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The Complete Lab-Grown Diamond Anniversary Ring Guide

Last Updated on February 21, 2023 by LabGrownCarats

A Spectacular Lab-Grown Diamond Anniversary Ring Creates A Dazzling Celebration

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion for a couple to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. It commemorates the fact that you love and respect one another and that you’d say “I do” all over again.

What better way is there to celebrate your love than with a lab-grown diamond anniversary ring?

Traditional wedding anniversary gemstones (including diamonds)

Did you know that specific gemstones and precious metals are traditionally assigned to almost each wedding anniversary ye r? These have been handed down through time, though some may differ due to specific local rites or traditions. Some of the gemstones on the list are more unusual than others, for example:

  • 2nd Anniversary is Garnet
  • 4th Anniversary is Blue Topaz or Amethyst
  • 7th Anniversary is Onyx or Yellow Sapphire
  • 9th Anniversary is Lapis Lazuli

See the list of all anniversary gemstones at the of our guide.

These precious or semi-precious stones are beautiful in their way. Still, many of them tend to be unavailable in a typical wedding anniversary ring design and are more often seen in fashion jewelry.

The gift of an anniversary ring, rather than earrings or a bracelet, for example, holds more symbolism and meaning. It is re-establishing your bond as a couple in the same way that your engagement and wedding rings did. That makes it particularly fitting to go for a diamond ring, the most popular and beautiful of all gemstones.

Don’t worry. A diamond ring does not have to be expensive! A lab-grown diamond anniversary ring costs 60-80% less than what a mined diamond ring would cost. And they’re more ethical and better for the environment, while lab diamonds are 100% real diamonds.

Here is another example. If your 18th wedding anniversary is coming up – but you want to stick to the traditional rules about which gemstone you should buy – you may want to re-think the anniversary gemstone assigned to 18 years of marriage.

It is supposed to be a cat’s eye or chrysoberyl, which is probably not to everyone’s taste. Cat’s eye stones are generally green, yellow-brown, or greenish-yellow. They are primarily cut in a cabochon and often used in men’s pinky rings, but you may not find them attractive enough or suitable for a wedding anniversary ring. Tastes differ, of course, but we think you’ll agree.

Most diamond retailers produce a relatively limited collection of anniversary rings – and not all will correspond to the gemstone or precious metal traditionally assigned to that month, as it would be far too expensive for them to stock a variety of designs in each stone. Of course, it is always possible for you to commission a custom-designed ring, but this will likely be much more expensive than a ready-made one.

That’s why a diamond anniversary ring is always a great choice, regardless of the traditional list (that no one really adheres to, anyway).

A diamond anniversary ring is always a great choice, regardless of the traditional list

If you are familiar with the traditionally accepted list of anniversary gemstones, you’ll know that the 10th wedding anniversary gemstone is actually a diamond – as are the anniversaries celebrating both 30 and 60 years of marriage.

Beyond these milestones, the gift of a lab-grown diamond on any wedding anniversary will be loved and cherished. You never go wrong with a diamond ring!

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Here are some ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary:

  • Renew your wedding vows! You can make the ceremony as simple or as elaborate as you like.
  • Romantic getaway for two, perhaps re-tracing where you spent your honeymoon.
  • Host a special dinner party for friends and family.
  • Create a special photo album showing your journey together.
  • Spend the day together doing what you love to do as a couple, hiking or eating out at your favorite restaurant. Or try something new such as hot-air ballooning or horseback riding.
  • Take a trip down memory lane to where you first met, your first date, etc.
  • Write each other letters expressing your love and gratitude for each other.

The best way to celebrate any and all of these is with a lab-grown diamond anniversary ring. It will last forever, sealing the memories of the day in a beautiful and meaningful piece of keepsake jewelry.

Why choose a lab-grown diamond for your anniversary ring?

There are so many advantages to choosing a lab-grown diamond – and that is why they have gained ground over the natural diamond market in recent years. 

Lab-grown diamond anniversary ring styles

What style of anniversary ring should you choose?

That depends on how often and where the ring is intended to be worn. Are you expecting it will be stacked with your spouse’s engagement ring or wedding band? If so, it will have to coordinate with their design.

