Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces: A Holiday Gift Guide

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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your special someone. A lab-grown diamond necklace is an excellent holiday present, showing you care about the environment and your loved one. Before we dive into why a lab-grown diamond necklace is a hot item this year, let’s clear up any misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds. Learn why a lab-grown diamond necklace is an ideal gift choice this holiday season.

There are many reasons to choose a lab-grown diamond necklace as a holiday gift this season, but first, we must set the record straight on lab-grown diamonds. Let’s discover why lab-grown diamond necklaces are this year’s hot item.

Why lab-grown diamond necklaces are the perfect holiday gift.

Lab Grown Diamond Necklaces and Natural Diamond Necklaces

Many people think lab-grown diamonds are fake diamonds, but they’re not. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds grown in a lab instead of the earth. Scientists simulate the same conditions it takes to grow diamonds in the earth but in a laboratory instead. 

They are produced by humans and advanced technology but created by applying the same heat and pressure that happens underground. Other processes use carbon gases and heat, but the idea is the same. So is the product. 

Lab-grown and mined diamonds have the same physical attributes, such as clarity imperfections, color tint, cut quality, and carat weights. They have the same light reflection as mined diamonds of the same quality. 

In fact, a customer can’t distinguish a lab-grown diamond necklace from a natural one. Only gemologists with a concentrated study in lab-grown diamonds are typically able to tell the difference beyond a 50/50 guess. 

If it were a fake diamond or another colorless diamond imitation like cubic zirconia or moissanite diamond necklace, there would be tests you could perform yourself. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, not fakes. 

How Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces Make Perfect Holiday Gift

A lab-grown diamond necklace can be a beautiful message to your loved one this season of your admiration and appreciation for them. They come in a variety of different styles for people of all ages. 

A lab-grown diamond necklace may be a suitable gift for first-time diamond wearers, such as teenagers or young adults. They can also make lavish gifts for a romantic partner. 

Lab-grown diamonds are excellent diamond gifts this holiday season for younger generations. These generations are more concerned with the environmental issues surrounding diamond mining and recycled metals. 

Lab-grown diamond retailers like Grown Brilliance, VRAI, and not least, Brilliant Earth, are well-known for their commitment to diamond ethics and environmental concerns. 

Other gift buyers will enjoy the cost of lab-grown diamond necklaces compared to natural diamond necklaces. Generally, you can expect lab-grown diamonds to be around 60-80% less expensive than mined diamonds of similar quality

The industry can eliminate the expenses of mining equipment and workforce and produce more lab-grown diamonds in less time than it takes natural diamonds to fully form. Lab-grown diamonds can be created in as little as three weeks to a few months, depending on size. 

Natural diamonds take millions of years to form, and most rough diamonds aren’t sellable. The majority of diamonds excavated are used for industrial purposes. But when produced in the laboratory environment, the majority of diamonds are gem-quality (and, increasingly, used in advanced technology and computers)

That is why the industry can sell them for less, not because they’re fake. For example, compare prices for 1-carat lab-grown diamonds, perfect for a diamond solitaire necklace. They’re much cheaper than you think!

Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace Styles to Choose for Your Holiday Gift

Another reason a lab-grown diamond necklace might make a great holiday gift is its many styles and the variety of chains available. Choose from casual diamond necklaces that work with jeans or diamond necklaces that fit for a night out. If you’re torn in the middle, there are lab-grown diamond necklaces for that style, too.

Lab-grown diamond necklaces are one of the most popular holiday gifts.

Read on to learn about lab-grown diamond necklace styles and gift ideas for your special someone. 

Lab-Grown Solitaire Diamond Necklace

Lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces are great options for an elegant yet simple diamond gift. They can be a romantic or coming-of-age holiday gift for a teenager or young adult. 

Lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces are perfect to complement a pair of lab-grown solitaire diamond earrings or be their own gift by themselves. Solitaire diamond necklaces are popular among those who prefer minimalist jewelry and versatility. 

Solitaire diamond necklaces put all the focus on the diamond itself, so make sure to find an excellent stone. We recommend picking the diamond you want yourself from the jeweler’s inventory of loose lab diamonds. Don’t worry. You can learn how in our guide to lab-grown diamond necklaces.

James Allen is one of our top-rated lab diamond jewelers who allows customers to choose their own diamond for a solitaire necklace. They offer many loose lab-grown diamonds to choose from, or you can choose from their preset solitaire necklaces.  

