Review: With Clarity Home Preview (2024)

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Here’s everything you need to know about the With Clarity Home Preview – the unique “try it before you buy” ring shopping experience from the fastest-growing ring engagement company in the US

Engagement ring shopping can be intimidating. How much should you spend on an engagement ring, and where do I shop for the best engagement rings? Luckily, online diamond buying has made the process so much easier – and cheaper. Now you can sit from the comfort of your home and browse through thousands of diamonds and settings without pushy sales associates breathing down your neck and overpaying for low-quality diamond engagement rings.

But what if you want to see rings in person before committing to the one (ring, we mean)?

With Clarity has the answer. In this review of With Clarity Home Preview, we’ll examine its features, quality, and how it removes the uncertainty of shopping online for a diamond engagement ring.

Review: With Clarity Home Preview (2023) - Is the quality good? We've found that it is the best try-before-you-buy option.

Pros and cons of buying a diamond engagement ring online

Before we review the With Clarity Home Preview offer, let’s first consider the pros and cons of buying a diamond engagement ring online.

The pros of buying a diamond engagement ring online are many and by far balance out the cons. They include:

  • A much wider selection of diamond stones and ring settings
  • The ability to compare thousands of diamonds and rings to find the best price and jewelers
  • Up to 50% lower prices than what you would find in a store
  • Higher quality diamonds and the ability to see diamond certificates and magnified diamond images
  • Avoiding pushy salespeople and being spoofed by artificial lighting (designed to make poor-quality diamonds sparkle more)

However, as with any online shopping, the downside is that you cannot view and try on the ring in real life. Engagement ring shoppers may be hesitant to buy an engagement ring without first seeing it in person.

Some online jewelers have sought to bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping by having showrooms like Brilliant Earth and James Allen where you can try on rings. Ritani is partnering with local jewelers across the country for you to view diamond engagement rings in person before committing.

Risk-free returns also allow you to view the diamond engagement ring and return it should you not be completely satisfied. The best places to buy diamond engagement rings online all offer at least a 30-day risk-free return period, but Clean Origin stands out with its generous 100-day return policy (see our Clean Origin vs. With Clarity review).

But what if you want to see the engagement ring before it’s made? With Clarity has the answer to that!

The With Clarity Home Preview stands out from other online competitors with its innovative, personalized try-a-replica-before-you-buy approach, which allows customers to try on 3D-printed replica rings conveniently at home  – before the real ring is forged. They’ll even make two rings for you so you can compare and see which one you prefer.

We have taken a closer look at the Home Preview, and in the following, we’ll share our findings with you.

What is the With Clarity Home Preview?

The home preview from With Clarity is a unique engagement ring shopping experience that allows prospective customers to see their customized engagement ring before committing to buying it. For free!

It solves the downside of buying a diamond engagement ring online by allowing you to see the ring in person and even compare two options if you’re in doubt.

With Clarity’s 3D replica rings are made of a white metallic alloy and a diamond simulant that looks just like the real thing. And they really do! As we’ll get into later in our With Clarity Home Preview review, we were surprised at just how good and real the rings and simulants looked.

The replica rings are made to order in New York City in just 12 days and are shipped to your doorstep completely free of charge.

When we tried the Home Preview from With Clarity, we didn’t know what to expect. But we were very impressed with the quality of the rings. Want to know more? Keep reading our review of the With Clarity Home Preview.

Review of With Clarity Home Preview – is it any good?

We’ve already spilled the beans a little, but we were very impressed by the quality of the engagement ring replicas. We have seen other ring replicas before, and the quality is usually too poor to be able to gauge what the real engagement would be like.

But the quality of With Clarity’s replica home preview rings are in a completely different league. While you can see that the stone is not a real diamond, it’s a very high-quality simulant (not to be confused with lab-grown diamonds, which are real diamonds).

We've found that the quality of the diamond simulants and the ring replicas is very high.

The With Clarity Home Preview feels very premium, and you gain a very good sense of what the final product would be. Even the Home Preview box and packaging are high-quality, just as their final product is.

The With Clarity home preview comes in a beautiful and premium quality engagement ring box.

So is the With Clarity Home Preview any good? Yes, it is. It is exceptional. And, for the price, it’s a no-brainer (it’s free). The Home Preview diamond engagement ring replicas are so good that you are able to make an informed decision about your potential diamond engagement ring purchase and even compare two options side-by-side.

With Clarity has managed to remove the only obstacle to online engagement ring-buying (trying-before-buying) and has taken the uncertainty out of the shopping process.

And, should you decide to go with either of the engagement ring options, you don’t have to worry about the final product quality or price. With Clarity is one of our highest-rated diamond jewelers, and we highly recommend buying a diamond engagement ring (or any diamond jewelry) from With Clarity. Read our in-depth review of With Clarity.

But how does the With Clarity Home Preview work? It’s very easy, and in the next section, we’ll explain how to try the Home Preview for free!

How does the With Clarity Home Preview Service work?

You might be wondering how the With Clarity Home Preview works. Well, it’s pretty straightforward.

