The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring at James Allen (2023)

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We’ve got all the insider tips, and we’ll go through everything you need to know before buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.

You’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring, and you’re ready to pop the question. Congratulations! Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting time, and a diamond engagement ring is probably the most important jewelry purchase you’ll ever make.

One of the many advantages of shopping online is that you sit comfortably at home while browsing through hundreds of stones and styles while taking your time and doing your research. In addition, the best online lab-grown diamond jewelry sellers all have huge diamond selections (far greater than any brick-and-mortar store). Not to mention, you avoid in-store markups and pushy sellers pressuring you to make a wrong and overpriced purchase.

Of course, before deciding how, when, and where to propose, there’s a lot to learn about diamonds and the diamond 4 C’s.

First and foremost, it pays to do your homework. That means learning about the 4C’s of diamonds in order to select the perfect diamond engagement ring. Need a quick brush-up on the diamonds? Read our guide to buying a lab-grown diamond. And because we know how overwhelming and daunting it can be to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online, we’ve written an extensive guide to how to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online.

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Why buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring from James Allen?

One of the biggest online brands, James Allen, is our favorite pick among all the best lab-grown diamond sellers due to its superior customer service, competitive pricing, beautiful designs, and large inventory.

It’s no surprise that James Allen has become one of the most popular places to shop for engagement rings. That’s the reason we’ve written the guide to buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.

Read our in-depth James Allen review.

In the following, we’ll go over a few of the most frequently asked questions about buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen. We’ve reached out to James Allen’s Sales Manager Lorraine Branther to get all insider tips on what to know before buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.

The selection of James Allen lab-grown engagement rings is enormous.

Who is James Allen?

James Allen was established in 2006 by four industry heavyweights from the diamond and jewelry business. The company is one of the pioneers in online direct-to-consumer diamond sales and is now one of the largest privately-owned diamond retailers.

What makes James Allen better than their competitors?

James Allen has a massive inventory and hundreds of customizable styles, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.

They have 24/7 Customer Service that includes:

What truly sets James Allen apart from other online jewelry retailers is that they are the only retailer to present each of its ring settings and diamonds in 360° HD and magnified 20x to 40x! This is due to their superior proprietary Diamond Display Technology.

Is James Allen’s engagement rings reputable?

James Allen is a very reputable company headquartered in New York, growing into one of the most prominent online retailers. Their inventory of earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds is vast, including high-quality engagement rings. In addition, they offer endless customizations at competitive prices, superior customer service, and provide an unrivaled shopping experience.

James Allen reviews

Does James Allen have good reviews?

James Allen is one of the most well-known and highly esteemed online jewelers. Happy customers have been buying diamond jewelry at James Allen for years. They continue to receive outstanding reviews online, which are in line with our James Allen Lab-Grown Diamond Review conclusions. We have also ranked James Allen at the top of all the 5 best places to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Therefore, we highly recommend buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.
James Allen Google Reviews
James Allen Trustpilot Reviews

James Allen shopping experience

James Allen’s website is easy to navigate. James Allen’s shopping process is remarkably intuitive, making buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring from James Allen incredibly smooth.

The process of customizing a diamond engagement ring is remarkably straightforward. First, you choose the setting, and choice of metal, then the diamond and ring size, and voilà, you have your very own customized lab-grown diamond engagement ring. And if you need a little help while examining a diamond, you can have a James Allen expert gemologist help you explore the diamond in closer detail.

Read our article on how to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring online

What James Allen offers:

Guide to buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen
  • Free engraving on most engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Free ring-sizer sent right to your door
  • Free resizing within the first year (U.S and Canada)
  • Lifetime warranty that includes free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning services
  • Free worldwide shipping and free returns for U.S and Canadian customers

James Allen diamond certificate

Lab-created diamonds are graded in the same way that mined diamonds are. That means your lab-grown diamond engagement ring will come with a report from an independent laboratory detailing the diamond’s “4 Cs” – diamond cut, diamond color, diamond clarity, and diamond carat weight.

All lab-grown diamonds used for engagement rings at James Allen come with a certificate from the most well-known grading laboratories, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and the American Gem Society (AGS). This makes buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen safe and easy.

James Allen lab-grown diamond grading report

Can you try an engagement ring before buying online?

