Most Popular Lab-Grown Diamond Gift Ideas This Season (2023)

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Are you ready to start your holiday gift list this season? Jewelry has always been a staple in gift-giving for the holidays. Now it’s time to add lab-grown diamond gifts to your list!

Why not choose a gift of elegance and environmental care? Lab-created diamonds are the talk of the town when it comes to the jewelry industry. It’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits of purchasing diamonds grown in a lab instead of mined diamonds extracted from the depths of the Earth. That is why we have created a list of the most popular lab-grown diamond gifts for the 2023 holidays.

Read on to learn more about why lab-grown diamond jewelry should be on your list, plus some of the hottest lab-created diamond gifts this season. 

Why Lab-Created Diamonds Make Great Gifts

There are many misconceptions about both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. But today, we’re talking about lab-grown diamonds. Here’s why everyone’s talking about lab-grown diamond jewelry and why they have gained popularity over mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds

Yes, diamonds created in the lab are real diamonds. Because they are sometimes referred to as synthetic diamonds, people may think they are fake, but that’s not the case. Synthetic just means that the diamonds were not created in nature. But they are very bit as real.

Lab-grown diamonds undergo similar types of creation conditions in a lab environment as under the earth’s crust. By emulating the same amounts of heat and pressure on a piece of a diamond, scientists can essentially grow the piece into a large diamond. 

Instead of taking millions of years, lab-grown diamonds are grown in a matter of weeks to a few months. Scientists are able to produce multiple lab diamonds at once and give them better quality control in their isolated environment. 

Affordable Diamond Jewelry Gifts

The ease of production, lack of mining equipment, and labor make lab-grown diamonds less expensive than natural diamonds. You’ll usually see a cost decrease of 60-80% between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond of the same quality

That makes diamond jewelry affordable for a lot more people, not only the rich and famous. That’s why lab-created diamond jewelry is a perfect gift idea.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Better for the Environment

But it does not stop there. Unlike mined diamonds, you don’t have to worry about the risk of corrupt diamonds or huge negative environmental impacts. Creating diamonds in a laboratory does require energy. However, the production of lab-grown diamonds uses fewer natural resources than the diamond mining process. Some lab diamond production uses only renewable energy and is thus completely sustainable, for example, VRAI, Pandora, and Brilliant Earth.

In addition, there are no environmental and community hurdles to get over, and you can ensure these diamonds are not being used for conflict purposes.

Jewelry consists of colored gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals. But everyone has their specific tastes and styles. The following list consists of timeless and classic lab-created diamond jewelry gifts you can’t go wrong with this gifting season. 

Here are the 5 most popular lab-grown diamond gift ideas that you can give anyone who likes diamond jewelry. 

Diamond earrings are a staple piece in any jewelry collection. They work well with any occasion, whether casual or elegant. 

A classic pair of diamond solitaire studs tends to be the favorite type among diamond earring styles. Solitaire diamond stud earrings have a single stone in each ear. The total carat weight of the studs includes both earrings when listed. 

For example, a pair of 1-carat lab diamond studs would give you a 1/2-carat lab diamond in each earring. 

Lab-grown diamond solitaire studs are one of the best gift choices this year. You’re able to buy larger carat weight for less when you choose lab-grown diamonds. See exactly how much in our guide to lab-grown diamond earring prices.

If you want your lab diamond studs to appear even larger, consider a different diamond shape than the traditional round brilliant cut or princess cut diamond earrings. Elongated shapes like emerald cuts, oval cuts, and pear-cut diamonds appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight.

Ritani is one of our highest-rated diamond jewelers. In our Ritani review, we specifically highlighted the high quality of their diamonds and low prices, as well as the option of creating your own diamond jewelry.

It’s extremely easy, and you can create lab diamond earrings from as low as a few hundred dollars.

Build your own diamond earrings at Ritani as the perfect diamond gift.

Clean Origin is another fantastic online retailer where you can choose exactly what kind of lab diamond stud earrings you want to give your loved one. 

Their Build Your Own Diamond Studs studio is best for those who want to pick out the individual stones and settings for their diamonds. 

If you don’t have the time to learn about diamonds, Clean Origin provides pre-set lab diamond studs in various shapes, carat weights, and metals. 

Lab-grown diamond oval-shaped studs from Clean Origin.
Lab-grown diamond oval-shaped studs from Clean Origin.

This pair of oval cut lab diamond stud earrings come with a certificate from a reliable gemological laboratory to ensure accurate grades. They have VS clarity and E/F color grades. 

Choose 18ct yellow or white gold and carat weights in 1, 1.5, and 2 carats total. Uncertified lab diamond studs are available too, which go for a lower price. However, we don’t recommend those.

Lab Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 

Lab-grown diamond necklaces are probably the most popular piece of jewelry given during the holidays. There are many, many different styles to choose from. They make excellent gifts for teens, young adults, and parents. 

Lab-grown diamond necklaces are available as solitaire diamond necklaces or in various designs. Solitaire diamond necklaces feature a single diamond, either handpicked by you or chosen from a selection of diamond grades and carat weights. 

An eternity solitaire diamond necklace from Clean Origin is just what your loved one needs this season. This exquisite piece is understated and simple yet showcases the lab-grown diamonds in a stunning display of brilliance.

