Lab-Grown Diamond Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget

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If jewelry shopping is on your gift list this season, you’ll want to check out the allure of lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds available at a much better price than mined diamonds. That’s why you can find lab-grown diamond holiday gift ideas for every budget imaginable!

That’s right. You no longer need to shell out thousands of dollars for diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Instead, you can buy jewelry gifts with stunning and very real diamonds. And with good conscience. We’ll explain.

Put Lab-Grown Diamonds on Your Holiday List This Year

You might be suspicious about why lab diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. In fact, they are 60-80% less expensive than mined diamonds of the exact same quality.

When we grow diamonds in a laboratory inventory, scientists create the same conditions it takes to grow diamonds underground. But instead of nature causing them to form, it’s the scientists who apply the heat and pressure needed to make diamonds crystallize. 

Why lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and better

Scientists can create lab diamonds at a much faster pace than diamonds that are mined from the earth. They can form in weeks or months, while natural diamonds take millions of years. 

This, plus eliminating costly mining equipment and arduous labor, allows the diamond industry to sell lab-grown diamonds for much less than natural diamonds of the same grades. And at the same time, creating diamonds in a laboratory is much better for the planet. And they don’t come with the potential ethical problems mined diamonds do.

So, when it comes to jewelry gifts for the holiday, look no further than lab-created diamonds. Feel good about buying ethical lab diamonds that have less impact on the earth and community than mined diamonds.

Now that you know lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and better, it’s time to consider what the best diamond jewelry presents are. Next in our guide are the best lab-grown diamond holiday gift ideas, and that is precisely what we will do.

These lab-grown diamond holiday gift ideas are our best picks from the most reliable and cheapest lab-grown diamond retailers. We understand that everyone has their own tastes, but we truly believe these choices are some of the best ones around. 

Lab Diamond Holiday Gift Ideas Under $300

While we’d all love to have diamonds at a “bargain” price, diamonds are naturally more expensive than your average household item. So, while I can’t give you lab-grown diamond gifts under $100, I can certainly show you gifts from reliable lab-grown diamond retailers under $300.

1/3 Carat Oval Diamond Stud Earrings ($275)

These lab diamond studs from Clean Origin are pictured in oval-cut shapes, but they are also available in emerald cut, round cut, and unique trillion-cut diamond shapes. 

Lab Diamond Oval Soho Studs from Clean Origin are a perfect holiday gift idea under $300.

Those searching for a larger-looking diamond without increasing carat weight should choose these lab diamond oval studs or consider emerald-cut diamond studs. Elongated shapes like these appear larger than a pair of round diamond studs because of their cutting style. 

The color grades of these oval diamond studs are in the colorless range. The clarity ranges between VS-SI. They can be Very Slightly Included or Slightly Included. Some clarity characteristics may be visible to the naked eye. 

Choose your lab-grown diamond oval studs in 14ct yellow gold or 14ct white gold. They have friction earring backs and are in a four-claw setting. 

These 1/3ct diamond studs are a perfect holiday gift for anyone with pierced ears. In the oval shape, they appear larger, giving you a better deal on a larger-looking pair of diamond studs.

Silver Lab Diamond Heart Necklaces ($195)

This lab diamond heart necklace from Brilliant Earth is a classic design, perfect for your holiday love. Heart jewelry has always been a staple in gift-giving. It can be an excellent gift for young or new relationships this season. 

Heart Pavé Diamond Pendant from Brilliant Earth is a great gift idea under $300.

The heart outline pendant is crafted in recycled sterling silver and features real lab diamonds in a total of 1/15 carat. Sterling silver is especially best for those with nickel allergies and is better for the wallet than white gold. The chain is also adjustable between 16-18 inches.

Lab Diamond Holiday Gift Ideas Under $500

Your lab diamond jewelry options will increase as your budget does. However, don’t be surprised if some lower diamond carat weights are more expensive than others. Diamond prices aren’t determined by carat weight alone but by multiple factors.

Petite 1/4 Carat  Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet ($395)

This is probably one of my favorites on this list. It’s such a beautiful piece of jewelry for a fantastic price. Diamond tennis bracelets are typically expensive because of how many diamonds it takes to go around the wrist. 

Petite Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Brilliant Earth is a holiday gift idea under $300.

But with lab diamonds, we’re already at a price advantage. The 21 lab diamonds are also very small, contributing to their low cost. The diamonds don’t go all the way around the 7-inch length but transition to a sterling silver cable chain with a lobster clasp. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most classic diamond gifts anyone should have. Like lab diamond studs, they can go with virtually any outfit or personality.

1/2 Carat Lab Grown Cluster Diamond Ring 

Aside from gift-giving to family and friends, the holidays are a popular time to get engaged or make a romantic commitment. This lab diamond cluster ring would be a suitable promise ring or engagement ring on a budget. 

Lab Diamond Round Cluster Promise Ring from Clean Origin.

Cluster settings are great for adding more sparkle than you’d see with a single stone because of each diamond’s sparkle when set close together. They may be smaller, but smaller lab-grown diamonds are cheaper. 

