7 Lab-Grown Diamond Gifts for Mom

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Are you looking for the best lab-grown diamond gifts for Mom? You’ve come to the right place. Diamond jewelry has been a staple in gift-gifting for decades. This year, choose lab-grown diamond gifts for a more affordable and ethical option for Mom.

How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Different

Lab-created diamonds are not fake but are created in a laboratory environment. They undergo similar conditions needed to make a diamond form beneath the earth. Scientists can apply the same types of heat and pressure to a small piece of a diamond and allow it to crystallize. 

It’s a common misconception that lab-grown diamonds are fake diamonds. Fake diamonds are usually created with man-made materials or other colorless stones being passed off as the real thing. See, for example, the differences between lab-created diamonds and cubic zirconia.

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t technically manufactured. Yes, scientists put all of the pieces together, but it’s the heat and pressure that makes them grow naturally. The same concept applies to “natural” vs. “cultured” pearls. 

Cultured pearls occur when pearl farmers introduce an irritant to get a mussel to start creating a pearl. Natural pearls are when the irritant happens to be introduced by chance in nature. However, both are real pearls created by nature. 

Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds. They grow faster and can be produced quicker than mined diamonds.

Benefits of Lab-Created Diamonds

Not only are lab-grown diamonds real. They also come with added benefits.

Lab-created diamonds are now accessible to all thanks to the much more affordable prices. But don’t worry, they shine just the same. And you can feel better about giving mom a lab-grown diamond without any ethical concerns.

Learn more about the 4 reasons lab diamonds are better than mined diamonds.

7 Lab-Grown Diamond Gifts for Mom 

Now that you know that lab-grown diamonds are both cheaper and better, let’s dive into our list of the best lab-created diamond gifts for mothers this season.

There is more to diamond shopping than simply grabbing a gift at your local jewelry store. You will only endure stress and end up overpaying for inferior jewelry.

Instead of joining the holiday rush this year, we recommend buying jewelry gifts for moms online. And if you don’t know where to start, consider our curated list of the best lab-created diamond jewelry gifts for moms. Our diamond jewelry experts have handpicked these based on current jewelry trends, price, value, and quality.

Read ahead for our pick of 7 different types of lab-grown diamond gifts suitable for mothers this season, plus why you should buy them and where.

1. Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular gift ideas for women in general, not just moms. They go with any outfit or style, perfect for the working, retired, or stay-at-home mother. 

Lab-grown diamond studs come in different styles and shapes. There are many ways to go about picking your lab-grown diamond stud earrings. 

When you choose lab-created diamond studs, you can go up in carat weight for a lower price than you could with natural diamonds. 

Lab diamond round 4-prong studs from Clean Origin.

This timeless pair of round brilliant lab-grown diamond studs from Clean Origin weigh a total of 2 carats: 1 carat in each ear. They are available in 14ct white gold or 14ct yellow gold. You can alter the total carat weight between 3/4 ct up to 4cts. Prices for 3/4 carats start at $385.

Keep in mind that the total carat weight of lab-grown diamond earrings is for both earrings. A 4ct pair of lab diamond studs will allow the wearer a 2ct lab diamond in each ear. 

If you want something a little more spectacular and sparkling, consider these absolutely gorgeous hidden halo lab diamond earrings designed by Badgley Mischka for Grown Brilliance.

Hidden halo lab diamond earrings designed by Badgley Mischka for Grown Brilliance.

Set with 2 3/8 diamond carats in total, these are sure to sparkle and draw attention to the beauty of the lab-created diamonds.

2. Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Another classic diamond gift for Mom is a diamond tennis bracelet. Originally called diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets were made famous by a tennis player named Chris Evert. She was known for wearing a single line of diamonds around her wrist during her tennis matches. 

During a televised match, Evert’s diamond line bracelet came off her wrist, and the match was halted to locate it. When asked afterward about the incident, Evert exclaimed that she had lost her “tennis bracelet”. From that point on, the name stuck—and you rarely hear the “correct” name diamond line bracelet used.

Different variations of the diamond tennis bracelet have evolved out of fine jewelry. They tend to be pricier diamond gifts than others because of the number of stones needed to encircle the wrist.

But lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets allow the gifter to purchase more intricate designs and higher carat weight than if you were to buy a tennis bracelet made of natural diamonds. 

Clean Origin carries a wide selection of diamond tennis bracelets, entirely crafted in ethical lab-grown diamonds. The carat weight and shape of the diamonds vary, and prices vary accordingly. 

If you’re looking for a colorful and stunning diamond tennis bracelet, consider this spectacular tennis bracelet crafted in lab-grown white and pink diamonds.

Pink and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Clean Origin.

Prices start at $675 for tennis bracelets at Clean Origin, so there is something for everyone.

Tennis bracelets are the perfect lab-grown diamond gift for moms.

3. Lab Grown Diamond Bar Necklace

Diamond bar necklaces draw their inspiration from the Art Deco jewelry era of the 1920s and 1930s. Jewelry trends during this time revolved around geometric and angular designs. Bar necklaces fit right in as a linear arrangement of horizontally set diamonds. And now they are back in style.

