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  • Low prices (loose diamonds)
  • Large inventory (even though not own stock)
  • Good customer service
  • Extensive customization options


  • Not own inventory but wholesale lists
  • Subjective grading of pre-set diamond jewelry
  • Low quality 360-degree videos
  • Confusing and sub-par shipping and terms
  • Limited inventory of lab diamond jewelry

We test all recommended products and services independently and exhaustively. If you buy through our links, we might receive compensation. Our recommendations are not influenced by monetary considerations. Learn more. is a well-established online jeweler that has been in the diamond business for decades. Customers generally give excellent reviews, and it’s known for its low prices and excellent customer service. They sell not only mined diamonds but also lab-grown ones. That’s why we decided to examine In our review, we’ll see if they live up to expectations and what you should consider before buying.

Our diamond experts have analyzed and evaluated all aspects of, from shopping to diamond quality and prices, testing customer service and examining everything from the return policies to the sustainability profile of

3 diamond jewelers we like better than

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Bottom line verdict of our Review

Our updated 2024 review finds that Brilliance continues to offer reasonable prices compared to other online diamond jewelers. They also have a large diamond inventory, but not all diamonds are actually available, even when on their site. has great customer support, making the buying experience easy and user-friendly.

However, we have found that also has issues, such as:

  • Slow order processing and delivery, partly because diamonds are not in stock.
  • Diamond jewelry is not graded by independent laboratories.
  • Low-quality diamond images and videos.
  • Confusing buying terms that are worse than competitors.

All in all, our review finds that they offer reasonable prices and a decent shopping experience, but with some drawbacks. See our recommended better alternatives below. Our final review score lands at 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Learn more about what we like and dislike about Brilliance and what you need to know before buying in our in-depth review. review score: review: Gold ring diamond engagement box review: Platinum diamond engagement ring box

Who is

Jacob Ohayon started in 1989. He is a GIA-trained and certified gemologist with years of experience in the diamond industry. The company was initially created by importing diamonds to the US and later selling them directly to consumers. Since 2006, Brilliance has been selling diamonds online through its website at and has morphed into the online diamond jeweler it is today. operates out of Boynton Beach, Florida, where it has a showroom, just like Clean Origin, which has a showroom in Texas. However, has no stores like Brilliant Earth or Vrai. It also doesn’t collaborate with other jewelers like Ritani or James Allen.

Who owns is owned by Jacob Ohayon, who started the company in 1989. Since 2006, Brilliance has operated only through, selling diamonds directly to consumers.

Is legit? has been a legitimate jeweler in the diamond industry for decades. They are members of the Jewelers of America (JA) industry association and have received hundreds of positive reviews at Trustpilot. In our review, we find that they are trustworthy and legit. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before buying.

Does have any stores? has no stores, but it has a showroom in Boynton Beach, Florida, where it is headquartered. Their showroom is 3469 Boynton Beach Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33436. We recommend that you set up an appointment before visiting. Call them at 866-737-0754 to schedule an appointment or contact them through email or chat. is open 24 hours, Sunday – Thursday. 12:00 am – 7:00 pm Fridays and 10:00 am – Midnight Saturdays. sells both mined and lab-grown diamonds has been selling diamonds for decades, long before lab-grown diamonds in gem quality became available at the prices you find today—not long ago, lab-grown diamonds were prohibitively expensive (learn more about the history of lab-grown diamonds).

Therefore, it’s not surprising that sells mined diamonds. But we’re happy to learn that they are now also selling lab-created diamonds, the ethical choice. This is similar to some of our favorite places to buy lab-grown diamonds, such as Ritani and James Allen.

Sometimes, we find that jewelers who sell mined diamonds tend to focus more on those, while lab-grown diamonds are a secondary option. We also often find that jewelers will not be forthcoming about the many benefits of lab-grown diamonds over mined ones to avoid off-putting mined diamond customers.

Lab-grown diamonds at is, it turns out, very honest about the benefits of lab diamonds without trying to hide them. In fact, they’re very open about the many reasons lab-created diamonds are better than mined diamonds, which we like.

