Grown Brilliance Review

Grown Brilliance Review (2022) – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Grown Brilliance










People & Planet



  • Low prices, specially during sales
  • Excellent video inspection and easy access to certificates
  • 45 day return period
  • Dedication to social and environmental impact
  • Large selection, especially of pre-set jewelry


  • Prices are at times a little higher
  • No gemologist advice and appointments
  • Pre-set jewelry with sub-par diamond quality
  • Features and inspection not as advanced as some competitors
Summary of Grown Brilliance Review

Grown Brilliance specializes in lab-grown diamonds and is a born-on-Amazon brand, but they also have their own site. They sell loose lab-created diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry – all set with lab-grown diamonds. They are focused on the many benefits of lab diamonds and make a point to highlight them. On the surface, their prices look competitive with a great inventory of lab-grown diamond jewelry. And that’s why we decided to review Grown Brilliance.

Our Grown Brilliance review finds that Grown Brilliance provides decent service, fair prices, a limited but high-quality selection of loose lab-grown diamonds, and an easy buying process.

Compared to similar online jewelers focused on selling through marketplaces such as Amazon, namely Friendly Diamonds, Best Brilliance, and New World Diamonds, Grown Brilliance is identical in many ways, and in some ways better and in some ways less so.

Grown Brillance does not offer the same buying experience as Friendly Diamonds, where you can book appointments and gemologist advice, though they do have decent chat support. And they do not have a large selection of fancy-colored diamonds like New World Diamonds.

However, Grown Brilliance stands out with its extensive selection of fine jewelry, exclusive designs, and even a collaboration with designer Badgley Mischka. This puts Grown Brilliance closer to the likes of Vrai and Pandora Brilliance but at a lower price level. That is pretty good.

Grown Brilliance Review - Necklace
Grown Brilliance Review - Jewelry Box

Grown Brilliance also offers great diamond inspection features with access to diamond certificates, images, and good-quality video. It’s not at the same level as James Allen, but it’s much better than most jewelers offer.

But, Grown Brilliance falls a bit short regarding buying support and guidance. Other sellers such as Ritani, Clean Origin, James Allen, Brilliant Earth – and even Friendly Diamonds offer online appointments where you can speak to trained diamond experts who will advise and guide you to find the best diamond match for your purpose.

Grown Brilliance does not offer that. However, they have good customer service who you can email and chat with, but it’s not the same as speaking with a trained, uncommissioned gemologist.

Like many other sellers, Grown Brilliance suffers from matching their pre-set fine jewelry with sub-par diamonds (Ritani is an excellent exception to this rule). So make sure only to create your own lab-grown diamond jewelry by selecting the specific diamond(s) you want. This is always possible at our highest-rated diamond jewelers.

The selection of loose diamonds is somewhat limited compared to market leaders such as Clean Origin, James Allen, Brilliant Earth, and Ritani. However, it’s big enough that there is a good chance you’ll be able to find a suitable diamond.

Lastly, we would like to see Grown Brilliance list their address on their site, adding to the trustworthiness and being more transparent about their company history and structure. However, they are affiliated with AJS Creations LLC (more on that next in our Grown Brilliance review), and we believe they’re legit.

All in all, our Grown Brilliance review finds that they offer great prices, a fantastic collection of fine and designer jewelry, a decent selection of quality lab-created diamonds, and excellent diamond inspection features. Our Grown Brilliance review lands on a very respectable 4.0 out of 5 stars considering the drawbacks.

Grown Brilliance:

3 diamond jewelers we like better than Grown Brilliance

To learn more, keep reading our Grown Brilliance review.

Who are Grown Brilliance Diamonds?

Grown Brilliance is an Amazon-first brand that was born on the platform. Their primary sales channel is Amazon, like Friendly Diamonds and New World Diamonds. But, like them, they also sell through their own website.

According to Grown Brilliance, they have decades of experience in the diamond industry. While this may be true, the amount of educational diamond content on their site is minimal and pales compared to what other sellers publish. But that’s what you have us for.

We have not been able to find much information about the owners or founders of Grown Brilliance or their company history.

All we have found is that they are affiliated with, probably managed, and possibly owned by AJS Creations LLC, a web company. The trail stops there.

Is Grown Brilliance legit?

