With Clarity Review (2023) – What You Need to Know Before Buying

With Clarity is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings in 2022. Learn why and what to know before buying in our With Clarity Review.

With Clarity

USD 950









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  • Excellent value for money
  • Decent lab-grown selection
  • Free home replica previews
  • Dedicated to engagement rings (fully customized)


  • Limited selection (other than engagement rings)
  • Diamond inspection features nowhere near Clean Origin and James Allen

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Summary of With Clarity Review

SALES ALERT! : 30% off on select lab diamonds and settings at With Clarity!

With Clarity (withclarity.com) is a fast-growing online jeweler focused on engagement rings with a large selection of great value lab-grown diamond stones and a unique try-a-replica-before-you-buy approach.

We are big fans, and as you’ll learn throughout our With Clarity review, there are good reasons for that. The lab diamond selection and value for money are great. Coupled with an excellent buying experience, great customer support, and return policies, our review of With Clarity awards them one of our highest ratings.

That’s why With Clarity is at the top of our recommended jewelers for lab diamond engagement rings and why they are on our list of the top 6 best places to buy a lab-grown diamond.

Read more about why we love the With Clarity Home Preview in our review of their free engagement ring replicas.

And remember, with a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, you not only save the environment, but you can also upgrade to a 60-80% better ring for the same money!

With Clarity Diamonds

With Clarity’s home preview (engagement rings only)

With Clarity offers to try on a 3D-printed model (replica) of your engagement ring at home – before you buy! This is, at least to our knowledge, a unique offering and a genius way to avoid going to a jeweler and avoiding having to receive and return a costly diamond (with insurance and all). In addition, With Clarity saves on costs since they don’t have to create the actual ring and pass some of the savings on to you in the form of lower prices (more on that later).

The quality of the free Home Preview is one of the reasons we review With Clarity very favorably.

Read our in-depth review of the With Clarity Home Preview.

With Clarity’s ethical diamond sourcing

You might already know or have read in our the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds that “ethically mined diamonds” are somewhat of an enigma. Ethical diamond sourcing should be encouraged and even ensured. But, guaranteeing that mined diamonds are ethically sourced has proved almost impossible. It’s a marvelous initiative that we fully support and applaud. But in practice, it is virtually impossible to guarantee that a mined diamond is ethically sourced.

Lab-created diamonds are the only ones guaranteed to be 100% ethically sourced. That’s why lab-grown diamonds are the only sustainable diamond choice. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper to produce and carry additional benefits, making mined diamonds a poor choice.

So while we do award With Clarity credit for focusing on this, we are much more excited about their focus on lab-created diamonds and the prominence they give to these sustainably sourced stones. In addition, they have a page dedicated to teaching you about the merits of man-made diamonds, and they do a fairly decent job at it.

So, thankfully, With Clarity sells both (purportedly) ethically sourced mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. In our review of With Clarity, we applaud them for focusing on this important topic and, at least partly, solving it by making lab-created diamonds a crucial part of their offering.

Who is With Clarity?

With Clarity started out focusing specifically on engagement rings, and the company was born out of a personal need (as many great companies are). The founders wanted to try engagement rings from the comfort of their home, avoid hustling jewelers, and get the best stone and ring, knowing it was ethically sourced.

But, they found that was a tall order, so they went about solving the challenge themselves. They did this by uniquely offering to create a high-quality replica model of your engagement ring for you to try at home – before the actual ring is made. Brilliant for both With Clarity (who saves on returned rings) and the consumer (you) who receives some of those savings and has the luxury of shopping from the couch.

Today, With Clarity is one of the fastest-growing and leading online diamond jewelers and one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry and engagement rings.

As we’ll learn in the following parts of our With Clarity review, they boast a large selection of high-quality diamonds at some of the lowest lab diamond prices.

Is With Clarity Legit?

With Clarity is a fast-growing online jeweler that offers excellent diamonds and stunning diamond jewelry at fantastic prices. Their selection of diamond jewelry is vast, and their customer service is knowledgeable and helpful. With Clarity is a legit and trustworthy diamond jeweler who we highly recommend. Learn more in our With Clarity review.

Does With Clarity have a showroom?

With Clarity has a showroom in New York City. It’s possible to schedule an appointment virtually or at their physical showroom located in the diamond district in NYC. With Clarity’s showroom is located at 38W 48th Street, New York, NY 10036, but you need to book an appointment in advance at their website.