Step one – choose your ring

You start by creating the With Clarity Home Preview Box on their website. Customers can choose from over 8,000 combinations when building their Home Preview Box, including popular ring designs such as halo, solitaire, classic pave, and three-stone rings.

You can select up to two 3D-printed rings to preview at one time and customize the carat (simulated diamond stones between .75 and 2 carats) shape and type of metal.

All rings are made to order in New York in 12 days, and the chosen rings are shipped to your home free of charge with FedEx. Yes, that’s right. As long as you remember to return the rings, the service is completely free!

Step two – wear the rings for three days

The second step of the With Clarity Home Preview is when you receive 3D models of the two rings you chose to experience in person. Then, you have three days to prance around your home in your pajamas, show the ring off, and just generally see how a sparkling rock looks and feels on your finger.

Or, if you’re secretly buying an engagement ring for a prospective partner, you will have plenty of time to envision how your loved one will look wearing the ring of choice. You could also show the engagement ring to a confidant and get their honest feedback on your choice.

After three days, simply use the prepaid shipping label and return the rings.

Wait – what if three days aren’t enough? Luckily, With Clarity understands that making such a significant decision may take some time (not least showing the ring to any prospective reviewers). So if you need a bit more time, you can contact their customer service and request an extension.

Step three – send back the ring and order the actual engagement ring

The last step of the With Clarity Home Preview is returning the replicas and placing an order for the engagement ring you liked best (or making any custom changes).

Still in doubt or just not sure that the ring was the one? With Clarity generously offers up to 2 home preview orders per customer.

Is With Clarity Home Preview worth it?

We highly recommend the With Clarity Home Preview replica engagement ring trial. It’s an incredible opportunity to try on a ring before buying it. It’s completely free with no strings attached, and it takes the risk out of engagement ring buying. In addition, the With Clarity Home Preview engagement rings are of exceptionally high quality and look almost exactly the real thing.

About With Clarity

The online jeweler With Clarity is the fastest-growing engagement ring company in the US. It is run by a husband and wife team of third-generation jewelers who are passionate about creating a simpler and more straightforward ring-shopping experience.

With Clarity aims to alleviate the stress and anxiety often associated with in-store ring shopping. With Clarity, jewelry is created in New York City, and they have access to over 140,000 certified natural or lab diamonds in their inventory. These include a massive selection of great-value lab-grown diamond stones (with over 35,000 loose lab-created stones at the time of writing).

In our in-depth review of With Clarity, we found that With Clarity is the leading seller of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. The endless possibilities for customizing your engagement ring, the unique ability to try replicas at home before purchasing (to assess the design rather than the stone), and the excellent value for money pave the way for unrivaled service and a modern ring shopping experience.

With Clarity review

In our 2024 With Clarity review, we awarded them 4.6 stars out of 5, leaving With Clarity among the few top-rated diamond sellers at We are big fans, and as you’ll learn in our With Clarity review, there are good reasons for that.

Are you in a hurry and want to get to the good part right away? Here are a few highlights from our With Clarity Review:


  • Excellent value for money
  • Good lab-grown selection
  • Free of charge replica home previews shipped to your door
  • Dedicated to engagement rings (and fully customized)


With Clarity Home Preview - pros and cons

With Clarity engagement rings

Engagement rings from With Clarity are always made to order. They offer an extensive collection of mined and lab-grown diamonds that can be customized in over 8,000 ways. In addition, With Clarity carries the top 9 best-selling shapes (read more about diamond shapes) that can be further customized in 14kt and 18K yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as platinum. With such a vast selection, you can be sure to find the right engagement ring.

With Clarity has an in-house gemologist team that offers free guidance to assist the customer with their diamond ring purchase, ensuring that they end up with the best diamond available within a given budget. That said, you should always do your due diligence so you can be fully prepared. We suggest you read our intro to the 4Cs as well as our guide to buying a lab-grown diamond.

Want to know more about With Clarity engagement rings? Read our in-depth review of With Clarity.

Summary of Review of With Clarity Home Preview

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, we suggest you take a look at the With Clarity Home Preview. In case this is the first time you’ve ever heard of them, they are the fastest-growing, highly-rated diamond engagement ring company in the US and one of the leading sellers of lab-grown engagement rings.

We like that With Clarity offers almost endless customizations, and you should strongly consider them when looking for that special engagement ring. This, along with their free gemologist consultation, lifetime warranty, and no-minimum custom engagement ring service, has earned them a spot on our list of top 6 places to buy a lab-grown engagement ring and one of the best places to buy lab-created diamond jewelry overall.

Review of With Clarity Home Preview engagement ring replicas

With Clarity Home Preview – try free replica engagement rings before you buy!

10 out of 10
Review of With Clarity - home preview

The With Clarity Home Preview is a fantastic service that allows you to see a very close replica of the engagement ring you are considering – completely free of charge!

10 out of 10
Shopping experience
10 out of 10
Replica quality
10 out of 10
Customer service
10 out of 10


Price (it's free!)

Easy ordering process

High-quality replica – looks like the real deal!


You can "only" select two designs

You have limited time before you have to return the replicas

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