Grown Brilliance is operated by AJS Creations LLC. The ownership structure is unclear, but the company seems to be legit. They primarily operate through Amazon and have happy customers. While they do not list their company address, they have responsive customer service that you can reach through phone, chat, and email. Their collaboration with Badgley Mischka adds significantly to their trustworthiness. Diamonds are certified by IGI, which is a reputable diamond institute, particularly for lab-grown diamonds.

Does Grown Brilliance have any stores?

Grown Brilliance is only sold online. They sell through their own website,, and on Amazon. However, Grown Brilliance does not have its own stores and does not sell diamonds or jewelry in physical stores or through jewelers. That means costs are lower, which is reflected in their prices. Learn if you should buy at Grown Brilliance in our in-depth review.

Lab-grown diamonds only

Grown Brilliance exclusively sells lab-grown diamonds. They do this because they believe in the environmental and social benefits, and they are very vocal about it. Grown Brilliance is committed to doing better than the traditional diamond industry and giving consumers a better and more conscious choice. We like that.

Grown Brilliance Review - Dedicated to the better diamond choice of lab-grown diamonds.

But, as mentioned, the expert diamond content on the site, including about lab-grown diamonds, is a little lacking. We would have liked to see Grown Brilliance dedicate more resources to information about lab-created diamonds. However, we appreciate that they have invested in educating consumers about the false promise of conflict-free diamonds and the societal impact of mining.

Does Grown Brilliance sell real diamonds?

Grown Brilliance is specialized in selling lab-grown diamonds and jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds er 100% real diamonds and exactly the same as mined diamonds. They are completely identical in their physical and chemical composition, and they sparkle at least as brightly. The only difference is that lab-grown diamonds are not pulled out of a mined and are a better choice for the environment. Grown Brilliance, therefore, sells completely real diamonds. Read our Grown Brilliance review to learn if you should buy lab-grown diamonds at Grown Brilliance.

Next in our Grown Brilliance review, we’ll see if their focus on lab-grown diamonds translates into an excellent inventory of lab diamonds.

Grown Brilliance lab-grown diamond selection

As mentioned above in the Grown Brilliance review, they focus solely on lab diamonds. Grown Brilliance sells lab-grown diamonds either as loose stones (meant to be used to create your own jewelry) or as pre-set jewelry with diamonds already selected for you.

We’ll start by looking at their loose lab-grown diamond inventory to gauge their inventory. Read our easy-to-follow lab-grown diamond buying guide if you need help going through this process.

Grown Brilliance loose lab-grown diamond inventory

In total, at the time of the review, Grown Brilliance has 7,527 lab-grown diamonds to choose from. That is a decent collection but far from the 110,000+ that Ritani and GemsNY have in store (or at least access to).

When we assess diamond inventory in our reviews, we also use a reference diamond, a lab diamond suitable for many purposes and a popular weight.

It’s a round brilliant-cut, weighing 0.93-1.07 carats (by going just under and over the popular 1-carat, you can sometimes find an excellent deal). The clarity is VS1-2 with an I or J color grade (some will prefer a higher color grade). The cut, of course, is always the best. With lab-grown diamonds, most often certified by IGI, that is ideal. The diamonds at Grown Brilliance are certified by IGI, so that’s the grade we’ll use.

Searching for lab-grown diamonds is easy - Grown Brilliance review.

Narrowing our search to these criteria, we find 54 diamonds. While they are not all of perfect quality (eye clean with no discernable inclusions or color issues), we did find several that were of high quality.

To compare, we found over 472 when searching Ritani’s database and over 100 qualified lab-grown diamonds at GemsNY! The inventory at Grown Brilliance is still bigger than what we saw at Friendly Diamonds and similar to the diamond inventory at Vrai.

While the selection was a little smaller than at other sellers, we found that several of the lab-grown diamonds they offered were of great quality. So you still have a good chance of finding a suitable diamond at Grown Brilliance. And as you can read later in our Grown Brilliance review, with their low price, you probably want to take a closer look.

Grown Brilliance pre-set lab-grown diamond inventory

If you do not want to spend time searching for your own diamond stones, you can pick a ready-made jewelry piece where the stones are already selected for you. But, as you’ll learn, we do not recommend that. Here’s why.

