Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry Comparison 2023 – Which is the Cheapest Jeweler?

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If you’re in the market for diamonds or diamond jewelry, chances are you’re familiar with Jared and Ritani. In this review, we’ll compare the two and determine whether Ritani or Jared Jewelry is the better choice for your next diamond purchase.

When it comes to selling jewelry, both Ritani and Jared have a presence both online and in physical stores. However, Jared has a more prominent offline presence than Ritani, who primarily focuses on online diamond shopping. This difference holds significant importance, as we will discover in our comparison of Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry.

When it comes to the jewelry industry, Jared Jewelry outperforms its competitors like Kay Jewelers, Helzberg Diamonds, Diamonds Direct, and Zales. However, compared to the top online diamond retailers like Clean Origin and James Allen, Jared falls behind. Let’s explore whether Jared Jewelry can match top-rated Ritani or not.

We will thoroughly compare Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry, analyzing factors such as diamond selection, pricing, quality, and shopping experience. After weighing the pros and cons of both, we will provide our recommendation for the best place to purchase diamonds.

Continue reading to determine whether purchasing from Ritani or Jared Jewelry is right for you.


A quick comparison of Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry

Introduction to Ritani

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Introduction to Ritani

Since its establishment in 1996, Ritani has established a successful collaboration with the renowned jewelers of Julius Klein. In 2012, the company ventured into the e-commerce sector and became one of the leading online diamond merchants, bridging the gap between online and offline jewelry stores (more on this later).

At Ritani, you can find a wide range of diamond products, including both mined and lab-grown diamonds. They also offer exquisite wedding bands, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, and fashion jewelry. Furthermore, you can have unique items customized according to your preferences at their facility in New York.

Discover all there is to know in our comprehensive and expert Ritani review.

Introduction to Jared Jewelry

Brilliant Earth vs. Jared Jewelry comparison: Jared introduction.

Jared Jewelry, a subsidiary of Signet, has a rich history dating back to 1910 when it was founded by Henry Shaw under Sterling Jewelers. Over time, it expanded through strategic acquisitions and emerged as one of the top jewelry brands in the US. Signet, the world’s largest jewelry retailer, acquired Sterling Jewelers in 1987 and has since acquired other prominent jewelry brands such as Zale Corporation, James Allen, and Blue Nile.

Among the many Sterling brands, Jared stands out as a more upscale diamond jeweler typically located outside mall establishments. The store boasts a superior and more expensive shopping experience.

Sterling and Jared have been involved in several controversies, such as a class-action lawsuit for alleged discrimination and a case regarding pressuring customers into services.

Learn more in our in-depth Jared Jewelry review

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Lab-grown diamond selection

Let’s begin by comparing the diamond and jewelry selections of Ritani and Jared Jewelry to determine which offers better options. We’ll go through Ritani’s inventory first, followed by Jared Jewelry’s, and conclude by comparing the two.

Ritani diamond quality and inventory

Ritani boasts an impressive collection of exquisite diamonds from mines and labs. Their inventory includes a staggering 97,000 loose lab diamonds and over 165,000 mined diamonds.

We have identified 118 laboratory-grown diamonds that match the specifications of our reference stone (0.93-1.07ct, I-J color, VS1-VS2 clarity, and ideal cut). While the number of matches is lower than we discovered in our previous Ritani review from 2023, we were still impressed by the vast selection. There is a good chance you will find the perfect diamond for your needs within Ritani’s impressive collection.

Learn more about how to find the perfect lab-grown diamond in our lab diamond buying guide.

At Ritani, you can personalize your diamond jewelry, just like the other leading sellers of lab-grown diamonds. You can handpick a diamond from their extensive collection of loose lab diamonds and create a one-of-a-kind pair of diamond earrings or a lab diamond pendant. This is a great way to find the perfect diamond to match your needs while keeping it within your budget. We recommend choosing your own diamond and designing your own jewelry, as pre-set diamond jewelry often comes with lower-quality diamonds.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Ritani diamond inventory

Jared Jewelry diamond quality and inventory

Interestingly, both Jared and Ritani offer an impressive range of diamonds. Our review of Jared Jewelry reveals that their collection of loose diamonds is sourced from the same platform as the well-known James Allen.

If you’re in the market for diamond jewelry, you should consider James Allen’s selection. They have an impressive 11,639 lab diamonds available. In comparison, Jared Jewelry has only 5,294 lab diamonds listed with the same minimum standards of excellent/ideal cut, J color, and VS clarity. James Allen stands out as one of our top-rated diamond jewelers.

Learn how James Allen compares to Ritani.

In our Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry review, we have found that Jared has much fewer diamonds available than Ritani.