This lab diamond ring is perfect for recipients who want lots of sparkle without spending over $500. It has a diamond halo surrounding the cluster and diamonds down the shoulders of its 14ct white gold setting. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Holiday Gifts Under $1000

This price range is typical for those looking to buy their first engagement rings or other big piece of diamond jewelry. However, most natural diamonds in this price range are tiny or have lower grades. With lab-grown diamonds, your choices are expanded. 

3/4 Carat Oval Lab-Created Blue Diamond Stud Earrings ($675)

These oval-cut lab-grown blue diamond earrings are a top choice for the gift recipient who loves color or an alternative look to the traditional colorless diamond. 

Oval Lab Diamond Blue Stud Earrings from Clean Origin.

Natural blue diamonds of this intensity are scarce and highly expensive. Natural-colored diamonds should be expected to be more expensive than colorless diamonds. 

The same is valid for lab diamonds. Lab-grown colored diamonds allow those to purchase identical colored diamonds for much less. Of course, it should be noted that lab-grown colored diamonds do not hold the same value either. 

But with blue lab-grown colored diamonds, the colors are more intense and saturated. The tones are ideal, while natural-colored diamonds are much more sparing. The oval shape complements a colored diamond nicely because of its wide surface area. Colored diamonds look best in shapes large enough to display their hues. 

The oval blue diamond studs weigh a total of 3/4 carats with standard friction backs available in 14ct white or yellow gold. 

1 Carat Certified Round Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings ($795)

But if the blue diamonds are too much for your recipient, you might choose a stunning pair of 1-carat certified lab-created round brilliant diamond studs from Grown Brilliance

1 Carat Certified Round Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings under $1000.

Certified diamonds tend to be more expensive than uncertified diamonds. A diamond certificate is given by a grading laboratory to ensure accurate diamond grades. Basically, it lets you know that the specs you think you’re getting with your diamond have been verified by another third-party source. 

Round brilliant diamonds are the ultimate diamond shape regarding sparkle and brilliance. With high-cut quality, round diamonds can have exact proportions and perfect symmetry. In other words, they are cut to exact perfection, resulting in the best light performance. 

They are stunning yet subtle. These are classics in any jewelry collection, whether it’s your first pair or your tenth. Each ear contains a half-carat lab-grown diamond with VS/SI diamond clarity and IJ color grades. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Holiday Gifts Under $1500

This budget range may be high for some people but not for those typically spending $2,000 and above on mined diamonds. Check out these stunning lab diamond pieces for under $1500. 

2.00 Ct Lab Diamond Eternity Band ($1353)

Eternity rings are always a popular gift and represent eternal love. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who wants to show the receiver their appreciation and love. It’s an excellent gift for moms or spouses, such as an anniversary gift. Or anyone with whom you share a special connection.

This stunning and exceptionally affordable eternity ring from Ritani is set with an impressive total of 2-carat lab-grown diamonds. Usually, you would pay several thousand more for a diamond eternity ring.

2.00 Ct Lab Diamond Eternity Band under $1500.

It’s available in rose, white, and yellow gold, as well as platinum (for $187 more). Ring sizes go from 4 to 9, and the larger rings cost a little more since the size of the ring increases.

1 Carat Three Stone Lab Diamond Pendant ($1050)

Three-stone jewelry is popular during times of gift-giving between lovers and relationships. Each stone is known for representing the past, present, and future of your love. The same is said for three-stone diamond rings. 

Lab Diamond Classic 3 Stone Pendant from Clean Origin under $1500.

This pendant from Clean Origin is ideal for someone wanting a bigger diamond pendant than a traditional solitaire stone. The drop pendant will look great in any casual or fancy setting. The three lab-created diamonds weigh a total of 1 carat with VS/SI clarity and IJ color grades. 

The cable chain is 18 inches long and crafted in 14ct white gold. The diamond necklace is also available in 14ct yellow gold.

1.33 Ct Lab Created Diamond Wave Ring ($1450)

This lab diamond cocktail wave ring from James Allen is a head-turner. It weighs a total of 1.33 carats among 50 small round lab-grown diamonds. There is plenty of sparkle to go around, making your gift recipient feel elegant and special. 

Lab Diamond Wave Ring from James Allen.

A diamond ring like this crafted in natural diamonds could cost up to 3x the cost of this lab-created diamond ring. Choose the setting in 14ct white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. 

Wave jewelry is often given to represent the ups and downs of your relationship or life in general, depending on who you decide to give it to. 

The diamonds in this wave ring have VS2-SI1 clarity and FG color grades, making them colorless. The ring sizes range from 5-9.


So there you have it. The best lab-grown diamond jewelry ideas for every budget. This year, it’s possible to find diamond jewelry holiday gifts regardless of whether your budget is $195 or $1500. Thanks to lab-created diamonds, diamond jewelry is now much more affordable and accessible. And with a clear conscience, knowing lab-created diamonds are better for the environment and more ethical than their mined counterparts.


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