If you have read any of our other reviews and particularly our diamond education articles and guides, you’ll know that the most critical aspect of any diamond is the cut (especially for brilliant cut diamonds). Therefore, you should never compromise on cut quality and always pick the highest. It’s as simple as that.

However, many diamond sellers do not use the best cut when choosing diamonds for pre-set jewelry (notable exceptions are James Allen and Ritani). In fact, many handily omit the diamond cut grade when listing the other 4Cs of the pre-set jewelry. You will therefore have to ask their support to tell you.

Is Grown Brilliance an exception? Yes and no. They do list the diamond cut quality. On some jewelry pieces. But not all. And the cut grade they do list is not the best available. And even if “Excellent” to “Very Good” sounds promising, it is below the best grade, which is “Ideal”. So don’t pick a diamond with Excellent and, especially, Very Good cut quality. It’s not very good.

Pre-Set Diamond Cut Quality - Grown Brilliance Review
Pre-Set Diamond Cut Quality Missing - Grown Brilliance Review

It’s a shame that they use sub-par diamonds for their pre-set jewelry. Grown Brilliance boasts one of the biggest and best inventories of diamond jewelry designs. Luckily, you can still create your own jewelry by selecting the exact diamonds you want to use. Unluckily, this is only available for a few jewelry types and designs (notably engagement rings). Instead, Grown Brilliance could learn from our best-rated places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry!

Large selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry designs - Grown Brilliance Review

They also have a unique collaboration with the well-known designer Badgley Mischka, who is probably most famous for designing sparkly shoes (so it’s a fitting collab).

Badgley Mischka Collaboration - Grown Brilliance Review

Grown Brilliance lab-grown diamond certification

All Grown Brilliance diamonds are certified by IGI (the leading lab-grown diamond grading institute). So you can trust that you are buying a legit diamond. And as we’ll note in the next section of the Grown Brilliance review, they make access to the certificates readily available online.

Grown Brilliance buying process

The next step of our Grown Brilliance review is assessing the buying experience on their website.

As with most online diamond sellers, the buying process is pretty simple and easy to navigate. You either pick a ready-to-ship jewelry piece or start by finding a loose diamond. As we just noted, you probably don’t want to do that if you want to avoid ending up with a diamond of lower quality.

Instead, for this part of the Grown Brilliance review, we’ll focus on the experience of picking your own diamonds and creating your own jewelry.

After you have narrowed down your diamond search to suitable stones with the grades that match your needs (learn how in our lab-grown diamond buying guide), the next step is to take a closer look at the stones.

In addition to reading our guides to finding the right diamonds, you may also want to consult with the seller’s advisors. Some diamond jewelers, like James Allen, Ritani, and Clean Origin, offer trained gemologist support through virtual appointments and chat functions (James Allen wins for the best inspection features).

However, Grown Brilliance does not have this service. Instead, they have qualified support through chat, email, and phone, but it’s not as good as what you’ll experience elsewhere. However, if you feel comfortable carrying out your own search and inspection, Grown Brilliance does have great features, which we’ll look at in the next section of the Grown Brilliance review.

Grown Brilliance diamond inspection

In this part of the Grown Brilliance review, we’ll look closer at the diamond inspection features on their website. This is a critical part of the buying process and probably one of the most challenging. It is therefore crucial that you have access to the right features and information.

The first thing you’ll see when landing on the diamond details page is an image of the stone. Unfortunately, this is not the greatest image and is not good enough for an in-depth inspection. We would have liked to see several images and in much higher quality.

HD magnified image of the lab-grown diamonds at Grown Brilliance. Our Grown Brilliance reviews look closer at their diamond inspection features.

Fortunately, Grown Brilliance has a 360-degree video of most diamonds. This allows you to more thoroughly inspect the diamond from all angles, and look for any inclusions or blemishes, color tint, and brilliance (the sparkle). In addition, the diamond should be “eye-clean,” meaning that you should not be able to see any issues when looking at the 360-degree video material.

The video features are very useful, allowing you to loop the video by looking at specific aspects, and flipping it. Most sellers only have a standard rotation video, but this is truly interactive.

Grown Brilliance diamond inspection in 360-degree views. In our Grown Brilliance review, we find that their inspection features are good, but not great.

