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With Clarity Review (2022) – What You Need to Know Before Buying

With Clarity

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  • Excellent value for money
  • Decent lab-grown selection
  • Free home replica previews
  • Dedicated to engagement rings (fully customized)


  • Limited selection (other than engagement rings)
  • Diamond inspection features nowhere near Clean Origin and James Allen

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Summary of With Clarity Review – The Best Place to Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring in 2022

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With Clarity ( is a fast-growing online jeweler focused on engagement rings with a large selection of great value lab-grown diamond stones and a unique try-a-replica-before-you-buy approach.

We are big fans and as you’ll learn throughout our With Clarity review, there are good reasons for that. We think that With Clarity is a leading seller of lab-grown engagement rings, and you should strongly consider them when looking for that special ring. In fact, in our list of top 5 places to buy a lab-grown engagement ring, With Clarity tops our list.

Read more about why we love the With Clarity Home Preview in our review of their free engagement ring replicas.

And remember, with a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you not only save the environment, but you can also upgrade to a 30-40% better ring for the same money!

With Clarity Diamonds

With Clarity’s home preview (engagement rings only)

With Clarity offers to try on a 3D-printed model (replica) of your engagement ring at home – before you buy! This is, at least to our knowledge, a unique offering and a genius way to avoid going to a jeweler and avoiding having to receive and return a costly diamond (with insurance and all). In addition, With Clarity saves on costs since they don’t have to create the actual ring and pass some of the savings on to you in the form of lower prices (more on that later).

Read our in-depth review of the With Clarity Home Preview.

With Clarity Review - Introduction

With Clarity ethical diamond sourcing

As you will have learned by reading about the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds, ethical sourcing, and a great initiative, and should be condoned. But in practice, it’s almost all but impossible to guarantee a 100% ethically sourced diamond – except if you buy a lab-grown diamond. In our review of With Clarity, we applaud With Clarity for focusing on this important topic and for, at least partly, solving it by making lab-created diamonds a key part of their offering.

With Clarity lab-grown diamonds

With Clarity focuses specifically on engagement rings and was born out of a personal need (as many great companies are). The owners wanted to try engagement rings from the comfort of their home, avoid hustling jewelers, and get the best stone and ring, knowing it was ethically sourced.

It’s a tall order, so they went about to solve the challenge themselves by uniquely offering to create a replica model of your engagement ring for you to try at home – before the real ring is created. Smart for both With Clarity (who saves on returned rings) and the consumer (you) who receives some of those savings and has the luxury of shopping from the couch.

With Clarity has a large selection of lab-grown diamonds and does not only sell engagement rings. The buying experience and value for money are both great, which is why we have decided to review (and recommend)

Preview your engagement ring at home

You may be wondering, just how does this work? It’s pretty simple.

  1. You start off by creating a “home preview box” and selecting two rings. You customize the carat, shape, and type of metal.
  2. You receive 3D models of the two rings you chose for you to try at home. You have to return them within 3 days.
  3. After returning the replicas, you can put in the order for the one you liked best (or make any custom changes).
With Clarity Review - Preview Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Before Buying

This probably leaves you with a couple of questions.

First, what is the With Clarity engagement ring home preview replica quality like? Is it anything like the real deal?

Yes, the quality is surprisingly good and definitely good enough for you to make an informed decision. Now, it’s only the design that you are evaluating, not the diamond stone. The one placed in the ring setting is a synthetic replica stone (remember how lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic but, in fact, just as real as mined diamonds).

At LabGrownCarats, we are really into diamond stones and all their qualities. And we believe the diamond is, by far, the most important aspect of any piece of diamond jewelry. So we would have liked the ability to see the actual stone like you can with Ada Diamonds or the extremely generous and easy return policies of Clean Origin and James Allen.

That said, With Clarity offers a pretty generous return policy too. You have 30 days of hassle-free returns with both postage and insurance paid. So that is more or less risk-free.

Learn more in our in-depth review of the With Clarity Home Preview.

Second, do I only have 3 days with my engagement ring replica?

Yes. And no. If you contact their customer support, you can ask for an extension. They understand that it may take longer for you to make such an important decision (and show the ring to any prospective reviewers).

Third, what does the With Clarity engagement ring home preview cost?

It’s completely free of charge. And this is the main reason we recommend the With Clarity Home Preview and With Clarity – despite you not being able to assess in diamond stone. This is a perfect way to decide on the design, particularly if it is essential to you and if you are finding it difficult to decide.

With Clarity Review - Home Preview of Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Ethical sourcing and lab-grown diamonds

If you read the summary of our With Clarity review, or any of our other articles about lab-grown diamonds, you’ll know that “ethically mined diamonds” are somewhat of an enigma. It’s a great initiative that we fully support and applaud. But in practice, it is more or less impossible to guarantee that a mined diamond is ethically sourced. You have to go lab-grown for that.

So while we do award With Clarity credit for focusing on this, we are much more excited about their focus on lab-created diamonds and the prominence they give to these sustainably sourced stones. In addition, they have a page dedicated to teaching you about the merits of man-made diamonds, and they do a fairly decent job at it.

The With Clarity buying experience

The buying experience has to be assessed from two angles.

