5 Best Lab-Grown Diamond Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (2023)

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you are looking for a great lab-grown diamond gift idea for Mother’s Day, then look no further. We have found the 5 best lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Sure, you can pick up a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. But if you want to show extra special appreciation for your mother, then you should consider a lab-grown diamond gift for Mother’s Day.

It’s the perfect way of making someone feel special. And when you think about it, who really deserves it more than the woman in your life? Luckily, with lab-grown diamonds, it’s far from as expensive a gift as traditional, mined diamonds (learn why lab-grown diamonds are better).

In fact, you can save at least 60-80% when choosing the environmentally better diamond – and even more if you shop one of the Mother’s Day diamond sales!

We have created this list of lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

And in case you forgot, Mother’s Day 2023 is Sunday, May 14th.

3 best places to buy Mother’s Day gifts

Should I buy lab-grown diamond jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Lab-grown diamond jewelry is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift. Diamond jewelry is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for mothers of all ages, and there is something for every type of mother. Lab-grown diamonds are the environmental and ethical diamond choice, so you can give your Mother’s Day gift with a clean conscience. And with lab-grown diamonds, you save 60-80% over mined diamonds, making them much more affordable and a great Mother’s Day gift.

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Why buy lab-grown diamond jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular, and with good reason. Lab-grown diamonds, also known as cultured or man-made diamonds, have the exact same chemical, physical, and aesthetical properties as mined diamonds. But the best part is that they are much cheaper (see how much a 1-carat lab diamond is). You’ll save at least 60-80% compared to mined diamonds!

Lab-grown diamonds are a cheaper and more eco-friendly choice and do not involve the harmful process and ethical practices that often follow the mining of diamonds. For those reasons, you should strongly consider buying lab-grown diamond jewelry if you want to give something special for Mother’s Day.

If you want to save even more and end up with the perfect diamond, then read our intro to lab-created diamonds. You can also follow our easy step-by-step guide to buying lab-grown diamond jewelry and get all our insider tips to land the perfect diamond at the best possible price.

In the following, we present our best lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day in 2023. If you’re looking for more inspiration, read our guide to the best lab-grown diamond gift ideas under $1000.

What is a good diamond jewelry gift for Mother’s Day?

What diamond jewelry piece you should buy depends on the preference and style of the person you’re buying a lab-grown diamond jewelry gift for. So a good piece of advice is to first think about the person you are shopping for.

A woman who has a minimalistic style might not appreciate a big, dramatic diamond jewelry piece. In this case, consider classic diamond stud earrings or a slender diamond tennis bracelet, which has a timeless appeal and goes with anything.

In contrast, a woman whose style leans toward the more extravagant side of the spectrum might probably want something more flashy and attention-grabbing. A dazzling diamond pendant would be an excellent choice to match an outfit in this situation.

No matter the type of mother you have, you are sure to make someone very, very happy with a lab-grown diamond jewelry gift for Mother’s Day. So read on for the best lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

See also our favorite lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Mother’s Day at Clean Origin.

5 Best Lab-Grown Diamond Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

The most popular lab-grown diamond gift for Mother’s Day is the classic diamond stud earrings. You can’t go wrong with this one. And lab-grown diamonds are a perfect fit for stud earrings. You’ll be surprised at the quality and size of diamonds you can fit these with for less than $1000!

Lab-grown diamond gift ideas for mother's day - Martini Stud Earrings

You can’t go wrong with these classic martini stud earrings from Clean Origin. They are versatile, will fit anyone, and are sure to suit any occasion. Martini stud earrings are perhaps the best piece of jewelry for bringing out the brilliance in diamonds. The discrete design puts the diamond in the spotlight, and with high-quality diamond stones, they will shine brightly. They are available in yellow gold and white gold and several carat ranges.

Clarity: SI
Color: J (min)
Carat (total weight): 1.0

Price: $800

A Classic Bezel: Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings from Vrai
Lab-grown diamond gift ideas for mother's day - Diamond Bezel Earrings

These Diamond Bezel Earrings from Vrai are an excellent choice for a Mother’s Day present. A classic bezel setting gives it its timeless style (a bezel setting is where the diamond is surrounded by a metal rim instead of prongs, like with a martini stud earring). The earrings are available in 14k yellow gold and white gold. You can also choose between four different diamond shapes (round brilliant, marquise, trillion, and baguette).

Clarity: VS2+
Color: G-J
Carat: 1/10ct average diamond weight per earring

Price: $390

The Classic Choice: Lab-Grown Diamond Pendant from Ritani
Lab-grown diamond gift ideas for mother's day - Lab-Grown Diamond Pendant

Another meaningful lab-grown diamond gift idea for Mother’s Day is this stunning round three-prong martini pendant with a sparkling 0.5-carat lab-grown diamond that is handcrafted by Ritani in New York. This iconic beauty, which remains one of the most popular diamond jewelry pieces, is available in various price ranges depending on the choice of stone, starting at 0.5 carats to an astounding 2.5 carats. Available in 14K white gold and 18K gold in yellow, white, and platinum.

Clarity: SI1 (min)
Color: H (min)
Carat: 0.5

Price: $900

A Striking Pendant: Lab-Grown Diamond Pendant from With Clarity
One of the best lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother's Day is this pendant from With Clarity.

Set in a beautiful 14K white or yellow gold setting, this striking pendant from With Clarity perfectly encircles the round brilliant lab-grown diamonds. While the individual stones are small, together, they sparkle and form a perfect piece of diamond jewelry. With the craftmanship that With Clarity delivers, this is a bargain at $580 and an ideal lab-grown diamond gift for Mother’s Day.

Clarity: I-SI
Color: I-J
Carat (total weight): 0.26

Price: $520

A Timeless Piece: Lab-Grown Petite Diamond Bracelet from Clear Origin: $840
Lab-grown diamond gift ideas for mother's day - Petite Tennis Bracelet

This gorgeous petite diamond bracelet in white gold from Clean Origin will suit any wardrobe. There are 102 glittering diamonds (1 1/2ct in total) that will make sure to catch the light from every angle. If you have a larger budget, also consider the 3CT version.

Clarity: VS/SI
Color: I-J (minimum)
Carat (total weight): 1 1/2

Price: $840

Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Gifts for Mother’s Day

Hopefully, our lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day have inspired you to consider a lab-grown diamond jewelry gift for Mother’s Day.

The next step is looking for the best places to buy lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gifts. We recommend that you start with our top 5 best places to shop for lab-grown diamonds, which lists the top-reviewed online lab-grown diamond sellers in 2023.

We have also created a guide to the 5 best lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gifts from Clean Origin, one of our absolute favorite places to buy lab-grown diamonds online.

And if you are planning your Mother’s Day diamond jewelry shopping early, you may be able to catch some of the best Mother’s Day Lab-Grown Diamonds sales. So stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter for early access to Diamond Jewelry deals!

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