Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings: A Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to our guide to lab-grown diamond earrings gift ideas. The holidays are coming soon, and many are searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. While everyone has different tastes and styles, diamond jewelry has always been a staple in many people’s gift lists. And diamond earrings remain one of the most popular.

Even with the drop in the economy, people haven’t forsaken the traditional gift of jewelry. It still remains at the top of some people’s wish lists. According to statistics released in 2022 by National Jeweller, lab-grown diamond jewelry sales are increasing and are expected to continue in the coming years. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings: A Holiday Gift Guide.

Lab-grown diamonds can be crafted in any jewelry, just like mined diamonds. One of the most famous pieces of lab-grown jewelry is lab-grown diamond earrings. Read more about why lab diamond earrings should be on your gift list this season. 

Comparing Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings with Natural Diamond Earrings

Many misconceptions exist about lab-grown diamonds, so it’s time to set the record straight. Keep reading why lab-grown diamond earrings are a better holiday gift than mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings are Real Diamond Earrings

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t fake diamonds, though they are commonly mistaken as such. This confusion results from different names in the industry for lab-created diamonds, such as synthetic or man-made diamonds. 

Make no mistake: lab-grown diamond earrings are real diamond earrings. They have the exact same chemical, physical, and optical properties as diamonds mined from the earth. That means everything about their structure is identical to a mined diamond.

The Difference Between Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings and Natural Diamond Earrings

It’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab-created diamond of the same quality and grade. Typically, only a gemologist trained to distinguish one from the other can do so – and only using specialized equipment.

Scientists must emulate the same conditions it takes to make diamonds grow in the ground. By taking a small piece of a diamond called a diamond seed, they can apply the same heat and pressure into the chamber that makes the diamond seed crystallize. 

Extreme heat and high pressure make diamonds crystallize in the ground. Lab-grown diamonds, too, in one process. Not every lab-grown diamond is made the same way. Some instead use carbon gases that force the diamond to crystallize. But the result is the same. 

Lab-grown diamonds come in the same carat weights, shapes, clarities, color grades, and cut qualities as mined diamonds. The same goes for lab-grown diamond earrings. 

If you’re considering getting or giving lab-grown diamond earrings as a holiday gift, you can rest assured they are real diamonds grown in a lab and not in the ground. 

Want to learn more? Read everything you need to know about lab-grown diamonds and other lab diamond FAQs.

Why Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings Make a Great Holiday Gift

There are many reasons why people choose lab-grown diamond jewelry as opposed to traditional mined diamond jewelry. Here are just a few reasons why you might choose lab diamond earrings over natural diamond earrings for a holiday gift this season. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings are Less Expensive

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, but one of the main differences with lab-grown diamond earrings is their cost. 

This is where many customers have reservations about lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds. Most lab-grown diamond earrings will be 60-80% less expensive than mined diamond earrings of similar quality

Lab diamonds are much easier to produce than mined diamonds, which take millions of years to form. Finding gem-quality diamonds in the dirt is much harder, and it’s expensive, let alone dirty, to mine. 

Lab-grown diamond earrings require no mining equipment, extra labor, safety measures, etc.. There is no need for a vast workforce either. Without all of this, lab diamonds are much less expensive.

See our comparison of prices for lab-grown diamond earrings.

Lab-Created Diamonds Are More Ethical

This is great news for anyone who’s not rich or doesn’t want to waste money. It’s the perfect opportunity to give teens and young adults an affordable yet grown-up gift. Many young people request a pair of classic diamond earrings, but parents aren’t too sure about buying mined diamond earrings with their high cost and questionable ethical profile.

With diamonds created in the lab, you don’t have to worry about the many potential issues with mining. In addition, lab-grown diamonds are typically also more environmentally friendly. That is particularly the case with diamonds produced using renewable energy.

Lab-grown diamond earrings are a perfect compromise. Choose a small carat for young ones and maybe a matching pair of larger ones for a partner. Mom and daughter matching earrings can be a great holiday gift. And all without the ethical concerns.

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings Gift Ideas for the Holidays

In the following, we have listed our suggested diamond earring gift ideas set with lab-created diamonds. These are all popular and trending diamond earrings in 2023, perfect for holiday gifts.

Lab-grown diamond earrings can be an excellent purchase for anyone with pierced ears. You can go as busy or as minimalist as you’d like.

Classic stud earrings

For a first pair of lab diamond earrings, we recommend a pair of diamond earring studs. 

This classic pair of 3/4 carat round-cut diamond studs from our friends at Clean Origin is a perfect example of a versatile pair of earrings that can fill many personalities and styles. They can go with casual outfits or be worn for a night of dress-up. 