You may want to choose a ring set with a different precious metal, but in most instances, you’ll want it to pair well with existing rings. Perhaps it will be worn alone on a different finger, in which case it can be any type of continuous circle of diamonds, as elaborate as you like.

If it is to be worn with another ring on the same finger, make sure it will feel comfortable. Conflicting diamond sizes and shapes on the same finger can feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Next, our lab-grown diamond anniversary ring guide will show you our list of the best anniversary rings.

Our top picks of lab-grown diamond anniversary rings

Here are some of the most beautiful yet affordable and wearable lab-grown diamond anniversary rings available today.

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our guide to the perfect lab-grown diamond anniversary gift.

White gold seven-stone oval-shape lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

Trust James Allen to have a lovely collection of lab-grown diamond anniversary rings. This one is your choice of a 1.00 – 3.00 carat weight half circle of oval-shaped diamonds and is available in white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum settings.

Depending on the carat weight you choose, the price for this ring ranges from $1,162 – $2,400.

See why James Allen is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds in our James Allen review.

Gold flora lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

If your partner is classic at heart, here is the perfect romantic, floral-style lab-grown diamond anniversary ring from Clean Origin featuring two rows of milgrain that run along each side of eight lab-grown diamonds.

It is part of Clean Origin’s Precision Collection and is crafted for a lifetime o wear. Choose from 18k or 14k yellow, white, rose gold, or platinum to make it your own. It costs from $2,500 to $3.520 depending on the metal.

Learn why Clean Origin is one of our best-rated places to buy lab-created diamonds in our Clean Origin review.

Eternity marquise and round-shaped lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

Ritani, too, offers a gorgeous selection of lab-grown diamond anniversary rings – from eternity to five-stone, seven-stone, and even nine-stone rings. We chose to highlight this lab-grown diamond anniversary ring with its stunning mix of round and marquise-shaped lab diamonds.

It is pretty special, as you will see, consisting of a full circle of round and marquise-shaped lab-grown diamonds featured in delicate flower-like sweeps of gemstones and a 2.00 total carat weight. You can choose it in white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum. It is priced at $1,945 for the white gold lab diamond ring.

Read why Ritani is one of our top-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds in our review of Ritani.

Seven-stone emerald-shaped lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

Grown Brilliance sells the next ring on our list of favorite lab-grown diamond anniversary rings. If your partner likes the emerald diamond shape, a quasi-Art Deco look – or if their engagement ring is similar – this is a fantastic choice.

The lab diamond anniversary ring consists of two, three, or four carats of emerald-shaped lab-grown diamonds in a seven-stone wedding anniversary band. It comes in your choice of white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum. So why not celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary with this one if you like how it looks? Seven diamonds for seven years of marriage? There really are no hard and fast rules. Prices start at $2115.

Find out why we think Grown Brilliance is the best place to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings in our review of Grown Brilliance.

Channel set round brilliant-shaped lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

With Clarity offers this affordable but gorgeous channel-set lab-grown diamond anniversary ring for under $1 00. The ring would complement any engagement ring, particularly a solitaire or three-stone diamond r ng. It slips easily under a multi-stone ring but with dazzle and effect.

The lab-grown diamond anniversary ring consists of 0.5 to 2.00 total carats of round, brilliant-cut lab-grown diamo ds. It’s your choice of 14k or 18k white, yellow, or rose gold. Its pricing starts at $657, depending upon which option you choose. We like this one for its simplicity and design flexibility.

Discover why With Clarity tops our list of the best places to buy lab diamond engagement rings in our With Clarity review.

Luxe winding willow lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

Brilliant Earth always carries lovely rings, and you will find their collection of anniversary lab-grown diamond rings is no exception. This one is their Luxe Winding Willow lab-grown diamond anniversary r ng. It’s pretty, elegant, nature-inspired – and different, with a vine of shimmering diamonds wrapping gently around sparkling leaves of marquise-shaped diamonds.

