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GemsNY has received a good rating compared to our other diamond jewelers at, and GemsNY is just short of our six best lab-grown diamond sellers and the best places to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings. And while we have reviewed other sellers more favorably, we still recommend GemsNY as a great place to shop for lab-grown diamonds and jewelry.

3 diamond jewelers we like better than GemsNY

Learn why we recommend GemsNY as one of the best places to buy lab-created diamonds in our top-rated GemsNY review.

GemsNY has one of the largest selections of high-quality lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry available anywhere. Their customer service is good, and the buying process is easy for even the first-time diamond shopper.

What makes GemsNY unique is their create-your-own diamond jewelry buying experience, which is the best we’ve seen. With one of the best inventories of diamonds and a large selection of stunning diamond jewelry settings, you can be sure to find the perfect piece for you.

Importantly, GemsNY offers competitive prices for diamonds and diamond jewelry and is almost as cheap as Ritani and Clean Origin. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better prices anywhere else.

Except if GemsNY is running one of their great sales, which they do from time to time. During a GemsNY sale, their prices are unbeatable. But you’ll have to be quick to order during one of the GemsNY sales.

So if you can get an additional discount during one of GemsNY’s sales, you’ll be getting a phenomenal deal on your diamond jewelry.

To help you keep an eye out for GemsNY sales, we watch all GemsNY sales, deals, and discounts so you can save even more from one of our best-rated places to buy diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Should I buy a lab-grown diamond at GemsNY?

GemsNY is one of our better-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry. With great prices, a large selection of the highest-quality lab-grown diamonds, and good customer service, we recommend buying your lab-grown diamond at GemsNY.

Is GemsNY having a sale?

GemsNY is currently running one of its amazing sales. With some of the lowest diamond and diamond jewelry prices, GemsNY is already offering phenomenal deals. But during the GemsNY sales, you can get even better prices, and you’ll be sure to get an exceptional bargain. See our list of all current GemsNY sales.

GemsNY Sales in 2024

Even when GemsNY is not having a sale, they have some of the best prices on lab-grown diamonds. So during a GemsNY sale, you will find unbeatable diamonds and diamond jewelry prices. But make sure you get your order in before the GemsNY sale ends.

We’re constantly monitoring GemsNY sales and list them below, so you don’t have to.

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If you’re looking for other sales, check out our list of all current lab-grown diamond sales.

Current GemsNY sales

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Our Review Score: 4.0 ★★★★

GemsNY sales

GemsNY has one of the largest selections of the best-quality lab-grown diamonds. And at some of the absolute best prices. In addition, they offer expert diamond advice and have fantastic customer service. Read why we recommend them so highly in our GemsNY review.

GemsNY is currently running the following sales:

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