This lab-grown diamond bar necklace from James Allen features 5 lab diamonds in line. It’s a perfect representation of a family of 5, with Mom representing the middle of the family. 

Lab-grown diamond bar necklace from James Allen.

Diamond bar necklaces have become more popular in the 20th century. Early bar necklaces were a single horizontal line of diamonds, but modern bar necklaces have evolved into other styles. 

This lab-grown diamond bar necklace gives an alternative look to a traditional diamond necklace. Select this lab diamond bar necklace in yellow, white, or rose gold. 

Luminance lab-created diamond necklace from James Allen.

A diamond bar necklace in this style will be a perfect gift for Mom to wear on her date nights or when she wants an extra bit of sparkle. 

4. Lab Grown Diamond Cross Necklace

Religious pendants have always been a favorite style for jewelry wearers worldwide. Diamond crosses are one of the most popular necklace designs sold today. Diamond crosses are often religious gifts given during rites of passage, holidays, and other momentous occasions.

But they don’t necessarily have to have religious connotations and can be a beautiful piece of jewelry. Either way, diamond cross necklaces are one of the most popular gifts for mothers.

Lab-created diamond cross pendant from Ritani.

Consider gifting your mom a diamond gift representing faith or positivity with this 1ct lab-grown diamond cross from Ritani. It is surprisingly affordable despite being adorned by a total of 11 lab-grown diamonds.

This lab-grown diamond cross necklace is crafted in pure and ethical lab diamonds, just as the cross itself may represent to the bearer.

If you are looking for even larger diamonds, check out this diamond cross from Grown Brilliance. It’s also set with 11 lab-created diamonds but with three times the weight at a total of 3 carats.

Diamond cross from Grown Brilliance is a perfect gift for the religious mom.

5. Multi Stone Lab Grown Diamond Ring 

Another popular diamond gift for moms is the multi-stone diamond ring. In jewelry shops, they are also often called anniversary rings but do not have to be associated with an anniversary. That’s just what some jewelers call them. 

Diamond rings with 5 to 7 diamonds are often given to Mom by the spouse or partner in their life. They can also be given as gifts to represent the number of children – or grandchildren.

This 5-stone diamond ring from Ritani can be a beautiful diamond gift from a spouse or child representing a family of 5. It is crafted with five emerald cut diamonds, a favorite diamond shape of the Art Deco jewelry era. The dramatic flashes of light offer a different kind of sparkle than a traditional round diamond 5-stone ring.

Five-stone emerald cut lab-grown diamond ring from Ritani.

Three-stone diamond rings like this lab-grown diamond three-stone ring from Clean Origin can also be given to represent a mother and two children. Romantic partners also gift them to represent their past, present, and future lives together. 

Lab-created diamond ondine ring from Clean Origin.

6. Lab Grown Diamond Diamond Hoop Earrings

Every mom needs a pair of classic diamond hoop earrings. Well, not every mom. Still, diamond hoop earrings are one of the most popular diamond earring styles chosen by moms and women.

They come in all different shapes and sizes. Older moms tend to shift toward smaller hoop earrings, like this pair of double-row hoop earrings crafted in lab-grown diamonds. Those shopping for diamonds on a budget will enjoy this pair at $830. 

Yellow gold inside-out pavé lab-dreated diamond hoop earrings from James Allen.

For the flashy mom who likes bigger jewelry and more sparkle, there’s a pair of diamond hoop earrings for her, too. These 1ct double diamond hoop earrings are crafted in lab-grown diamonds and 14K recycled white gold. 

Lab diamond delicate double hoops from Clean Origin.

7. Lab-Grown Diamond Eternity Circle Necklace 

The last lab-grown diamond gift for Mom on our list is the timeless eternity circle diamond necklace. This alternative style represents a forever bond instead of the looped infinity design. 

Moms will love to receive this diamond gift from a partner or a child. Like the circular design of a diamond engagement ring, the diamond circle represents an eternal bond. It could be the love of a partner or the lasting bond of mother and child.

For a modern take on the eternity diamond necklace, consider this elegant necklace from Grown Brilliance. It is a stunner set with 14 diamonds totaling 1 carat total weight. It’s available in white, yellow, and rose gold, and each is incredibly beautiful.

Eternity diamond necklace from Grown Brilliance.

A more classic choice is this 1/2-carat lab-grown diamond eternity circle necklace from Clean Origin. It’s also available in 3/4-carat and 1-carat variants. 

Lab-created diamond eternity pendant from Clean Origin.

Buy Mom Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry This Year

Lab-grown diamond jewelry is a perfect gift for moms of all ages, styles, and personalities. Diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings have always been a staple in gift-giving, and who better to give to than the person who raised you or your children?

Get Mom something special this year. Show her appreciation by dazzling her with guilt-free diamonds. Moms will love that you chose to go the ethical route and saved money as well. 

Make it a gift she’ll always remember and can wear for years to come. 

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