Yes and no. James Allen offers a Virtual Try-On feature that lets you see how your chosen James Allen rings will look on your finger with the help of your smartphone. While that gives you a good idea of how the ring would look on your hand, it is nowhere near what With Clarity offers with their innovative With Clarity Home Preview Program. This allows prospective customers to see their customized engagement ring before committing to buying it.

If you happen to live on the East Coast, you can see diamond engagement rings in person at their physical locations in Washington, D.C., and their 5th Avenue showroom in New York City.

However, with virtual-try-on, HD 360-degree images of every diamond engagement ring and expert gemologist advice through virtual video appointments and chat, you’re in very good hands. The risk of buying online is practically entirely eliminated.

And if you should happen to change your mind about your lab-grown diamond engagement ring from James Allen or need to make adjustments, they offer completely risk-free returns. More on that in the next section of our guide to buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen.

James Allen Engagement Ring Virtual Try-On Feature - Guide to buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen

What is the shipping and return policy of James Allen?

James Allen provides free FedEx Overnight shipping on all orders and free return shipping on all orders (currently US only). Orders are shipped securely overnight following a 7-10 day production time, and flexible delivery options are available to avoid ruining any surprises. This is much better than most other diamond jewelers selling lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

Shipping is fully insured, and the recipient must sign for order delivery. In addition, returns are completely hassle-free (and free of charge) using FedEx.

James Allen has a 30-day return policy, and with free return shipping, your purchase is risk-free (just make sure to return it in the same condition and include the diamond certificate). With free shipping, returns, and a 30-day return period, shopping lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen is virtually risk-free!

Insider tips from James Allen  – everything you need to know about buying a diamond engagement ring

And finally, in our guide to buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring from James Allen, we’ll give you the ultimate tips straight from James Allen’s team, so you’re fully armed to embark on your diamond engagement ring hunt.

We reached out to Sales Manager Lorraine Brantner at James Allen to get the best tips on what to know about buying a diamond engagement ring.

James Allen lab-grown diamond engagement rings are some of the best quality.

What are James Allens’ best-selling diamond engagement rings?

Lorraine Brantner from James Allen tells that:

“solitaire settings, “hidden halo” styles and larger side stone rings are trending so far this year. The most popular center stone shapes we are seeing are round, oval and emerald cut. Many of our customers are choosing lab grown diamonds for their engagement rings as it allows them to truly maximize their overall budget.”

Lab-grown diamonds are indeed the better choice. Not only do you save at least 30-40% over a mined diamond of the exact same quality. You are also making an ethical and environmentally-conscious choice. Lab-grown diamonds are better for the climate, the environment, and people. Learn more about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds and why you should buy a lab-grown diamond.

What is the best advice for ring shoppers?

Brantner suggests that ring shoppers:

“set a comfortable price range for yourself, yet be open to adjusting your parameters when it comes to color, clarity and carat weight. Never sacrifice on your overall cut as that is where your sparkle comes from, but keep in mind that you do not have to have the highest color and clarity combinations for your diamond to be stunning. Explore just below the “magic number” carat weights for a diamond that is going to look the same size as a 1ct, 1.50ct or 2ct, but may not cost as much.”

We could not agree more, and the buying tips from James Allen are precisely the same as ours. Find more expert tips on buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

How does a James Allen online shopping experience differentiate from an in-store experience?

Brantner explains that:

“our 360° videos show you A LOT of details that you would not see in person which is great, and they truly help you see and know the diamond before purchasing! On the other hand, don’t get hung up on tiny clarity features that you would otherwise not see without magnification. It also does not hurt to browse a few diamonds and ring styles in person to get a feel for your favorite shape, style and color range. Our store in Georgetown, DC is filled with ring samples and educational tools to help you!”

What should ring shoppers know before buying a diamond engagement ring at James Allen?

“Our commission-free team will make sure you are happy with your purchase even after you see it. We understand that shopping for such an expensive and important item online can be difficult, and that is why we have a great 30 day return window once your order ships out. Also, we have a lifetime warranty that you can take advantage of through James Allen or partnering Jared locations across the US in addition to one free resize within the first year.”

And there you have it — everything you need to know about buying a lab-grown diamond engagement ring at James Allen. We hope you feel fully prepared to buy your lab-grown diamond engagement ring. Best of luck!

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