Choose your pendant setting, like this unique marquise diamond pendant setting, for a non-traditional solitaire diamond pendant. You can select from a variety of diamond shapes with James Allen, not just round brilliant cuts or princess-cut diamonds. 

Unique marquise diamond pendant setting from James Allen.

But if you don’t know much about lab diamond grades, you can choose from different quality ranges in their preset pieces. This emerald-cut diamond solitaire necklace gives you pre-selected quality ranges for your convenience.

Emerald-cut diamond solitaire necklace gift idea.

For this option, you would choose your carat weight between 0.25 carats and 1 carat. You may opt for 14ct white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Select your color/clarity minimum to create your final cost. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Lab-grown diamond solitaire necklaces are a type of pendant, but more distinct designs are found in a pendant. Pendants can be taken on and off different chains. Not all lab-grown diamond necklace styles can do this. 

Lab-grown diamond pendants are an affordable option within the realm of jewelry. These styles often featured clustered small diamonds set in an intricate design. If they were natural diamonds, they would cost much more when crafted with ethically-conscious lab-grown diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamond pendant necklaces are a great option for gift recipients of all ages. They can mix and match different pendants according to style and taste. 

If you’re looking for a truly special pendant necklace for a gift, consider this stunning lab-grown diamond journey pendant from Ritani

Lab-grown diamond journey pendant holiday gift idea from Ritani.

Journey pendant necklaces are a sentimental gift representing the different experiences and paths the wearer has taken to this present moment. It represents the personal journey taken to grow into different phases of our lives. 

Consider this journey diamond necklace gift idea from Grown Brilliance for a more intricate and trendy design. Set with no fewer than 13 diamonds, this necklace stands out with its stunning design.

Lab-created diamond journey pendant gift from Grown Brilliance.

Pendant lab-grown diamond necklaces are excellent for appealing to one’s personal nature. There are many different types of pendants suitable for all ages. They are not limited to one style and can switch pendants out as they wish. They may even choose a different chain for the diamond pendant you’ve given them. That makes lab-grown diamond pendants the perfect holiday gift.

Lab-Grown Diamond Heart Necklaces

Heart diamond necklaces are a classic and timeless choice for a lab-grown diamond necklace. Heart necklaces obviously represent love, but there are many necklace designs to illustrate it. 

If you’re looking for a traditional heart necklace, consider this heart necklace from Clean Origin. It is crafted in ethical lab-grown diamonds. Choose between a total of ½ carat, 3/4, or 1 carat, and your choice of 14K white or yellow gold. 

Lab diamond perfect heart pendant gift from Clean Origin.

If you’re after a heart necklace gift with a little more, consider this lab-grown diamond heart key necklace from James Allen. This lab-grown diamond necklace is a representation of how the recipient holds the key to your own heart.

James Allen lab diamond heart top key pendant holiday gift.

Lab-Grown Diamond Drop Necklaces

Drop necklaces are usually Y-shaped, with the pendant or necklace draped lower in the center. You can expect these styles to rise in price, especially when diamonds are involved. But with lab-grown diamonds, you can cut some of the cost without sacrificing the quality. 

This lab-grown diamond drop pendant from Brilliant Earth features a lab-grown round brilliant diamond hanging from a small bar of diamonds. The claws that secure the diamond are positioned at the compass points instead of the traditional claw arrangement.

This is perfect for those looking for a drop necklace without too much “drop”. Other lab-grown diamond drop necklaces may have more flair and unique arrangement.

Compass Point Diamond Pavé Pendant gift from Brilliant Earth.

If you’re interested in a lab-grown diamond drop necklace with more drops, consider this Y-shaped drop necklace from Clean Origin. The stunning necklace comes in your choice of 14K white gold or yellow gold and is set with 28 pave-set lab-grown diamonds on an 18″ chain.

Tempus Y necklace from Clean Origin.

Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces Are Great Gifts to Give This Season

Lab-grown diamond necklaces can be the perfect holiday gift this season. They are more affordable than mined diamonds and send a message of ethical concern for the environment. 

There are so many different types of lab-grown diamond necklaces for personalities and wearers of all types. Watch the way your person reacts when they open the little box with a big surprise. 

Diamond jewelry has always been a go-to for gift-giving. Make it a lab-grown diamond necklace that lights up their eyes this holiday season. 

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