Eternity lab-grown diamond pendant necklace from Clean Origin
Eternity lab-grown diamond pendant necklace from Clean Origin

If you want to splurge a bit, consider coupling it with the pair of solitaire studs we talked about earlier. This pair is available in 1/2, 3/4 carats, or 1 carat with I/J color grades and VS/SI clarity. 

If you want to pick your own diamond grades for your lab diamond necklace pendant, try out James Allen’s Create Your Own Pendant design studio. Choose your pendant’s cut, clarity, and color grades, as well as its setting.

Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

Diamond tennis bracelets feature a linear design of diamonds set closely together with a clasp at the end. The tennis bracelet term comes from famous tennis player Chris Evert, who wore a diamond line bracelet during a famous tennis match. As told by Vogue, the bracelet came loose during the match. After the incident, she talked about losing her “tennis bracelet”. 

Clean Origin offers a wide range of lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets in different shapes and styles. 

Diamond tennis bracelets require many diamonds to wrap around the wrist. This can be very costly when buying diamond tennis bracelets crafted in natural diamonds. Clean Origin carries an inventory of stunning lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets for your convenience. 

Compare the total carats of these lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets.
Compare the total carats of these lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets.

If you’re not concerned about price and are more concerned with carat weight, the 7-carat lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet from Clean Origin is just up your alley. But the 3 total carat-weight tennis bracelet is exceptionally elegant, too.

Most tennis bracelets are around 7 inches long. If you find your diamond tennis bracelet doesn’t fit right, you might opt for a different variation.

Rose gold diamond bracelet from James Allen
Rose gold diamond bracelet from James Allen

Technically, diamond bracelets that have an adjustable chain, like this rose gold diamond bracelet from James Allen, aren’t called tennis bracelets. Plus, these are not solid diamonds but rather circular clusters in each segment.

Lab Diamond Stackable Bands

Stackable bands are a fun and exciting way to start a jewelry collection and are especially popular at the moment. While there are many people who wear rings on different fingers, stackable bands are a way to wear multiple rings on the same finger.

Brilliant Earth has a wide range of stackable lab diamond rings. Just make sure you select the filters for “Stackable” and “Lab Diamond”.  

Create Your Own Diamond Ring Stack at Brilliant Earth

The price flexibility is a big advantage with these. Most stackable bands are thin, meaning less gold and smaller diamonds. You can purchase a single starter band and explain the concept of adding bands to the ring stack. 

If you want to give a whole ring stack, consider mixing and matching styles together. The fun part about a lab-grown diamond ring stack is that you’re able to personalize to create a new combination. 

Ritani, too, offers a large selection of stackable rings. They are listed as stackable wedding rings but can be used for any jewelry type and occasion.

The best part? Ritani offers some of the lowest prices on diamond rings. So you can create a stack for much less than at almost any other jeweler.

Sentimental Lab Diamond Jewelry

Traditionally, gifts are given around the holiday to symbolize our appreciation for those we love. A gift alone is a generous gesture. Romance is often in the air during the holidays, making it a perfect opportunity to give a meaningful diamond gift.

Whether you’re looking to propose or just give your partner a meaningful diamond gift, we recommend a three-stone lab diamond ring. This three-stone oval-cut lab diamond ring from Clean Origin is an excellent option. 

Three-stone oval-cut lab diamond ring from Clean Origin
Three-stone oval-cut lab diamond ring from Clean Origin.

Your loved one will love the three hearts seen when holding the lab diamond three-stone ring at profile view. Three-stone diamond rings are said to represent the past, present, and future of your love, echoing the intention of the hearts.

Another popular lab diamond gift option is to choose an eternity band. Eternity rings are diamond bands that go all the way around the band. Most diamond bands have stones that go ¾ the way down the shoulders, leaving bare metal at the bottom. 

Eternity bands are not able to be sized, so make sure you’re purchasing from a retailer with a good return/exchange policy just in case you need a different size. Clean Origin offers a 100-day return policy on all of their lab diamond jewelry. 

Check out their collection of eternity bands, like this stunning braided lab diamond eternity band, available in white, yellow, and rose gold. 

Braided lab diamond eternity band from Clean Origin
Braided lab diamond eternity band from Clean Origin.

The eternal circle of lab diamonds in a ring represents the eternal love between you and your partner. Couple it with a lab-grown diamond eternity circle necklace like this one from James Allen for a beautiful gift set. 

Lab created circle pendant necklace from James Allen.
Lab created circle pendant necklace from James Allen.

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There you have it. These are the most popular lab-created diamond gift ideas this season. Lab-grown diamond studs, pendants, and tennis bracelets are perfect options for a classy and timeless diamond gift. 

Your loved one will enjoy the sparkle and higher-quality lab diamonds for a lower price. Save money or use the saved money to upgrade your lab diamond gift with bigger diamonds or better grades. 

For a more exciting lab diamond gift, opt for stackable bands crafted in ethical lab diamonds. Choose the number of bands for your ring stack to suit your budget and preference. If that doesn’t suit you, go for a more sentimental gift like a lab diamond eternity band or a three-stone diamond ring. 

When you buy lab-grown diamonds, you’re supporting the effort towards a conflict-free diamond industry as well as giving a gift your loved one will love for a lifetime. 

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