed diamond quality data, making it difficult for shoppers to assess lab-grown diamond prices on Amazon accurately.

Lacking authenticity and certificates

As we have also mentioned above, a significant concern when buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon is the lack of guarantee regarding quality and authenticity. While some sellers may claim to offer certified diamonds, there’s no way for customers to verify this information easily.

In contrast, reputable online diamond jewelers in lab-grown diamonds always provide detailed certification from well-known laboratories like IGI or GIA, ensuring that you receive accurate and independent information about the diamonds you are considering.

While Amazon might seem like a convenient option for purchasing lab-grown diamond jewelry, it falls short in terms of pricing transparency and value for money compared to other places. You should be cautious when considering buying on the platform due to potentially higher prices, vague product descriptions, and a lack of verifiable independent diamond certificates.

Amazon lab-grown diamond customer service and support

Unfortunately, when purchasing lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, you may also encounter issues with their customer service that can negatively impact your overall experience.

Limited customer service knowledge about lab-grown diamonds

The availability of knowledgeable customer service representatives specializing in lab-grown diamonds is limited on Amazon. As a result, getting accurate information about diamonds or addressing any concerns related to your purchase becomes challenging. In contrast, dedicated lab-grown diamond retailers usually offer personalized assistance from experts in the field, including virtual appointments with gemologists.

Difficulty obtaining refunds

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase of a lab-grown diamond from Amazon due to poor quality or misrepresentation of the product details, obtaining a refund might prove difficult.

Different sellers have varying return policies. For that reason, you should always read the return policies carefully before making a purchase.

In contrast, our highest-rated lab diamond jewelers all offer more straightforward return processes and better guarantees for their products as they understand how important trust and satisfaction are in this industry.

Purchasing high-quality lab-grown diamonds requires thorough research and attention to detail – which may not be possible on shopping platforms like Amazon. To ensure you get the best value for your money and a satisfying shopping experience, consider exploring other lab-grown diamond retailers that specialize in providing high-quality diamonds, personalized customer service, and transparent pricing.

So, should you buy a lab-grown diamond on Amazon?

Overall, buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon is a risky proposition. Finding the perfect diamond is near impossible, and even if you do, there is no certainty of quality or value. Furthermore, stock photos are used instead of actual images of lab diamonds, and information about the specific lab diamonds used is limited. That’s why we don’t think you should be buying a lab-grown diamond on Amazon. Instead, buy your lab-created diamonds from a jeweler, not a bookseller.

Reputable lab-grown diamond jewelers on Amazon

While we highly discourage buying lab-grown diamonds on Amazon, there are a few reputable lab-grown diamond sellers on Amazon.

Grown Brilliance is one of the most reputable sellers of lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance started mainly selling on platforms such as Amazon but has since graduated to become a fully-fledged lab-grown diamond jeweler selling through its own high-quality and feature-rich website. In fact, we think they are the best place to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings online due to their cutting-edge ring customizer and visualization tools.

Read our review of Grown Brilliance.

Friendly Diamonds is a reputable seller of lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

Friendly Diamonds

Friendly Diamonds also sells both through its website and platforms such as Amazon. Friendly Diamonds offers great prices and a good shopping experience. While they are not on par with our highest-rated diamond jewelers, they are also not the worst and are reputable sellers (on Amazon and their own site).

Read our review of Friendly Diamonds.

New World Diamonds is a reputable seller of lab-grown diamonds on Amazon.

New World Diamonds

Like the other two sellers, New World Diamonds specialize in lab-grown diamonds and sell through shopping platforms and their own site. New World Diamonds has one of the largest inventories of fancy-colored diamonds. While we don’t find they are as good as our highest-rated lab diamond jewelers, like Friendly Diamonds, they are not bad either. Consider New World Diamonds if you are looking for fancy-colored lab diamonds that you can’t find elsewhere.

You can buy through their Amazon store or their own site.

Read our review of New World Diamonds.

Amazon vs. Jeweler’s website?

Should you buy directly from them or through Amazon? Of course, you could buy lab-grown diamonds on Amazon from reputable sellers such as the above, but make sure you reach out to them first. And consider buying directly from their own website, where you can often pick the exact and actual diamonds, see HD diamond images, and access diamond certificates.

Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds on Amazon FAQs

Is there anything wrong with buying a lab-grown diamond?

No, there is nothing wrong with buying a lab-grown diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory setting using advanced technology and processes. Lab-grown diamonds possess the same alluring beauty and strength as mined diamonds, yet they come at a fraction of the cost since no digging or complex supply chains are involved. Additionally, purchasing lab-grown diamonds helps reduce environmental impact when no mining or large-scale excavation is necessary for their production.

Does Amazon sell real diamonds?

Yes, Amazon sells real diamonds. You can find both mined and lab-created diamonds on Amazon, and both are real diamonds. Many diamonds listed on Amazon are lab-grown, which possess the same characteristics as those mined from Earth, but are created with advanced techniques. Lab-grown diamonds are 60-80% cheaper than mined ones due to their production process, but both diamond origins carry the same quality and realness.

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