With Clarity Diamond Selection

In this part of our review of With Clarity, we’ll examine their selection of lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Today, With Clarity offers a large selection of lab-grown diamonds and does not only sell engagement rings but all types of diamond jewelry. This includes unique and gorgeous jewelry designs and the option to create your own diamond jewelry by pairing diamonds and settings (which we highly recommend that you do).

First, we’ll consider the selection of loose lab-grown diamonds at With Clarity, and next, their inventory of preset lab diamond jewelry.

With Clarity’s selection of loose lab-grown diamonds

About 40% of their diamond selection is lab-grown, and they have a vast number of stones to choose from. At the time of the review, they have 80,052 lab-grown diamonds on offer (and 115,491 mined diamonds). (Do note that most jewelers do not actually own all those diamonds, but they have access to them through their network of trusted wholesalers).

In our With Clarity review, we look at how to search for and find the perfect diamond.

But how many of these diamonds are of good quality? We usually use a reference diamond to compare with other lab diamond jewelers. This is a specific range of lab diamond 4C grades, often presenting the best value.

Our reference diamond has the following 4C grades:

When we wrote this review of With Clarity, they had 18 lab diamonds within the above ranges. That is a very decent selection, and you should be able to find at least a good handful among these that satisfy your needs and are fantastic value (we found several ourselves).

With Clarity has a good selection of lab diamonds with our reference 4C grades.

Zooming out and including larger diamonds with higher grades, we found almost 75,000 lab diamonds. One thing to note about the selection at With Clarity is that they have a large number of GIA-graded lab diamonds. IGI grades most lab diamonds of the reputable diamond grading institutes, and most often, you’ll find IGI-graded lab diamonds.

While IGI is a trustworthy diamond lab, GIA is perhaps better known, partly due to GIA inventing the diamond 4C scale, which is most commonly used today. We recommend both IGI and GIA-graded lab diamonds, but some shoppers may have a preference. GIA charges a bit more for their grading reports, and diamonds graded by them are less common. Therefore, it’s impressive that With Clarity has almost 3,000 GIA-graded high-quality diamonds to choose from (another diamond jeweler with a good selection of GIA-graded lab diamonds is Friendly Diamonds).

With Clarity has a good selection of GIA-graded lab diamonds, which is rare.

With Clarity gives direct access to all lab diamond certificates, which allows you to scrutinize the diamonds you are considering. Of course, all diamond jewelers should do the same, but only a few do (including all our recommended jewelers). In the below examples of certificates from IGI and GIA, you can learn more about the particular diamond and any flaws. Learn more about lab diamond grading and certificates.

A diamond certificate from IGI at With Clarity
A diamond certificate from IGI
A diamond certificate from GIA at With Clarity
A diamond certificate from GIA

Lab diamond fancy colors and fancy shapes at With Clarity

With Clarity not only sells round brilliant lab diamonds but also other shapes, collectively known as fancy shapes. They include classic shapes such as emerald and princess as well as more elaborate heart-shaped lab diamonds.

The selection of some of the rarer shapes is, however, limited. For example, heart and pear-shaped lab diamonds are only available in certain sizes and quality ranges. That said, the selection is still very impressive.

What we miss at With Clarity is fancy-colored lab diamonds. Fancy colors are any diamond that is not colorless (not to be confused with white). With Clarity only sells colorless lab diamonds, which is by far the most popular. But colored diamonds are incredibly beautiful. And while they are exceptionally rare in nature and thus prohibitively expensive, colored lab diamonds can be created at a much lower cost. That makes them affordable to other than super-rich folks. We hope that With Clarity eventually will add colored diamonds to its inventory.

All told, With Clarity offers an outstanding selection of stones, and you will very likely find something suitable. As you’ll learn later, the buying experience and the options for customizing lab diamond jewelry combined with their vast selection of loose lab-created diamonds make them one of the best places to create your own lab-grown diamond jewelry, including engagement rings.

Next, in our With Clarity review, we’ll look at their preset lab diamonds jewelry and settings inventory.

Lab diamond jewelry selection at With Clarity

Most customization options are limited to rings and more classic jewelry pieces, such as lab diamond stud earrings, pendants, and, of course, engagement rings. Diamond jewelry with smaller diamonds will also not be customizable, and diamonds are often not externally graded either.

Sometimes, you may also prefer a preset diamond jewelry piece, so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable diamond. So while we advise against it, in some cases, it makes sense.