The many benefits of lab-grown diamonds are listed on

However, unlike other jewelers who started by selling mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not feature as prominently at For example, several jewelry categories feature only mined diamonds, and lab diamonds are a little hidden on the site. However, this is not uncommon in the industry since margins on mined diamonds tend to be higher (and so do prices).

Does sell real diamonds? sells 100% real diamonds. They sell both mined and lab-grown diamonds. also sells diamond alternatives or replicas, such as moissanite, but they are very clear that they are not real diamonds and do not feature prominently at Conversely, lab-grown diamonds, which are 100% real diamonds and precisely the same as mined diamonds, are available at As we have found in our review, offers great prices on lab-grown diamonds, albeit with some issues, which you can learn more about in our review.

Next, in our review, we’ll see if this limited focus on lab-grown diamonds reflects their inventory.

Diamond Selection and Quality

In our review of, we’ll assess the lab-grown diamond inventory by examining both its selection of loose lab diamonds and its pre-set jewelry featuring lab-created diamonds.

See also our lab-grown diamond buying guide if you need help finding the perfect lab-created diamond.

Loose Diamond Inventory

At the time of the review, had 142,243 lab-grown diamonds to choose from. That is more than any other diamond jewelers we have reviewed, such as the 110,000+ that Ritani and GemsNY had in store. But there’s a catch.

As we’ll come back to later, does not, in fact, have all these diamonds in stock. Instead, they list diamonds available based on diamond inventory feeds from wholesalers. That means that when you pick a specific diamond, first has to confirm that the diamond in question is still available, and they’ll then place an order for it.

The problem is that you’re not guaranteed to get the exact stone you’ve been looking at. This is a huge drawback and hindrance to the diamond purchase due diligence process.

It’s not uncommon in the industry. However, seems more prone to using these lists and their drawbacks. In addition to the risk of not getting the diamond you wanted, it delays the order process- at a potentially time-critical moment.

The diamond inventory at

How We Compared the Diamond Inventory

Ignoring the use of wholesale diamond lists, we’ll continue our Brilliance review by further assessing their “inventory”. When we evaluate diamond inventory in our lab-grown diamond reviews, we also use a reference diamond, a lab diamond suitable for many purposes and a popular weight.

Our reference diamond is a round brilliant-cut stone, weighing 0.93-1.07 carat* The clarity is VS1-2 with an I or J color grade (some will prefer a higher color grade). The lab diamond cut, of course, is always the highest possible. With lab-grown diamonds, most often certified by IGI, that is ideal. The lab diamonds at are certified mainly by IGI, so that’s the grade we’ll use.

*You can often find an excellent deal by going under and over the popular 1-carat.

The inventory at when filtering for our lab-grown reference diamond.

Narrowing our search to these criteria, we found 178 “available” diamonds. Unfortunately, as seen in the below image, many of the diamonds are missing pictures, and the image background varies a lot. All of that is due to the use of wholesale lists. Some wholesalers or diamond feeds do not contain images, and coming from various vendors, the image composition will vary. The latter is not a problem as such, but not having images of the actual diamond available is a huge issue.

On the plus side, certificates are available for all diamonds, as well as for the diamonds without images. However, 360 video images are not. Of course, you can request them, but that defeats the purpose of browsing and comparing diamonds.

To compare, we found over 472 when searching Ritani’s database and over 100 qualified lab-grown diamonds at GemsNY, all of which had actual diamond images. Discounting the lack of pictures and confirmed availability,’s inventory is still more extensive than what we have seen at many other diamond jewelers.

Pre-Set Diamond Inventory

If you do not want to spend time searching for your diamond stones, you can pick a ready-made jewelry piece with pre-selected diamonds. However, we don’t generally recommend that you do that since many jewelers use sub-par diamonds for pre-set jewelry and because you’ll get a better deal and diamond by choosing it yourself.

The main issue is diamond cut, which they often do not list. This is absurd since the diamond cut is the most critical aspect of any diamond. A notable exception is Ritani, who uses ideal-cut diamonds.

It turns out that another notable exception to that rule is Or so it seems. The good part first. Unlike at many other places where you must first ask, you can see the diamond cut grade of all pre-set jewelry.