Another critical element of the diamond inspection is the diamond certificate. Here, you’ll be able to see where any inclusions and blemishes might be located, which will guide your image and video analysis.

Grown Brilliance gives you instant access to the diamond certificate, which is excellent. And not a tiny version like GemsNY or a homemade certificate like Vrai (Diamond Foundry) uses.

In the certificate and on the details page, you can also assess the dimensions of the diamond in more detail.

In summary, the diamond inspection features are decent, and particularly the 360-degree high-quality video and features are a big plus (when it’s available). This allows you to do your due diligence before deciding on the exact diamond that you want for your jewelry.

Grown Brilliance lab-grown diamond prices

When evaluating prices in our Grown Brilliance review, the first thing we look at is the cost of loose diamonds. These are easier to compare, like for like, though with diamonds it’s challenging to compare one diamond to another. So instead, we compare the overall price levels for good quality diamonds.

Overall, the prices at Grown Brilliance are very competitive and close to the price leaders Clean Origin, Brilliant Earth, and Ritani. Especially during their sales on the website or at Amazon, their prices are as good as the best. When not, prices run higher than we think the lack of features can support.

We recommend signing up for our newsletter to be alerted of sales and see any ongoing sales like Black Friday or holiday sales.

Grown Brilliance also sells pre-set jewelry, but prices are more difficult to compare since sellers tend not to match those with the best or even similar diamonds. That said, when they are having a sale, you can pick up good deals on classic diamond jewelry such as earring studs and tennis bracelets.

However, we don’t recommend that you buy any pre-set jewelry set with diamonds with less than the best diamond cut. So either create your own jewelry by picking your own diamonds or, if that’s not possible, reach out to the jewelry and ask if they can set you up with a better stone.

Grow Brilliance Diamond shipping and returns

The last part of our Grown Brilliance review assesses their shipping and return policies.

Grown Brilliance has free shipping on all orders, as you should expect. They ship with FedEx 2Day delivery, and it’s fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about lost parcels. Note that this may vary if you shop at Amazon.

You can extra pay for overnight shipping and Saturday delivery, which others like James Allen and Clean Origin offer for free. We think Grown Brilliance should do the same, but 2-day delivery will be satisfactory in most cases. At least you don’t have to pay for shipping like with Zales.

Returns are also free, and you have fully 45 days to return your (unworn) jewelry. Simply contact their customer service, and they’ll send you a return label. That’s pretty gracious and better than most places where the standard is 30 days. Of course, it’s not up there with Clean Origin’s 100-day return period (and the extended holiday returns of James Allen, Ritani, and GemsNY), but it’s still good.

Grown Brilliance Review Verdict

Throughout our Grown Brilliance review, we have mostly been positively surprised. Admittedly, there are some areas where Grown Brilliance falls behind some of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds. But they are also far from the poor experiences of Helzberg, Lightbox Jewelry, and Zales.

Grown Brilliance mostly lacks when it comes to picking your own diamonds for most of the pre-set jewelry. Coupled with the quality of the sub-par diamonds that these jewelry pieces come with, we cannot recommend you buy them (unless they agree to swap diamonds with something better).

We would also like to see better diamond images for inspection, but we were impressed with the advanced features of the 360-degree video inspection. Grown Brilliance is not up there with James Allen, but it’s great. Unfortunately, we also miss the ability to book appointments and get advice from trained gemologists, an area where James Allen also excels.

Prices are decent, too, especially during lab-grown diamond sales. And while the inventory could be bigger, chances are you’ll be able to find suitable candidates unless you’re looking for something scarce (like fancy-colored lab diamonds that New World Diamonds are experts in).

We appreciate their dedication to lab-grown diamonds and that they are strong advocates of the benefits that lab-created diamonds bring to the environment and society over mined diamonds. Expanding access to lab-grown diamonds to new buying platforms such as Amazon, like Friendly Diamonds, Best Brilliance, and New World Diamonds is also a plus.

So if you find the perfect diamond and jewelry (with a high-quality diamond cut) at Grown Brilliance, then we won’t hesitate to recommend that you buy it from them. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend you check out our favorite lab-grown diamond sellers such as Clean Origin, James Allen, GemsNY, Brilliant Earth, and Ritani for their extensive inventories and superior service and support. You can read more about them and other sellers in our lab-grown diamond seller reviews section.

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