That’s why we’ll consider the inventory of preset jewelry in this part of our With Clarity review.

A few years ago, With Clarity mainly focused on diamond engagement rings, and their selection of other diamond jewelry was limited. However, that has since changed. Now With Clarity offers everything from classic jewelry designs to more modern, edgy, exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces.

Below are a few examples of both, from halo diamond earrings to modern pieces you might find design-first jewelers such as Vrai, Kimaï, or Pandora Brilliance.

With Clarity has a large and wide selection of lab diamond jewelry.

In total, With Clarity has close to 150 lab diamond jewelry pieces on offer, not counting 400+ ring options. While this is fewer than at other jewelers, it’s a decent amount and enough to browse their catalog if you are in the market for lab diamond jewelry.

Somewhat confusingly, a few non-diamond pieces have made it past the “lab diamond” filter, as seen below. So look closely and don’t mistake blue topaz for a blue lab diamond or amethyst for purple lab diamonds.

At With Clarity, you can filter for diamond and gemstone type, style and metal.
But, the filters at With Clarity are not perfect and a few non-diamond pieces are included.

The prices for the preset lab diamond jewelry are very fair, and next in our With Clarity review, we’ll examine their prices for both jewelry and diamonds.

With Clarity prices and value for money

When considering a diamond jeweler, prices are, of course, one of the most important aspects. To help you determine if With Clarity is good value for money, we’ll compare prices with other leading lab diamond jewelers for both loose and lab diamond jewelry.

First, we’ll use our reference diamond again and compare the price ranges with other jewelers’ inventory of lab diamonds with the same ranges. While this is not a perfect comparison because all diamonds are unique, it does indicate the overall price level.

Prices for loose lab diamonds at With Clarity

At With Clarity, the prices for our reference diamond span from $639 to $2,239. However, lab diamonds range between $800 and $1,100. This puts With Clarity among the cheapest of all diamond jewelers, including our recommended best places.

In our 1-carat comparison with six other leading lab diamond jewelers, we found With Clarity to be slightly more expensive, but prices have since dropped, and With Clarity is as affordable as Clean Origin and almost as cheap as Ritani.

If you want to compare other diamond carats or shapes, you can see prices (including those of With Clarity) in our lab diamond price comparisons (2-carat prices, 3-carat prices, lab diamond engagement ring prices, and more lab diamond prices).

As you can see from our other price comparisons, With Clarity is consistently among the cheapest. That is also our overall experience with With Clarity and prices of loose lab-grown diamonds.

But what about lab diamond jewelry prices? Let’s examine that next in our With Clarity review.

Prices for lab diamond jewelry at With Clarity

Comparing prices for lab-grown diamond jewelry is at least as hard as with loose diamonds since jewelry designs are also unique. But, there are a few standard designs that almost all jewelers carry, including lab diamond stud earrings.

At With Clarity, a pair of lab-grown diamond stud earrings set with two 0.5-carat diamonds (1-carat total weight) with color H+ and clarity VS2+ costs $900. This makes With Clarity the cheapest on our list below. However, note that the cut quality is only “very good”, which is not, in fact, very good. That makes Ritani the cheapest, but if you customize the earrings at With Clarity and pick an excellent or ideal cut diamond, With Clarity comes out almost as cheap as Ritani.

With ClarityVS2+H+Very Good$900
Clean OriginVS2+F+Very Good$1,350
Grown BrillianceVS2+F+Excellent$1,750
KimaïVS2+F+Very Good$2,695
* Vrai does not use independent grading

We have also compared prices for other types of jewelry, and, again, With Clarity is one of the cheapest places to buy lab-created diamond jewelry.

In summary, With Clarity is among the best-priced jewelers for lab-grown loose diamonds and lab diamond jewelry. So, with excellent prices and a large selection of great lab diamonds, you might be considering With Clarity. But how is the buying process? We’ll find out next in our With Clarity review.

The With Clarity buying experience

Buying lab-grown diamond jewelry has become much easier with the advent of online jewelers and leading jewelers such as James Allen showing the way. Today, many jewelers offer many of the same features as James Allen, including With Clarity.

One of the unique aspects of With Clarity is their try-before-you-buy home preview. We’ll go into more detail below, but it’s a fantastic service that differentiates With Clarity. Of course, this is specifically for engagement rings, so let’s first review the With Clarity engagement ring buying process.