  1. The engagement ring buying experience
  2. Other jewelry and diamond stone buying

With Clarity engagement ring buying experience

Shopping for engagement rings at With Clarity is unrivaled. Only they offer the unique try-a-replica-at-home experience (even two versions). Their engagement ring customization is also unparalleled. They boast of 8,000 customization options, and while we haven’t counted, it’s sufficient to say that you can make your engagement ring completely your own. If this is important to you, go With Clarity.

With Clarity Review - Custom Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Design

With Clarity buying experience (non-engagement ring)

Taking out of the equation the ability to carry out thousands of customization and previewing replicas at home leaves With Clarity behind the leading pack of James Allen and Clean Origin (see our comparison between Clean Origin and With Clarity). That said, the experience is not bad. But it’s not perfect either.

The good
  • Great overview and search functionality where you can set all your desired parameters and quickly gather an overview of their selection.
  • With Clarity works with all major diamond institutes and all diamonds have reputable certificates (typically GIA for mined diamonds and IGI for lab-grown diamonds and these are considered the leading laboratories). The certificates are available on the site, as they should be, and that allows you to inspect the diamond stones in detail. Including any flaws, they may have (and yes, you should buy flawed diamonds, learn why here).
  • You are able to inspect most stones using a 360-degree view, which gives a fairly decent representation of the stone. However, the tools are not nearly as good as what James Allen offers. With Clarity does have gemologists available for you to interact with, but they don’t offer the same level of interaction as you find at James Allen (no one does, to our knowledge).
  • The customer support is excellent and very helpful even if you can’t get the same level of expert guidance as with James Allen.
  • Lifetime warranty and free and insured delivery and returns. Also, free resizing. All to be expected by a top-tier jeweler bud sadly not always the case.
The less good
  • While “most” diamonds can be inspected using the 360-degree tool, not all of them can. Instead, there’s a looped video that does not allow you to carry out a detailed inspection. And that is a problem for any serious diamond shopper. This is mostly an issue with the lower-carat diamonds but nevertheless, it’s not great. The tool itself is decent but not as advanced as some competitors offer.
  • A limited selection of and focus on diamond jewelry other than engagement rings (read more below).
  • Limited return period (compared to competitors, in particular, Clean Origin).

Summary of the With Clarity customer experience

The shopping experience at With Clarity is amazing, do not get us wrong. This is evident from all the positives and only a few drawbacks. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, look no further. If you are looking for any other lab-grown diamond jewelry, give With Clarity a try but compare With Clarity to the likes of Clean Origin, Ritani, Brilliant Earth, and James Allen too.

With Clarity Review - Lab-Grown Diamond Inspection Tool

With Clarity Diamond Selection

About 40% of their diamond selection is lab-grown, and they have a vast number of stones to choose from. Therefore, you should easily be able to find a stone that matches your needs and specifications.

At the time of writing, they had 22 lab-grown diamonds available with these typical specifications: 0.96-1.07ct, J-K color, VS1-2, and most important, excellent or ideal cut.

So they do have an outstanding selection of stones, and you will likely find something suitable. As we described above, the buying experience and the options for customizing engagement rings are second to none. However, if you venture outside this category, the selection of jewelry (including lab-grown jewelry) is more limited. That said, most shoppers should be able to find what they are searching for.

With Clarity Review - lab-Grown Diamond Selection

With Clarity Value for money

To start, the home preview replica engagement ring trial is completely free. So that’s excellent value for (no) money. If you are shopping for engagement rings, we suggest you start there.

The diamonds themselves are also of excellent value. They do pass some of the savings from returns on to the consumer (as we noted).

Prices for our exact reference diamond (0.96-1.07ct, I color, VS2, excellent or ideal cut) at With Clarity run from $1,500 to around $1,600, which is just a tad more than the same at Clean Origin and Ritani but a little cheaper than what James Allen charges. However, they only currently have 4 diamonds with these more specific requirements, whereas Clean Origin has 20!

With Clarity Review Summary and Verdict

With Clarity Review Verdict and Summary

In our With Clarity review, we conclude that With Clarity is the leading seller of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. The option to try replicas at home before you buy (to assess the design), the excellent value, and maybe most importantly, the endless abilities to customize your personal engagement catapults With Clarity to another league.

Outside engagement rings, we believe you have better options. Clean Origin has a larger selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry at better prices and a much better ability to research and inspect the stones you are buying. And if diamond inspection and being guided by an independent expert gemologist as you shop are important to you, James Allen offers a much better buying experience (in fact, the best in the industry).

We land at 4.5 stars out of 5, leaving With Clarity among the few top-rated diamond sellers at

Unsurprisingly, With Clarity’s customers agree with the conclusions of our With Clarity review, and we do not hesitate to fully recommend With Clarity for any lab-grown diamond needs – especially lab-created diamond engagement rings.

With Clarity Review - Google Ratings

Does With Clarity have a showroom?

With Clarity has a showroom in New York City. It’s possible to schedule an appointment virtually or at their physical showroom located in the diamond district in NYC. With Clarity’s showroom is located at 38W 48th Street, New York, NY 10036, but you need to book an appointment in advance at their website.

Tips for buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online

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