Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas
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Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas (2021)

Lab-grown diamond jewelry is the perfect present for Christmas. Not sure what to get one of your loved ones? Spoil them with diamond jewelry – with lab-created diamonds. It’s cheaper than ever to purchase real diamond jewelry. And with our help, you’ll be sure to get a fantastic deal and find the perfect diamond gift. We’ll walk you through the classic, safe, bold, and daring options for lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas.

Diamond jewelry comes in all shapes and forms. The engagement ring is the classic and most well-known example (thanks to a clever marketing campaign by DeBeers, a diamond seller).

However, diamonds adorn all types of jewelry. Today, with the advent of lab-created diamonds that are both more affordable, better for the environment, and just as spectacular as a diamond from a mine, everyone should consider lab-grown diamond jewelry as a Christmas or holiday present.

You can either choose a classic diamond jewelry design or go for the more uncommon. We’ll guide you through both the safe choices and the more attention-grabbing pieces of lab-created diamond jewelry.

But before we get to the best lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas, let’s settle a few things.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

Lab-grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds are. They are structurally and chemically identical and sport the same attractive sparkling qualities. There is nothing special about a diamond that has been pulled out of a mine, except for perhaps the potential environmental and societal damage the mining process has caused. So not only will you be doing yourself a favor by purchasing a lab-grown diamond instead of a mined. You’ll be doing the planet a service too.

How much do I save on a lab-grown diamond?

On average, you save 30-40% on lab-grown diamonds compared to mined diamonds. Fancy-colored diamonds are up to 70-95% cheaper than their mined counterparts. And you know how and where to shop, you can save even more on lab-grown diamonds.

Should I buy lab-grown diamond jewelry for Christmas?

Buy lab-grown diamond jewelry for Christmas if you are planning on getting jewelry as a present, and you want to save money while doing the environment a favor. Diamonds are, without comparison, the most beautiful gemstone in the world. With lab-grown diamonds being precisely the same high quality as mined diamonds, there is no reason not to go for diamonds created in a laboratory. In addition, you’ll be doing the environment and society a favor while saving at least 30-40% compared to the cost of mined diamonds.

So there you have it. Lab-grown diamond jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to be spoiled at Christmas.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of lab-created diamonds, read our article on the 3 reasons you should choose lab-created diamonds.

And if you would want to level up your lab-grown buying knowledge, follow our easy step-by-step guide to buying lab-grown diamond jewelry and get all our insider tips to land the perfect diamond at the best possible price.

Lastly, make sure you follow our list of the best sales and discounts on lab-grown diamonds and jewelry.

In the following, we present our best lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas in 2021. If you’re looking for more inspiration, read our guide to the best lab-grown diamond gift ideas under $1000.

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

1. The Safe: Round lab-grown diamond, brilliant-shaped stud earrings

You really can’t go wrong with diamond earrings and that’s why they are first on our list of lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas. It’s one of the most popular pieces of diamond jewelry and one that most would love to receive as an extraordinary Christmas present from someone special. If you’re in doubt, go for lab-grown diamond earrings.

The brilliant-shaped stud earrings are the safest best, but you can also pick a set of pendant earrings, adding more personality and customization to the jewelry.

If you don’t know the personal design preferences of the Christmas present recipient, we recommend going with the diamond studs. Below are a few examples from the leading and highest-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers.

The below are ready-to-ship examples, but we advise that you pick your own diamonds and seek the guidance of the independent experts that each of our recommended jewelers makes available. This way, you are sure you’ll get the best diamonds for your Christmas present and that they will fit perfectly with the type of jewelry you’re buying.

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings from Clean Origin
Diamond Studs from Clean Origin - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Clean Origin offers a pair of 1-carat (total weight) diamond earring studs at just under $1,000. That’s pretty impressive. Unfortunately, you can’t examine the actual diamonds used for these ready-to-ship studs, so we suggest you chat with their support to find specific diamonds to be used for your Christmas present.

Clarity: SI (min)
Color: I-J
Carat (total weight): 1.0
Price: $985

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings from James Allen
Diamond Studs from James Allen - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

James Allen’s ready-to-order lab-grown 1-carat diamond studs are slightly more expensive than the rock-bottom price offered at Clean Origin, but the color grade is also marginally better. It’s a really great price, but we recommend that you find your own lab-grown diamonds in their catalog and ask their independent gemologists for advice and guidance.

Clarity: SI-VS2
Color: F-G
Carat (total weight): 1.0
Price: $1,250

Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings from Ritani
Diamond Studs from Ritani - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Ritani’s cheapest ready-made lab-grown 1-carat diamond earring studs start a bit higher than Clean Origin but also give you both better clarity and color grades. But, again, we recommend you book an appointment with one of their gemologist who can help you pick specific diamonds which will likely be both better and cheaper.