With Clarity engagement ring buying experience

Shopping for engagement rings at With Clarity is exceptional. Only With Clarity offer a unique try-at-home experience (even two versions), letting you assess high-quality replicas of the engagement ring(s) you’re considering. But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition, their engagement ring customization is outstanding. They boast 8,000 customization options, and while we haven’t counted, it’s sufficient to say that you can make your engagement ring entirely your own. If this is important to you, go With Clarity.

With Clarity Review (2023) - What You Need to Know Before Buying | with clarity review lab diamond engagement ring process

With Clarity lab diamond jewelry buying experience

Previously, the customization options at With Clarity were limited to engagement rings, but that has since changed. You can now also customize earrings and necklaces and choose the exact setting and diamond you want to pair. The process is as easy as when creating an engagement ring, and you have just as many lab diamonds to choose between. The number of settings is fewer, but there are enough that you should be able to find what you are looking for.

The process is straightforward, and there are only four steps involved. Here’s a walkthrough of how to build a custom lab diamond pendant.

First, choose a setting:

How to customize and buy a lab-grown diamond pendant at With Clarity. Step 1: Pick the setting.

When you pick a setting, you’ll land on a more detailed page where you can learn more about the particular design, and you can choose length, metal, etc.:

How to customize and buy a lab-grown diamond pendant at With Clarity. Step 2: Select style.

Once you have decided on the setting, you are presented with a preset filter of the diamonds that fit that setting:

How to customize and buy a lab-grown diamond pendant at With Clarity. Step 3: Compare diamonds.

As we showed earlier in this With Clarity review, you can filter diamonds based on all diamond 4Cs and additional features. Compare the diamonds that fit with your desired diamond attributes and pick the one that is the best value. If you need help or tips, read our guide to buying loose diamonds or how to buy a lab-grown diamond.

Once you’ve decided on a diamond, all you need to do is to add it to the pendant, and you’re all set:

How to customize and buy a lab-grown diamond pendant at With Clarity. Step 4: Add the diamond to the pendant.

Should you be after a more elaborate or unique design, you can also consider the preset lab diamond jewelry. However, we recommend that you reach out to their customer service to inquire about the possibility of pairing with diamonds of higher cut quality than very good.

Diamond inspection at With Clarity is also good, and you can view almost any diamond in 360 degrees and study it. However, the quality of the images/video is not as good as at some competitors, and we miss the ability to zoom in and inspect the diamond in more detail.

Below are our experiences of the pros and cons of the buying process at With Clarity.

The good
  • Great overview and search functionality where you can set all your desired parameters and quickly gather an overview of their selection.
  • With Clarity works with all major diamond institutes, and all diamonds have reputable certificates. Typically that means GIA for mined diamonds and IGI for lab-grown diamonds, and, as we have seen, With Clarity offers a large selection of GIA-graded lab diamonds, too.
  • The certificates are available on the site, as they should be, allowing you to inspect the diamond stones in detail, including any flaws they may have (which is ok, as long as they are not too dominant – learn more in our guide to lab diamond clarity).
  • You can inspect almost any diamond using a 360-degree view, which gives a fairly decent representation of the stone. However, the tools are not nearly as good as what James Allen offers. We particularly miss the super zoom that James Allen provides.
  • With Clarity has gemologists available for you to interact with and set up virtual appointments, and the customer support is excellent and very helpful.
  • Lifetime warranty and free delivery and returns are free and insured. Also, free resizing. All to be expected by a top-tier jeweler, but sadly, not always the case. Fortunately, With Clarity does.
The less good
  • While most diamonds can be inspected using the 360-degree tool, a few are missing. These, however, are only smaller diamonds, and you can avoid those few diamonds. The inspection tool is decent but not as advanced as some competitors offer. However, we miss the super zoom that James Allen has.
  • A few issues on the website, such as non-diamond gemstones passing through the filter. We also often experience slow loading times, but these are usually momentary, and, as you will have learned by now, it’s well worth the occasional wait.
  • We would like to see an option to pick preset jewelry with a better diamond cut grade. But you can either customize online and choose your own diamond(s) or try contacting their customer service for a better diamond.

Summary of the With Clarity customer experience

Despite minor flaws and missing features, the shopping experience at With Clarity is fantastic. If you are looking for a lab-created diamond engagement ring, With Clarity is one of the absolute best places to shop. The Home Preview offering alone makes With Clarity stand out, but the endless customization options and customer support seals the deal.