There is a significant difference in the diamond selection between Jared and Ritani. Jared tends to have higher color grades, resulting in a wide range of D and E grades. However, if you’re seeking I or J lab diamonds with a minimum VS2 clarity and ideal cut, Ritani offers over 600 options compared to only 41 at Jared Jewelry. While Jared has an impressive selection of high-color grades, it may come at a higher cost.

Unfortunately, Jared doesn’t provide lower-color grades for lab diamonds, as those often offer the best diamond deals. The D or E grades tend to be pricey, while the difference between an H, G, or F may not be detectable. Opting for an I or J could be a viable option.

Jared’s larger lab diamonds are graded as ideal for the cut grade, which is the highest grade available. This is a significant advantage for customers looking for the best quality. However, if you are searching for a smaller diamond, be cautious of those with a “very good” cut grade, as it may not actually be very good.

We have observed that specific lab diamonds graded as VS1-2 by Jared may not be completely eye-clean despite their satisfactory clarity grade. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and carefully examine the clarity grade of each diamond before making a purchase.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Price comparison

In this section of our review comparing Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry, we will analyze and compare the prices of both brands, beginning with Ritani.

Ritani diamond prices

Following our Ritani review, Ritani offers some of the market’s best-priced lab-grown diamonds.

At Ritani, our reference diamonds range in price from $519 to $1251, making them significantly more affordable than most other diamond dealers. The secret to keeping prices low at Ritani lies in their vertical integration. To learn more about how they can offer such great prices, read out a review of Ritani.

Moreover, Ritani goes above and beyond by recommending alternative diamonds that offer even better value, regardless of whether they’re cheaper. Our prices are often lower than those of Clean Origin, another popular diamond dealer known for their competitive pricing.

Note that Ritani’s pre-set jewelry is priced similarly to that of its competitors, including James Allen. However, it is important to remember that Ritani uses only the highest-quality diamonds with Ideal cut grades (as rated by IGI). Due to this, Ritani’s pre-set jewelry is often a better value than its competitors, such as Brilliant Earth, Clean Origin, and James Allen.

Jared Jewelry diamond prices

To compare the prices of Ritani and Jared Jewelry, we will utilize our reference diamond once again.

Jared Jewelry offers a range of 1-carat lab diamonds priced between $1,470 and $2,670. However, our research indicates that the diamond clarity of the lower-priced options may be lower than their grade suggests.

Upon reviewing the selection of loose diamonds, it appears that the lowest price for a 1-carat lab diamond with acceptable diamond clarity at Jared is approximately $1,800. However, Ritani, Clean Origin, Grown Brilliance, and With Clarity provide top-notch 1-carat lab diamonds for under $1000, while James Allen and Brilliant Earth offer exceptional 1-carat lab diamonds starting at $1000.

Compared to our recommended best places to purchase lab diamonds, Jared’s prices are considerably higher. Nevertheless, they are not as outrageous as those of mall jewelers like Diamonds Direct or Zales, which charge much more.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry price summary

After comparing diamond prices between Ritani and Jared Jewelry, we found that Ritani’s are the lowest we have seen, on par with and even lower than those at Clean Origin.

While the prices at Jared Jewelry are higher than what we’ve found at our top-rated diamond jewelers, they are still relatively reasonable compared to other mall jewelers. However, compared to online jewelers, we recommend Ritani over Jared Jewelry.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Shopping experience

When purchasing a diamond, the shopping experience and the ability to inspect the prospective diamonds are essential factors to consider. In this comparison, we will analyze and compare the buying experience at Ritani and Jared Jewelry.

The Ritani shopping experience

Buying diamonds is made easy with Ritani. They provide accessible and easily understandable information, which makes the purchasing process less daunting. As a result, shopping at Ritani is a breeze for both first-time buyers and those who may not have much time to devote to the diamond purchase.

At Ritani, you can view high-quality images and 360-degree videos of diamond gemstones. Their diamond grading system is outstanding, making evaluating and comparing diamonds easy.

Ritani strives to simplify the diamond selection process by identifying exceptional deals. They provide recommendations based on value and quality, offering a range of options to choose from. While a few diamonds may not be perfect, they are still of excellent quality and well worth considering.

Ritani sets itself apart by offering transparent pricing. Customers can easily view the markup, costs, and diamond purchase price. This level of openness and honesty is commendable and something we hope to see more of in the diamond jewelry industry.

Ritani offers seamless live chat support and excellent phone and email assistance. Additionally, their certified gemologists are available to provide objective guidance in selecting the perfect diamond. Ritani’s customer support is honest and trustworthy, and with their transparent pricing, you can trust the advice you receive.

