1 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Prices—How Much To Pay In 2024?

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Welcome to our guide to 1-carat lab-grown diamond prices. We will explain what a 1-carat diamond is, how big it is, and how to use it best. We’ll also clarify the differences between lab-grown and mined diamonds. We will show you how to find the best 1-carat lab diamond and save on diamonds.

Finally, we compare and list prices for 1-carat lab-created diamonds. We compare prices for both round brilliant and the most popular fancy-shaped 1-carat diamonds from 6 of the cheapest places to buy lab-grown diamonds. We end our guide with our recommended places to buy lab-grown diamonds.

So, how much is a one-carat lab-grown diamond? The answer is that it depends. Diamond prices vary widely depending on quality and where you buy them. A one-carat lab diamond can cost as little as $400 and up to $4000, depending on its 4Cs.

How much does a 1-carat lab diamond cost?

On average, an excellent-quality 1-carat lab-grown diamond costs $800-$1000 in June 2024. That is up to 80% less than a mined diamond! However, prices range from $400 to $4000 depending on the quality.

Cheapest places to buy a 1-carat lab-grown diamond

SALES ALERT! See the best diamond deals (terms apply):

Lab-Grown Diamond Price Developments

In the past five years, prices for lab-grown diamonds have been decreasing rapidly. Between 2022 and 2023, our lab diamond price tracking has seen the prices of 1-carat lab-created diamonds decrease by an average of $100-150.

The diamond outlet JCK has observed the same trend, in just one year. , even mighty De Beers is under pressure from low lab-grown diamond prices.

Is the falling lab-grown diamond prices a problem?

The decreasing prices of lab-grown diamonds are not a problem for consumers. Currently, the supply is bigger than the demand, and that’s good for shoppers. You can take advantage of the low prices and save or buy a larger diamond. As long as you buy lab-created diamonds to wear and not for investment purposes, the falling prices are a great thing.

Will lab-grown diamond prices continue to fall?

The future lab diamond price trend depends on supply and demand. There are signs of consolidation in the market, which could lead to decreased supply. But it’s unlikely that prices will go up. In our opinion, lab-created diamond prices might stabilize and then, perhaps, decrease more slowly following technological and manufacturing improvements.

Buying any diamond is a big purchase, and knowing how to get the best stone and where to get the best value for your money is important. That’s why we’ve written several guides to help our readers out. We recommend getting started by reading our popular:

So, before we start comparing diamond prices, it’s critical to understand why lab diamond prices vary a lot. So, we’ll start by explaining what a 1-carat lab-grown diamond is and how diamonds are evaluated.

What Is a 1-Carat Lab-Grown Diamond?

1-carat diamonds are one of the most popular sizes for both lab-created and mined diamonds.

However, as you have already learned, lab-grown diamonds are 60-80% cheaper than mined diamonds. But there are more benefits to lab-grown diamonds.

Lab diamonds are more:

  • Ethical and does not come with the potential negative social impact that mining does, such as corruption, exploitation, or the economic export resource curse.
  • Environmentally, lab diamonds are more sustainable. This is especially true if they are created using renewable energy, as more and more lab diamonds are.

How Big is a 1-Carat Diamond?

The size of a 1-carat lab-grown diamond depends first and foremost on the diamond’s shape. That is because carats are not the size but the weight of a diamond. And different diamond shapes will have different surface areas (perceived size). The most popular shape is the round brilliant. Other shapes include emerald, which is typically one of the cheapest—princess, pear, and heart-shaped, which tend to be more expensive.

A round brilliant lab diamond weighing 1 carat is typically around 0.25 in (6.5 mm) in diameter. But even the size of a round brilliant-shaped diamond varies with the actual cut and, particularly, the depth of the diamond. Excellent or ideal cut diamonds are typically around 6.4-6.5mm in diameter.

What Is the Best Jewelry Type for 1-Carat Diamonds?

A 1-carat diamond is a relatively large diamond. The best jewelry for a diamond of that size depends on how much attention you want to draw to your jewelry. If you prefer to be a little inconspicuous, 1 carat is the perfect size for a ring or a necklace, for example, a pendant.

If you want something more eye-catching and bold, a 1-carat diamond set in earrings would make a statement and draw attention to the beautiful diamonds. But you will need two diamonds, so the price will double. If diamond price is not an object, you could even opt for a bracelet or necklace set with several 1-carat diamonds, but, of course, the total price for your diamond jewelry will multiply.

Understanding Diamond Prices

The first thing you must learn about lab-created diamonds is the diamond 4Cs. We have written an easy-to-read Intro to Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Diamond 4Cs that we recommend you read first. But, if you are in a hurry or just want to know how much you need to shell out for a 1-carat lab-created diamond, you can skip ahead.

In short, the diamond 4Cs are a grading framework created by the . The four Cs are:

If you need a quick diamond-buying refresher, remember these three things when shopping for diamonds.

  • You first need to know that diamonds are all about the sparkle—also referred to as brilliance or fire in the diamond industry lingo. The sparkle is what makes diamonds so unique. So, if you take away one thing, let it be this: Go for the best possible diamond cut grade! Do not buy a large brilliant-shaped diamond with poor brilliance. Always maximize brilliance—size comes second. Even when purchasing a non-brilliant diamond shape, you still want to aim for a well-cut diamond.
  • Quality matters more than quantity! A better-quality lab diamond will appear larger. And more importantly, a low-quality diamond will not look like a diamond! So, when determining the quality of a diamond using the 4Cs of diamond quality, first, aim for the best cut possible, then color and clarity grades, and carat weight last.
  • Pick a diamond just below the popular “round” weights if possible. For example, choose a 0.96-carat instead of a lab diamond that’s 1.0-carat. Avoiding round weights can save you a lot of money, and the best thing is that no one can see the difference.