Diamond Quality

For the most part, the cut grade listed is ideal, which is the best grade that IGI employs, while GIA uses excellent as the best cut grade. And that’s when we got a little confused. When we look at mined pre-set jewelry, they have listed the cut grade as ideal. So either they don’t use GIA-graded diamonds (the best diamond lab for mined diamonds). Or they grade the diamonds themselves, just like Vrai does.

Now, for smaller diamonds, typically access stones or when they are too small to grade (such as a tennis diamond bracelet with 50+ diamonds totaling 1 carat). In that case, the grading may be carried out in-house or by the vendor. And you’ll have to trust the quality or ensure you can return the product.

However, an independent diamond laboratory should grade diamonds of a specific size. Unfortunately, as’s customer support confirmed, that’s not the case at

All the diamonds in the non custom jewlery are certified and graded in house by our master gemologist

So, while it’s fantastic that uses ideal cut diamonds, they are, in fact, graded by themselves.

However, at, they can customize any jewelry and use any diamond you find in the mined or lab-grown inventory. And that’s precisely what we recommend that you do.

That leads us to the second part: does not include lab diamonds in its inventory. All pre-set diamond jewelry, except diamond stud earrings, is only available with mined diamonds; as we suspected,’s main focus, like many jewelers, is not solely lab diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds do not feature prominently on

That said, the ability to customize any jewelry with the diamond of choice is a huge benefit, which we’ll get back to later in the review.

Diamond Certification at

As we have already touched on, diamonds in pre-set jewelry are all graded in-house, which, at best, is a helpful guide. So, instead, you should choose your own diamonds from their diamond inventory. All lab-grown diamonds that lists are certified by IGI, the leading lab-grown diamond grading institute.

So, if you pick a diamond from their loose diamond inventory, you can trust that you are buying a legitimate diamond and that the grade is trustworthy. As we’ll see in the following section of the review, you get access to all grading reports on the site.

Buying Diamonds on

The next part of our review is an evaluation of the buying experience on their website.

Like many other online diamond retailers, purchasing is straightforward and user-friendly. Either choose a piece of jewelry already set with a diamond or begin by finding a loose diamond you want to use (we recommend the latter).’s ready-to-ship lab diamond jewelry selection is limited to stud earrings. So you would have to customize it anyway.

Customizing Diamond Jewelry

While you can only customize diamond rings online, contact the support team, who can help you customize any jewelry. That’s really great, though we would have preferred the option to do it online as well. It’s not as smooth a process going through support, but it’s doable, and something Ritani and Clean Origin also do for some jewelry types.

Finding a diamond is easy and almost identical to most other online jewelers. You enter your search criteria, and the website returns diamonds that fit those criteria. Many results are returned, but these are based on wholesale diamond feeds. So you may want to find a backup stone in case the first one is unavailable.

If you need help deciding what to look for, follow the steps in our lab-grown diamond buying guide.

Buying Support and Guidance

In addition to reading our guides to finding suitable diamonds, you may also want to consult with the jeweler’s customer support team. Some diamond jewelers, like James Allen, Ritani, and Clean Origin, offer trained gemologist support through virtual appointments and chat functions (James Allen wins for the best inspection features). also offers this service. You can either call, chat, or set up a virtual appointment. Again, it’s straightforward, and their customer service team is very responsive (even on the weekend, they’ll respond in less than a minute). That’s pretty impressive.

You can’t schedule virtual appointments online. Instead, you have to fill out a request form. Other jewelers, such as James Allen, Ritani, Grown Brilliance, and Brilliant Earth, allow you to schedule appointments online, which is much more convenient.

Customer service is friendly and helpful, though they are a little pushy and sometimes seem more focused on getting you closer to a sale than answering your questions. However, they’ll get there, and you should ensure you answer all your questions. And always compare with other jewelers. This includes comparing diamonds in detail, which we refer to as diamond inspection, and that’s exactly what we’ll look at next in our review.

Inspecting Diamonds on

In this section of our review, we’ll assess the diamond inspection features on their site. This is a crucial part of the buying process and probably one of the most complicated. Therefore, you must have access to the right features and information.

Once you find a suitable diamond shortlist, you inspect it. Then, you compare the diamonds by clicking from the results page to the individual diamond page.

How to Inspect Diamonds on

At, this is similar to how it works at other online jewelers. You’ll land on a page with many additional details about the particular diamond, images, and 360-degree video.