If you prefer to examine jewelry in person before purchasing, Ritani offers the option to pick up your items at participating jewelers that collaborates with them. Although they do not have their own showrooms, this alternative is great for those who value the experience of seeing a diamond up close.

Let’s compare Jared’s shopping experience with Ritani’s.

The Jared Jewelry shopping experience

When evaluating the shopping experience of Jared Jewelry vs. Ritani, it’s crucial to consider that Ritani focuses on online sales, whereas Jared primarily operates as a physical diamond retailer.

Jared, a brick-and-mortar retailer, has established its brand as a luxurious alternative to mall jewelry stores, setting itself apart from other Signet jewelers such as Kay, Zales, and the newly acquired Diamonds Direct. The shopping experience at Jared does exude a more high-end feel when you step into their stores.

Our recommendation is to go for online shopping. This is because not only can you find more competitive prices, but your shopping experience will also be enhanced. From the comfort of your couch, you can compare thousands of diamonds side by side and scrutinize diamond grading reports and magnified HD images.

Additionally, diamond jewelers like Grown Brilliance and James Allen allow you to preview how a specific diamond will look in different settings. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about dealing with overbearing salespeople.

When shopping at Jared Jewelry, the experience can be hit or miss. As mentioned before in our comparison of Jared vs. Ritani, shopping for loose diamonds is similar to that of James Allen, which is good.

Regrettably, the inventory is limited, and prices are higher. Nonetheless, the shopping experience remains satisfactory, despite the absence of certain James Allen features.

This online platform not only helps you find loose diamonds but also allows you to customize your own diamond ring. The variety of ring settings is quite impressive, enabling you to match the perfect diamond with the perfect ring design. However, unlike James Allen’s advanced ring designer tool, you can only view the ring fitted with a standard diamond image.

Jared Jewelry utilizes the same platform and user interface as Kay and Zales when looking for pre-set diamond jewelry, which is not ideal.

This appears like an outdated design from 10 years ago. To make matters worse, the functionalities are limited, the details are insufficient, and the choices are minimal. So, if you wish to personalize anything besides a diamond engagement ring, you’re quite limited.

Unfortunately, the available options are pretty limited, and you do not have the freedom to select the exact diamond you desire. Although Jared Jewelry does provide a collection of loose diamonds, the choices are restricted to specific ranges that lack essential details regarding the diamond’s quality.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry shopping experience summary

After comparing the shopping experiences at Ritani and Jared Jewelry, we’ve found that Ritani excels in all areas, including customizing jewelry, purchasing loose diamonds, and finding pre-set jewelry.

The experience shopping for loose diamonds and customizing rings at Jared Jewelry was decent, but looking for anything else, the experience was not great. On the other hand, Ritani exceeded all expectations.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Sustainability

When we compared Brilliant Earth vs. Jared, we found that they, along with Vrai and Pandora, are leaders in sustainability and ethical diamond retail. But what about Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry? In the following, we’ll compare Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry to learn who provides the more sustainable diamond options.

Ritani sustainability

At Ritani, customers can choose from a wide range of lab-grown diamonds, which is not often offered by other jewelers who sell only mined diamonds. Moreover, Ritani provides detailed and informative knowledge about the eco-friendly advantages of lab-grown diamonds.

It would be great if Ritani matched Vrai’s level of diamond sustainability. However, their sustainability profile is still decent due to the ethical and environmentally conscious nature of lab-grown diamonds, which they offer as an alternative to mined diamonds.

Jared Jewelry sustainability

When comparing Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry, it is evident that Jared does not promote diamond sustainability in their advertising. Although Jared briefly mentions sustainable and conflict-free sourcing on their website, it appears to be a minor concern and lacks substantial information.

Jared mentions that Signet has signed various protocols to address sustainability concerns, although some may argue that these protocols have limitations.

Jared Jewelry does not prioritize sustainability as Ritani does. They do not promote lab-grown diamonds, a more sustainable diamond option, and they do not try to ensure sustainable practices throughout their sourcing and packaging processes.

So, regarding sustainability, Ritani is far ahead of Jared Jewelry.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Shipping and Returns

Ritani provides free shipping for all customers residing in the United States via FedEx Priority Overnight (US) and Express shipping. Additionally, they offer free returns within 30 days for customers in Canada.

At Jared Jewelry, customers can enjoy free 2nd-day delivery via UPS for all orders. It’s good to know that both Ritani and Jared Jewelry offer free shipping for high-value purchases like diamonds. However, it would be even better if they also provided free overnight delivery.

Both Ritani and Jared Jewelry provide a standard 30-day return policy that includes free return shipping. While this is expected in the industry, Jared Jewelry sets itself apart from other mall-favorite peers. Nonetheless, Clean Origin outshines both with an impressive 100-day return period.

Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry: Pros and Cons

We have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of Jared Jewelry and Ritani for you to consider to make an informed decision between the two.

At Ritani, you can find premium lab-grown diamonds at the lowest prices.
Exceptionally transparent and honest diamond prices.
Ritani has the largest selection of lab-grown quality diamonds.
Superior customer support and guidance.
HD images and 360-degree videos of all diamonds for easy comparison and inspection.
Better recommendations and great value labels are very helpful.
You can view and inspect diamonds and jewelry at one of its partner stores.
Superior post-purchase services, for example, free annual ring cleanings forever.
Insured and free FedEx express shipping on all orders.
Risk and hassle-free 30-day returns.

What we don’t like about Ritani (Cons)

No sustainable graded lab diamonds and focus on recycled materials.
Although Ritani doesn’t operate its own stores, you can still conveniently view and retrieve items at one of its partner stores.

What we like about Jared Jewelry (Pros)

200+ physical stores and available in almost any mall across America.
An acceptable selection of both mined and lab-grown diamonds.
Jared uses the same platform for loose diamond search as James Allen, which is good.
Good selection of diamond jewelry designs and the ability to customize diamond rings.
Jared Jewelry offers similar shipping and return prices and terms as our highest-recommended lab diamonds jewelers, including 30-day risk-free returns.

What we don’t like about Jared Jewelry (Cons)

While this mall jeweler’s diamond selection is decent, especially compared to other mall jewelers, it falls short compared to online jewelers like James Allen (and Ritani), especially when it comes to lab-created diamonds.
Although the prices are comparatively reasonable to other mall jewelers, they are still higher than our recommended places to purchase lab diamonds.
The quality of loose diamonds is pretty good, but note that some diamonds have lower clarity than expected from their grade.
Avoiding pre-set diamond jewelry is advisable since its quality is often poor or uncertain.
Overnight or express delivery is not standard.
There is a lack of emphasis on sustainability, with only the minimum requirements being met.

Summary Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry Comparison

If you didn’t skip to the conclusion, you might have already guessed that Ritani outperformed Jared Jewelry in our review. It’s safe to say that Ritani is the clear winner.

It’s perfectly fine if you skipped ahead, but let’s summarize our review of Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry anyway.

When it comes to finding top-notch diamonds at great prices, Ritani is the clear winner. Their inventory is extensive, and their diamonds are of premium quality, especially those with an Ideal cut grade.

If you’re looking for a place to create your own customized jewelry, Ritani is the best choice. They offer various customization options, premium quality diamonds, and affordable prices.

Ritani has a broader range of diamonds, including lab-created ones, than Jared. We were particularly impressed by their loose lab diamond selection and the shopping experience.

That said, we were actually pleasantly surprised by the decent collection of diamonds, lab-grown and mined, that Jared offered. Shopping for them was great, too.

However, Jared falls short in terms of offering other diamond jewelry options. Rather than utilizing James Allen’s platform, Jared opts for the same platform as Kay and Zales (read our Kay review and Zales review to learn why this is not great).

When it comes to prices, again, Ritani is ahead. Jared Jewelry is cheaper than comparable physical jewelry stores but way behind online jewelers, including Ritani. Expect to pay a considerable premium at Jared vs. Ritani.

Jared and Ritani only share similarities in the shipping and returns department. Jared offers impressive services that are comparable to the best diamond retailers online.

In short, if you are looking for the best of the mall jewelers, Jared Jewelry is probably the one. But why settle for less and not buy online, save, and get a better diamond at Ritani?

Ritani is so much better than Jared Jewelry – and is one of our recommended best places to buy diamond engagement rings and lab-grown diamonds.

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Ritani vs. Jared Jewelry Comparison by Rolf Hartmann

Rolf Hartmann

Rolf Hartmann has decades of experience in the jewelry industry. He knows everything you need to know to find the perfect diamond. He’s an expert in lab-grown diamonds and has followed the exciting development of lab diamonds from industrial usage to the incredible gemstone quality that lab-grown diamonds are today. Rolf guides you to find the right diamond at the best possible price and expertly and transparently reviews all lab-grown diamond sellers.

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Rolf Hartmann
Rolf Hartmann

Rolf Hartmann has decades of experience in the jewelry industry. He knows everything you need to know to find the perfect diamond. He's an expert in lab-grown diamonds and has followed the exciting development of lab diamonds from industrial usage to the incredible gemstone quality that lab-grown diamonds are today. Rolf guides you to find the right diamond at the best possible price and expertly and transparently reviews all lab-grown diamond sellers.

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