Lab diamond four prong studs from Clean Origin are a perfect gift for the holidays.

Emerald stud earrings

There are many different styles of lab-grown diamond earrings, but the solitaire is by far the most popular. Most opt for the round brilliant diamond. However, if you want something a little different while going with the classic studs, consider these emerald-cut diamond studs.

For example, these certified emerald-cut diamond studs from Clean Origin are set with stunning emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds

Lab diamond emerald cut studs from Clean Origin are a great holiday present.

Cluster pavé stud earrings

You will find many options beyond the minimalist look of solitaire diamond earrings. More complex designs made with natural diamonds tend to be out of the budget for many customers.

But with lab-grown diamond earrings, you might find that more unique diamond earrings are within your price range because of their affordability.

These stunning ⅓ carat cluster pavé diamond earring studs also come from Clean Origin. They are an affordable, unique pair of lab-grown diamond earrings. 

Lab Diamonds Tinsley Pavé Studs from Clean Origin are excellent christmas present ideas.

Halo diamond studs

Some retailers like Brilliant Earth have designs with additional stones, like this pair of lab-grown halo diamond studs created with their Create Your Own Diamond Earrings service offered on

Halo Lab Diamond Earrings from Brilliant Earth are another great pick as a Christmas gift.

Diamond climber earrings

For a more on-trend look, climber earrings are a perfect pick for the 2023 holiday gift season. See this pair of lab-grown diamond climber earrings from James Allen for a gorgeous and modern lab-created diamond earring look.

Ivy Lab-Created Diamond Climber Earrings from James Allen is a good pick as a present for younger people.

Choose from two different quality ranges and availability in 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold. This is a trendy and popular style for diamond earrings among young adults in particular. 

Diamond drop earrings

Our last recommended lab-grown diamond earring gift idea is the equally popular and modern drop earrings. These stunning drop earrings from James Allen are each set with five smaller diamonds and are priced very affordably. It’s the perfect diamond earring holiday present for the younger receiver or anyone who wants to follow the latest jewelry trends.

Rose Gold Luminance Lab-Created Diamond Drop Earrings from James Allen are a trendy gift idea.

More complex lab-grown earring designs with smaller diamonds will not be certified, but that doesn’t mean the quality is not great. At James Allen, you can expect the diamond quality to be outstanding.

How to Pick the Best Pair of Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings

There are many lab-grown diamond retailers and jewelry shops in the market. It can be difficult to decide just who to buy from. Fortunately for you, we’ve got that covered. 

Most retailers will carry pre-set lab diamond earrings or allow you to customize your own lab-grown diamond earrings. 

In the next section, we’ll show you the basics of picking out the best lab-grown diamond earrings for the holidays. 

Pick Lab Diamonds for Earrings Yourself

Some retailers will allow you to build your own solitaire lab-grown diamond earrings online. If you do this, you are in control of your diamond grades and qualities. 

You may choose carat weights, diamond cuts, clarities, and color grades of your stones. Browse through an inventory of diamond pairs to select the ones you want the most. We usually recommend this option because the diamond quality will be better. And sometimes the price will be lower, too.

Those who aren’t familiar with diamond quality and diamond grades may have a harder time with this. Fortunately, many different guides help you understand the 4Cs of diamond quality

Once you’ve selected a diamond pair, you will choose a solitaire setting for your earrings. Different retailers may carry more unique settings, but you can pretty much guarantee four claws and three claw martini styles will be available. 

Note that these services are usually done with single stones because customers cannot choose each small diamond in a more complex setting. 

Pre-Set Diamond Earring Holiday Gifts

The majority of lab-grown diamond earrings you’ll come across in physical jewelry shops are going to be pre-set designs. These are pairs of lab diamond earrings that are already graded and put together.

Your options are widened when you choose pre-set diamond earrings. But if you’re concerned about diamond certification for larger carat weights, many retailers offer certified diamond studs like the ones we listed above.

These certified lab-grown diamond earrings are accompanied by a certificate from the to validate their grades and quality. Most of these have minimum grades indicated in their descriptions. Smaller clustered diamonds don’t typically come with certification. 


Lab-grown diamond earrings make perfect holiday gifts for any occasion. They are more affordable than natural diamond earrings despite being real diamonds. They come in a variety of grades, just like natural diamond earrings. 

Lab-grown diamonds are versatile, with many different designs to match various outfits and tastes. You can often create your own pair of lab diamond earrings or choose from pre-set lab-grown diamond earrings. 

Diamond jewelry has always been a staple for holiday gifts, and lab-grown diamond earrings are no exception. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes with everything they’ll wear this season.

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