Diamond inspection features at

The image presented is decent quality and easy to zoom in, though the quality could have been a little better (a higher resolution would have been nice). The 360-degree video images are also a must-have feature, but again, the resolution is a little low. In this case, we find it to be too low.

Lab-grown diamond inspection in 360-degree video image at

The video feature is precious, allowing you to loop the video by looking at specific aspects of the diamond (looking for inclusions or blemishes). It’s just a shame the quality is almost too low for it to be helpful.

You can also access the diamond measurements, which you can compare against the ideal type (learn more about lab diamond shapes).

Detailed lab-grown diamond measurements at

Lastly, and very importantly, you get direct access to the diamond certificate, which details the diamond grades and any inclusions or blemishes that could impact the diamond’s clarity.

The only issue is that the certificate loads in a small pop-up window, making it difficult to read, but you can always download the PDF (or zoom in).

In summary, the diamond inspection features are good, and we like that you can directly access all diamond certificates. However, the image, particularly the 360-degree video, is of too low quality for you to perform the proper due diligence. Diamond Prices

When evaluating prices in our review of, we start by looking at the cost of loose diamonds. These are much easier to compare, even though diamonds are unique and inherently impossible to compare precisely. So, instead, we compare the overall price ranges for high-quality diamonds.

On average, the prices at are very competitive and close to the price leaders Clean Origin, Brilliant Earth, Grown Brilliance, and Ritani. As a result, you’ll often find lab-grown diamond sales at and be able to make a good deal.

We recommend signing up for our newsletter to be alerted of sales and see any ongoing sales like Black Friday or holiday sales.

Diamond Price Comparison

Using our reference diamond as a yardstick, the prices at range from $665 to $2,421. Based on our appraisal, the widespread price variation seems to be due to sourcing its inventory from various places rather than differences in quality alone.

That also explains how sometimes matches the prices of price leaders such as Ritani and Clean Origin and sometimes is closer to those of Vrai or Best Brilliance. Overall, does offer competitive prices. So, if you don’t mind the potentially longer wait and uncertainty of the diamond’s availability, you might be able to get a great deal.

See here if you want to compare all prices for 1-carat lab-grown diamonds.

Jewelry Price Comparison

As for ready-to-ship jewelry with pre-set diamonds, recall that only offers stud earrings with lab diamonds. Otherwise, you’ll have to customize (which we recommend anyway).

Their lab-grown diamond stud earrings run from $275 for 0.25 carat total weight (that is 0.125 carats each) to $6,795 for 4 total carats. A 1 total carat set of lab-diamond stud earrings costs $1,095, which puts above Clean Origin at $800 (for their “great value” diamond quality) and below the $1,356 at Ritani (though there’s is often a Ritani diamond sale).

Lab-grown diamond stud earring prices at and the diamond cut grade.

It’s critical to note that the diamond cut quality at Ritani is ideal, the best. At the same time, it’s lower at Clean Origin, and we recommend the perfect pair at Ritani over Clean Origin. lists the cut grade as ideal, but as we have found, the diamonds have been graded by themselves, just like Vrai does. So, we would not necessarily trust that grade to be comparable to the independent ideal cut grade that the diamonds at Ritani have received.

See our comparison of all lab-grown diamond earring prices. Shipping and Returns

The last part of our review considers their shipping and return policies.

The shipping costs at are a little complicated, so they have a table. It’s even a little contradictory. states shipping is free, but orders over $2,000 cost $35 to ship. That’s not exactly free, even if it is the nicer overnight delivery option. We think they should just offer free expedited shipping on all orders like James Allen and others do. At least you don’t have to pay for all shipping like with Zales. has a confusing shipping policy. It's mostly free, but could be better. offers 30-day free returns, which is pretty standard. However, note that the period starts at the time of shipping, not when you receive it. We would have liked to see a longer return period, such as at Grown Brilliance (45 days) or Clean Origin (100 days).

Also, note that an order can’t be canceled once it begins processing. That’s odd, considering’s processing is relatively slow. However, again, it’s likely due to relying on wholesale diamond lists and buying the diamond from the wholesaler.