On that note, let’s quickly zoom in on the try-before-you-buy service. Read our in-depth review of With Clarity’s Home Preview to learn more.

Preview your engagement ring at home

The With Clarity Home Preview is a unique offering that allows you to try up to two engagement ring replicas at home before deciding. While other jewelers offer something similar, With Clarity’s home preview is much better than anything else we’ve experienced.

Oh, did we mention that it’s completely free? As long as you return the replica rings in time, you don’t even pay for shipping! That is excellent value for (no) money! So, if you are shopping for engagement rings, we suggest you start your search at With Clarity.

You may be wondering, just how does this work? Well, it’s pretty simple.

  1. You create a “home preview box” and select two rings. Next, you customize the carat, shape, and type of metal.
  2. You receive 3D models of the two rings you chose for you to try at home. You have to return them within three days.
  3. After returning the replicas, you can order the one you liked best (or make any custom changes).
With Clarity Review - Home Preview of Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

This might leave you with a couple of questions about the Home Preview. Let’s answer them!

What is the With Clarity engagement ring home preview replica quality like? Is it anything like the real deal?

Yes, the quality is surprisingly good and definitely good enough for you to make an informed decision. Now, it’s only the design that you are evaluating, not the diamond stone. The one placed in the ring setting is a synthetic replica stone (remember how lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic but, in fact, just as real as mined diamonds).

How long do I have to return the engagement ring replica?

Yes, the quality is surprisingly good and definitely good enough for you to make an informed decision. Now, it’s only the design that you are evaluating, not the diamond stone. The one placed in the ring setting is a synthetic replica stone (remember how lab-grown diamonds are not synthetic but, in fact, just as real as mined diamonds).

What does the With Clarity engagement ring home preview cost?

It’s completely free of charge. And this is the main reason we recommend the With Clarity Home Preview and With Clarity – despite you not being able to assess in diamond stone. This is a perfect way to decide on the design, particularly if it is essential to you and if you find it challenging to decide.

With Clarity Review - one of the best places to buy lab-created diamond jewelry.

Learn more in our in-depth review of the With Clarity Home Preview.

With Clarity shipping and return policies

Shipping at With Clarity is always free. As it should be, but it’s often not the case (read, for example, our reviews of Zales or Helzberg). All orders are shipped with 2-day insured shipping with FedEx. While Clean Origin and James Allen offer free overnight shipping, the 2-day insured and free shipping is more than adequate and better than most jewelers offer.

The return policies are generous too. You have 30 days of hassle-free returns with both postage and insurance paid. So that is pretty much less risk-free. It may not be as generous as Clean Origin’s 100-day return period, but it’s on par with our other recommended lab diamond jewelers.

With Clarity Review Summary and Verdict

Our With Clarity review concludes that With Clarity is a leading seller of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. The option to try replicas at home before you buy (to assess the design), the excellent value, and maybe most importantly, the endless abilities to customize your engagement ring catapults With Clarity to another league.

Our updated 2023 With Clarity review find that they not only excel in engagement rings but are among the very best when it comes to both loose lab-grown diamonds and lab diamond jewelry.

The selection of lab-created diamonds at With Clarity is vast, and their prices are among the best we’ve found anywhere. We miss colored lab diamonds, and some fancy shapes are in limited supply, but for anything else, With Clarity is one of the best options.

That also goes for their preset jewelry, such as lab diamond stud earrings.

The prices and selection are similar to that of Clean Origin, and prices are nearly as low as at Ritani. If diamond inspection and advanced features are important to you, James Allen offers a better buying experience (than anyone), but for most, what you’ll find at With Clarity more than suffices, and we have no hesitation in recommending With Clarity.

We land at 4.6 stars out of 5, leaving With Clarity among the few top-rated diamond sellers at LabGrownCarats.com.

With Clarity review verdict and summary

Unsurprisingly, With Clarity’s customers agree with the conclusions of our With Clarity review, and we do not hesitate to fully recommend With Clarity for any lab-grown diamond needs – especially lab-created diamond engagement rings.

This is evident from all the positives and only a few drawbacks. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, look no further. If you are looking for any other lab-grown diamond jewelry, give With Clarity a try but compare With Clarity to the likes of Clean Origin, Ritani, Brilliant Earth, and James Allen, too.

With Clarity Review - Google Ratings

Tips for buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online

Learn more about buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online in our guides below:

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