How We Research Lab-Grown Diamond Prices

Now that you better understand why diamond prices vary, we’ll compare prices for 1-carat lab-created diamonds. We constantly collect and update our list of diamond prices from the best online diamond retailers so you can get the best deal.

We compare the prices for 1-carat lab diamonds by using a reference diamond. The reference diamond is a round, brilliant-cut, lab-created diamond with the 4C grades we recommend for most lab diamonds. These are:

Our reference diamond may not be ideal for every jewelry need, but for the typical and most popular lab diamond jewelry needs, we recommend this. Expect to pay higher prices for a diamond with higher grades and less if you relax them. Just make sure not to downgrade on the diamond cut grade!

June 2024 1-Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Prices

Below are the prices for 1-carat lab-grown diamonds from our top-rated diamond retailers. We believe they are the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry and engagement rings. They not only have the best inventory of high-quality diamonds but also offer the best shopping experiences and customer service. And, perhaps most importantly, they offer the very best lab-grown diamond prices!

Lab diamond jewelerPrices for 1-carat lab-grown diamonds
Clean Origin$411-827
Grown Brilliance$4851155
With Clarity$602-2159
James Allen$940-1250
Brilliant Earth$970-1840*
Prices for 1-carat lab-grown diamonds collected June 2024.

Prices are accurate at the time of writing in 2024.
*Includes 100% sustainable lab-created diamonds.

Fancy-Shaped Lab Diamond Prices

Lab-grown diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. While the brilliant-cut round diamond is the most popular, there are many other lab diamond shapes to choose from. All other shapes than round are considered fancy shapes or cuts. As we have detailed in our guide to lab-grown diamond shapes, they each hold their own beauty, pros, and cons.

Some shapes are more expensive than round brilliants, such as heart-shaped lab diamonds, while others are cheaper, such as emerald-shaped lab diamonds. To help you compare the prices of the most popular fancy-shaped lab diamonds, we have gathered the average prices of all 1-carat fancy-shaped lab diamonds.

How We Compared Fancy-Shaped Lab Diamond Prices

Because fancy-shaped diamonds are graded slightly differently and because cut grading is not as strict as with the round brilliant, we have adjusted the ranges below. Most notably, the cut grade includes very good, which we would never accept with a round brilliant cut.

All the below prices are from prices and run higher, but it gives you an indication of the price range, and all live up to the above minimum specifications.

June 2024 Fancy-Shaped 1-Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Prices

Prices for fancy-shaped 1-carat lab diamonds are accurate when writing in 2024.
*Cut grade fancy
**Higher than minimum grades.

All prices are collected from our top-rated best places to buy lab diamonds, where you’ll find the lowest prices, highest quality, and best shopping experience.

Why You Should Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond

First and foremost, lab-grown diamonds are up to 60-80% cheaper than their mined counterparts with precisely the same diamond 4C grades. And during lab diamond sales, you can be lucky to save even more. We keep a close eye on the market and are the first to know when diamond retailers announce specials or sales.

But it’s not only lower prices that make lab-created diamonds better than mined diamonds. They are also better for the environment and have a more positive impact on society. You can learn much more about that in the following articles:

Prices for Sustainable 1-Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are already a more sustainable and ethical choice than mined diamonds. However, not all lab diamonds are produced using sustainable energy or are set in sustainable materials. Expect a 30-40% premium for 100% sustainable diamonds. The average prices for sustainable 1-carat lab-grown diamonds range from $1200 to $2000.

One of the best places to buy sustainable and zero-emission lab-grown diamonds is Brilliant Earth (read our review of Brilliant Earth). Another option is Vrai, but as you can read in our Brilliant Earth vs. Vrai comparison, we find that Brilliant Earth is the best place for sustainable diamonds (see our review of Vrai). Pandora, too, focuses on sustainability, as you can read in our Pandora Brilliance review. Still, while we approve of their environmental focus, they are not as good as Vrai or particularly Brilliant Earth.

Three 1-Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Ring Examples

When searching for jewelry with a 1-carat diamond, there are many different styles to choose from. Below are examples of rings set with a 1-carat lab-grown diamond. From classic styles to modern engagement ring settings, this diamond weight goes well with engagement rings, anniversary rings, or lab diamond earrings.

1-carat lab diamond from Brilliant Earth

Waverly Diamond Engagement Ring

1-carat lab-grown diamond ring from Brilliant Earth

1-carat lab diamond from Clean Origin

14K White Gold Sylvie Solitaire Ring

1-carat lab-created diamond ring from Clean Origin

1-carat lab diamond from James Allen

14K Yellow Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring (Flush Fit)

1-carat lab diamond ring from James Allen

Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds and Jewelry

At LabGrownCarats.com, we review lab-grown diamond sellers and jewelers to help you find the best places to buy lab diamonds and jewelry. We also compare the best lab diamond jewelers in our lab diamond jeweler comparisons.

3 of our favorite places to buy diamond jewelry

Compare Prices of Other Lab-Grown Diamond-Carat Weights

We compile and list prices for the most popular lab-grown diamond carat weights. Compare prices for 1-carat stones with the carat weights and jewelry below.

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