Clarity: VS2 (min)
Color: H (min)
Carat (total weight): 1.0
Price: $1,433

2. The Classic: Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis bracelet

The second on our list of the best lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas is the classic diamond tennis bracelet.

The diamond tennis bracelet takes its name from the tennis champion Chris Evert, who famously both wore the bracelet during matches and lost it during one particular match. People then started referring to it as a tennis bracelet. However, before Chris Evert added the flair of tennis, it was known as an eternity bracelet. Today, it’s referred to using both names, but curiously, most people know it as the tennis bracelet.

It’s a simple yet exceptionally elegant diamond bracelet where the diamond stones are the main attraction, and the band is mostly there for support. It thus truly highlights the magnificent sparkle of the diamonds, and it’s any diamond lover’s favorite bracelet.

And now, with lab-grown diamonds, it’s even more affordable than before. Of course, it’s not a cheap piece of jewelry, easily raking up several carats of diamond in total. However, it looks its part and is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry and the one where you, dollar for dollar, get the most sparkle and attention.

Best Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets

We recommend aiming for a 5-carat since this total diamond weight best balances the size of the diamonds with the cost. At a minimum, aim for 3 carats, but 5 carats is the best pick to get the full effect. At 7 carats and higher, the effect is more dramatic, but it does lose some of its elegant subtlety (and the price, of course, goes up).

Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet from James Allen
Tennis Bracelet from James Allen - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

The 5-carat (total weight) tennis bracelet at $3,500 is the best choice, balancing diamond quality, size, and price. You get three fewer stones than our alternative from Clean Origin, but the diamond quality is slightly better.

You can also get the 3-carat version at $2,300, but we think you should choose the one from Clean Origin instead (see below). The 7-carat version at $5,000 is an excellent choice if you prefer larger (but fewer) diamonds.

Clarity: VS2-SI1
Color: F-G
Carat (total weight): 5.0
Diamond count: 49
Price: $3,500

Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Clean Origin
Tennis Bracelet from Clean Origin - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

We recommend the 5-carat (total weight) tennis bracelet at $3,445 as the best pick, but the 3-carat is more affordable at $1,985 and the best deal if you prefer smaller diamonds. If you want more drama, choose the 7-carat version at $4,485.

Clarity: SI (min)
Color: H-I
Carat (total weight): 5.0
Diamond count: 52
Price: $3,445

3. The Bold: Lab-Grown Diamond Colored Pendant Necklace

Our third choice on list our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas is a diamond pendant necklace, with a twist. If you want to go for something special and unique, pick a colored or fancy-shaped diamond.

Colored diamonds won’t sparkle quite as much as a white diamond, but they make up for it in the colorful beauty. With a brilliant-like shape such as the pear or heart shapes, you’ll still retain a lot of the sparkle that a brilliant round diamond is famous for.

Alternatively, try a completely different diamond shape, such as the emerald that more resembles mirrors than the classic brilliant sparkle. You won’t get the same dramatic light effects, but due to the shape being much shallower, the surface will be much bigger, and the diamond will look huge.

Colored diamonds are very rarely found in diamond mines, but in the controlled environment of the laboratory, they are easier and much cheaper to produce. In fact, lab-grown colored diamonds are 70-95% cheaper than colored mined diamonds.

When choosing a colored lab-grown diamond, we recommend you start by selecting a loose diamond since the stock inventory of fancy-colored diamond jewelry is typically very limited. Avail of the complimentary expert guidance that our favorite lab-grown diamond sellers, such as James Allen, Ritani, and Clean Origin, offer.

Lab-Grown Diamond Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond from Clean Origin
Pink Pear-Shaped Diamond from Clean Origin - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

This pear-shaped pink diamond is both an exceptionally great deal and truly magnificent. At an affordable $870, it’s a steal. The diamond quality and color are good, and you can be sure to get attention with this pink lab-grown diamond in any setting, but we recommend a necklace pendant to ensure full focus on the beautiful stone.

Clean Origin boasts a large selection of fancy-colored and fancy-shaped lab-grown diamonds, all at some of the lowest prices you’ll find.

Lab-Grown Diamond Pink Heart-Shaped Diamond from James Allen
Pink Heart-Shaped Diamond from James Allen - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

If you have $18,380 burning in your pocket and also looking for an extraordinary lab-grown diamond Christmas present, then look no further. This 3.22-carat pink heart-shaped diamond is a rarety. It does not get more romantic than a heart-shaped diamond, but also not more pricey. There’s also a “cheaper” 1.51-carat alternative at a third the price, which, to be honest, is almost as astonishing and perhaps a little less brash.

Luckily, the fancy colored lab-grown diamonds at James Allen start at $200.

4. The Engaging: Lab-grown diamond engagement ring!

The last entry on the list of our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas is something else. Give someone special the ultimate Christmas surprise present: A lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Christmas engagements are on the rise, and it makes a lot of sense. Christmas is both romantic and all about family. What better time to take the first step towards starting your own family and tying the knot with the love of your life.