They also state that custom items can’t be returned or canceled. It makes sense that engraved items or something very custom and unsellable to someone else has limited returns. However, custom items can still be resold, and other diamond jewelers offer much more lenient terms for custom items.

Pros and Cons of

Before we reach our final verdict on, we list the pros and cons we have encountered throughout our review.


  • Low prices (loose diamonds)
  • Extensive inventory (even though not own stock)
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Vast customization options


  • Not their own inventory but wholesale lists
  • Subjective grading of pre-set diamond jewelry
  • Often low-quality 360-degree videos
  • Confusing and sub-par shipping and terms
  • Narrow inventory of lab diamond jewelry

Our Review Verdict

In our updated 2024 review, we have found both positives and negatives.

Positives include competitive prices, good and responsive support, and the option to schedule virtual appointments, even if they are a little cumbersome.

We also appreciate their vast inventory of lab-grown diamonds, though it’s not really their own inventory but rather wholesale lists. Nevertheless, it does give the buyer a wide range of options.

We like that diamond certificates are readily available and that IGI grades their lab diamonds. The diamond inspection process is adequate, but as we note below, it could be improved.

Lastly, we appreciate that they clearly list the many benefits of lab-grown diamonds and do not try to hide them to not speak poorly about mined diamonds.

On the negative side, we were disappointed in the minimal inventory of ready-to-ship jewelry with lab diamonds and the lack of independent grading of the diamonds they use for pre-set jewelry.

While the diamond inspection is generally adequate, we think the resolution of the images, particularly the 360-degree video images, should be improved.

Another issue is the potential uncertainty of getting the actual diamond you have looked at due to the use of wholesale diamond lists. We recommend that you find at least one alternative option. In addition, it could delay the order process, which may be problematic if you’re running short on time. So make sure you’re buying well in advance of your need.

Lastly, we didn’t like their return policies and confusing shipping options. If you are choosing your own diamond and thus “customizing,” we recommend getting written assurance that you can return the product for a full refund.

3 diamond jewelers we like better than

Our Final Review Score

All things considered, is not a bad place to buy diamonds. But it’s also not the best. falls behind the best places to purchase lab-grown diamonds. But they are also far from the poor experiences of Helzberg, Lightbox Jewelry, and Zales. We landed a review score of 3.9 out of 5.

Who is Good For?

If you find the perfect diamond at the right price at, and you don’t mind the potential extra wait or choosing another diamond, and if you are assured you can return your jewelry for a full refund, then we won’t hesitate to recommend that you buy it from them.

Who is Not Good For?

However, in case you want to avoid all those “ifs, ” we recommend you compare with our highest-rated lab-grown diamond sellers, such as Clean Origin, James Allen, Grown Brilliance, Brilliant Earth, and Ritani, for their low prices, extensive inventories, and superior service and support. You can read more about them and other sellers in our lab-grown diamond seller reviews section.

How We Have Reviewed

Our team of lab diamond experts has conducted a detailed analysis and study of, including their diamonds and jewelry, over the course of several weeks. We have compared Brilliance with its competitors, evaluated their pros and cons against the diamond industry standards, and conducted secret shopping.

Additionally, we have studied the quality of diamonds and jewelry, analyzed and compared prices, and spent hours testing’s customer service. We have gone through every aspect of the consumer journey to ensure that our Brilliance review and recommendations are trustworthy.

Ranking criteria

We have evaluated and ranked using these criteria:

  • Diamond and jewelry prices
  • Diamond inventory
  • Jewelry selection
  • Quality
  • Shopping experience
  • Customer service
  • Sustainability
  • Shipping and return policies

Why you should trust us

Our review of is based on our extensive experience and knowledge in diamond and jewelry, accumulated over decades with a combined experience of more than 75 years. We update our reviews multiple times yearly to ensure they reflect current market trends. Our top diamond expert, Rolf Hartmann, led our Brilliance review with input from several expert contributors. review by

Rolf Hartmann

Rolf Hartmann has decades of experience in the jewelry industry. He knows everything you need to know to find the perfect diamond. He’s an expert in lab-grown diamonds and has followed their exciting development from industrial usage to the incredible gemstone quality they are today. Rolf guides you in finding the right diamond at the best possible price and expertly and transparently reviews all lab-grown diamond sellers.

Rolf Hartmann

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