You can order it in 1/8 or ¼ carat weight in 18k white, yellow, or rose gold or $300 extra if you want it in platinum. This one is $1,390 at Brilliant Earth.

Read why we think Brilliant Earth is the best place to buy sustainable lab-grown diamonds in our review of Brilliant Earth lab diamonds.

Summary of our lab-grown diamond anniversary ring guide

The gift of a lab-grown diamond anniversary ring is perfect for any anniversary, regardless of tradition. A diamond is the most symbolic, meaningful gemstone of all, and it always makes a welcome gift.

This is the year to buy a lab-grown anniversary ring and make it a celebration to remember all your lives. 

With this ring, you will make a lasting commitment – all over again!

List of all anniversary gemstones (including diamonds)

Below is the complete list of all anniversary gemstones, including diamonds. As noted above, diamonds make an entry twice: At 10 years and 60 years!

  • 1st anniversary: gold or peridot
  • 2nd anniversary: garnet
  • 3rd anniversary: pearls or jade
  • 4th anniversary: blue topaz
  • 5th anniversary: sapphire
  • 6th anniversary: amethyst
  • 7th anniversary: onyx
  • 8th anniversary: tourmaline
  • 9th anniversary: lapis lazuli
  • 10th anniversary: diamond jewelry
  • 11th anniversary: turquoise
  • 12th anniversary: jade
  • 13th anniversary: citrine
  • 14th anniversary: opal
  • 15th anniversary: ruby
  • 16th anniversary: peridot
  • 17th anniversary: watches
  • 18th anniversary: cat’s eye or tiger eye
  • 19th anniversary: aquamarine
  • 20th anniversary: emerald
  • 21st anniversary: iolite
  • 22nd anniversary: spinel
  • 23rd anniversary: imperial topaz
  • 24th anniversary: tanzanite
  • 25th anniversary: silver
  • 30th anniversary: pearl or diamond
  • 35th anniversary: emerald
  • 40th anniversary: ruby
  • 45th anniversary: sapphire or alexandrite
  • 50th anniversary: golden jubilee
  • 55th anniversary: alexandrite or emerald
  • 60th anniversary: diamond
  • 65th anniversary: blue sapphire
  • 70th anniversary: platinum
  • 75th anniversary: sapphire
  • 80th anniversary: ruby

Best places to buy a lab-grown diamond anniversary ring

James Allen is one of the best places for lab-created diamond anniversary rings.
James Allen review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
James Allen

James Allen is one of our best-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds overall and one of the best for anniversary rings. Their service is top-notch, prices are low, and the quality and craftsmanship are superb.

Ritani review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ritani tops our list of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds because of their market-leading low prices and price transparency, the largest inventory of lab diamonds, customization options, and jewelry store partnership. That makes Ritani one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond anniversary rings.

Ritani is one of the best for lab-grown diamond anniversary rings.
Clean Origin is another of the best places for lab-created diamond anniversary rings..
Clean Origin review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Clean Origin

Clean Origin is another of our favorite places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry and lab-created diamond anniversary rings. We recommend Clean Origin for its unbeatable prices, a vast selection of lab-grown diamonds and jewelry, and excellent support (plus 100-day risk-free returns).

Grown Brilliance review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance is our favorite for lab-grown diamond engagement rings due to their incredible ring designer, customization options, and unique jewelry design collections. Grown Brilliance’s prices are excellent, and so is their selection of lab-created diamond anniversary rings.

Grown Brilliance is a favorite for lab-created diamond anniversary rings.
Brilliant Earth is one of the best places to buy lab-created diamond anniversary rings.
Brilliant Earth review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is the leading sustainable lab-grown diamond jeweler. Their deep commitment to sustainability, including being the only seller of sustainable graded lab diamonds, sets them apart. The prices are excellent, too, and they offer some of the most gorgeous lab diamond anniversary rings.

With Clarity review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
With Clarity

With Clarity is another of our best places to buy lab-grown diamond engagement rings because of their unique 3D ring replica home previews (that you can try for free). They have a large selection of stunning lab-created diamond anniversary rings and excellent prices.

With Clarity is one of the best places to buy lab diamond anniversary rings.

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