With an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond, you’ll be sure to get a much better and bigger diamond for your money. Depending on the receiver and your appetite for trying something different, we suggest the following options.

Safe: Traditional White Round Brilliand-Shaped Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring
James Allen Engagement Ring - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

The safest choice is a white, round brilliant-cut diamond with simple gold, rose-gold, or white-gold ring to hold the diamond in place. The focus will be on the diamond, so you’ll want to make sure to find the very best diamond possible.

We suggest asking for the complimentary expert gemologist advice at either James Allen or Ritani.

Bold: Customized and Persolanized Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Design
With Clarity Engagement Ring - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Stick with the white, round brilliant cut or a traditional cut like the pear shape – but pick a personalized ring and setting. The spectrum goes from multi-stone rings to intricate and bold designs. The best option is if you can customize the ring to make it truly personal. Just don’t go overboard, so you risk having to use the free return policy.

Try Clean Origin for the best prices or With Clarity for endless customizations and a 3D-printed replica before you buy.

Daring: Fancy-Colored Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring
Barkev's Jewelry Engagement Ring - Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas

Pick a fancy-colored lab-grown diamond with an emerald or radiant shape to stand out from the crowd. Colored diamonds are rarely found in mines, but in the laboratory, they are easier to produce. As a result, you can buy a stunning colored engagement ring for a fraction of the cost of a polluting, mined diamond. Also, consider an emerald cut since these appear much more prominent, and you get a larger diamond surface.

Try Barkev’s Jewelry for their astonishing designs or Clean Origin for a bargain-priced colored diamond set in a more traditional ring.

Where to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Presents for Christmas

Hopefully, our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas have inspired you to consider a lab-grown diamond jewelry present for Christmas.

The next step is looking for the best places to buy lab-grown diamond Christmas gifts. We’ve written a complete guide to the best places to shop for lab-grown Christmas presents!

But, if you’re eager to start finding the best diamond jewelry at the best prices, begin with the below top-reviewed lab-grown diamond sellers.

And if you planning your Christmas diamond jewelry shopping early, you may be able to catch some of the great Black Friday Lab-Grown Diamonds sales! If you were too late, don’t despair. We have also listed the best lab-grown Christmas and holiday deals.

Top 5 Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Christmas Presents
Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas (2021) | jamesallen ringbox
Our James Allen Review: 5/5 ★★★★★
Best for: Expert gemologist guidance throughout the buying process, advanced diamond inspection, and quality.

James Allen is one of our absolute favorite and highest recommended places to buy lab-created diamonds. They have an extensive selection of diamond and jewelry designs, so you’ll be sure to find the lab-grown diamond Christmas present you’re looking for. Start with James Allen when looking for any of our suggested lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas.

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas (2021) | clean origin
Our Clean Origin Review: 5/5 ★★★★★
Best for: Lowest prices, largest selection of diamonds, generous return policies, and excellent customer service and guidance.

Clean Origin is another top pick for lab-created diamonds that we have awarded our highest rating. Clean Origin has some of the absolute best prices on lab-created diamonds. That’s why we think you should visit Clean Origin to look for any of our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas.

Ritani Lab-Grown Diamond Review - Logo
Our Ritani Review: 4.8/5 ★★★★★
Best for: The most extensive selection of loose diamonds at the lowest prices, plus exceptionally generous aftercare.

Ritani offers some of the very best prices on lab-grown diamonds and jewelry on the market and is one of our top-rated places to buy lab-created diamonds. You’ll be sure to find all of our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas at Ritani.

GemsNY Review - Logo
Our GemsNY Review: 4.5/5 ★★★★★
Best for: Exceptional diamond expertise with a physical location in Manhattan’s diamond district coupled with the lowest prices and largest inventory.

GemsNY is an NYC diamond district jeweler with decades of experience and expertise, who has truly embraced online selling. With the lowest prices on the market and one of the largest inventories, you cannot go wrong with GemsNY. Learn why we love GemsNY in our in-depth GemsNY review.

Review of With Clarity - logo
Our With Clarity Review: 4.3/5 ★★★★★
Best for: Engagement rings, and particularly, their try-before-you-buy free engagement ring replica.

With Clarity top our list of top places to buy a lab-created diamond engagement ring. So if our lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for Christmas inspired you to pop the big question this holiday, visit With Clarity to find the perfect lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Brilliant Earth logo
Our Brilliant Earth review: 4.6/5 ★★★★★
Best for: Engagement rings, and particularly, their try-before-you-buy free engagement ring replica.

Brilliant Earth is one of the most established brands in the industry and is famous for being dedicated to positive environmental and societal impact.

Read our review of Brilliant Earth to learn why we think they are the best choice for ethical and sustainable lab diamonds.

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