Grown Brilliance High Jewelry Review: High-End Sustainable Lab Diamond Jewelry

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Grown Brilliance is one of our favorite and highest-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds, as you can read in our very positive review of Grown Brilliance.

What you might not know is that Grown Brilliance has recently launched a new collection of ultra-high-end lab-grown diamond jewelry. It’s called the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry Collection.

Grown Brilliance offers some of the lowest prices on lab-grown diamonds, as you can read in our guide to lab diamond prices, such as 1-carat lab diamond prices or 2-carat diamond prices.

But their new High Jewelry collection features diamond jewelry sporting much higher carat weights, starting at around 8 carats all the way to over 200 total carat weight. That is a lot of diamond!

The 59-carat Budapest Necklace from the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection
The 59-carat Budapest Necklace from the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection

The Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection is not aimed at the casual diamond shopper but rather at shoppers looking for something truly unique and with a higher budget than the typical lab-grown diamond shopper.

That said, all Grown Brilliance’s High Jewelry pieces are created using lab-created diamonds, meaning that you should expect to pay 60-80% less than mined diamonds. And, as you know, lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds, except that they are created in a laboratory and not mined from the earth.

In addition to paying less for diamonds, which are otherwise exactly the same as mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also the ethically and environmentally better option.

Keep reading to learn more in our Grown Brilliance High Jewelry review.

What is the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry Collection?

The High Jewelry Collection from Grown Brilliance is a selection of very high-end and high-carat diamond jewelry created using more sustainable lab-grown diamonds and aimed at the conscious and relatively well-off diamond jewelry shopper.

The High Jewelry pieces are comparable to what you might see on the red carpet or someone royal wear. This is not your everyday jewelry you’ll wear to Trader Joe’s or the gym, but for extraordinary occasions, think royal balls, galas, premieres, and whenever you need to wear something extra and stand out.

And, because the High Jewelry collection from Grown Brilliance does not use mined diamonds, you can also feel comfortable that you have made a conscious and sustainable choice that is better for the planet and its people.

Is Grown Brilliance’s High Jewelry expensive?

Yes and no. The prices of Grown Brilliance’s High Jewelry are high, but they are not expensive compared to what you get. That is, the High Jewelry from Grown Brilliance is excellent value but also high value.

So, the High Jewelry collection from Grown Brilliance is not expensive relative to the craftmanship, uniqueness, beauty, diamond quality, and sheer total carat weight. But the price tags are definitely higher than what most consumers are able to pay.

Grown Brilliance High Jewelry prices

As we have just learned, the prices are reasonable but not necessarily affordable. Depending on the size of your bank account.

Prices start at around $10,000 and go above $200,000. But for that, you get a lot of diamond carats. The most expensive and heavy pieces sport over 200-carat total diamond weight. That is a lot!

Compared to jewelry of similar carat weight and quality but set with mined diamonds, it would cost millions of dollars. So, comparably, $10-200,000 is cheap. All thanks to the lower prices of lab-grown diamonds and the great prices and quality that Grown Brilliance offers.

One of the smaller pieces in the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection, an 8-carat lab diamond ring.
One of the smaller pieces in the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection an 8-carat lab diamond ring.

Grown Brilliance High Jewelry diamond quality

If you have read any of our guides to lab-grown diamond buying, you will have learned that lab diamonds are graded exactly like mined diamonds are. The most important aspects of a diamond are captured by the diamond 4Cs, which are, of course, also applicable to lab diamonds.

The diamond 4Cs are:

Reading our lab-grown diamond guides, you will also have learned that the most important is the diamond cut quality. A critical factor that makes diamonds unique and special is the ability to reflect light.

However, poorly cut diamonds will not sparkle and will appear dull. In that case, you might as well go for Cubic Zirconia or another diamond alternative.

Instead, aim for the best-cut diamond only, which will be awarded an independent quality grade of Excellent or Ideal (depending on the lab diamond grading institute).

Diamond color is also an important factor, but you don’t necessarily have to aim for the highest possible color grade. D, E, and F grades are referred to as colorless, but the difference from the near-colorless grades of GHI is almost indistinguishable. And you pay a lot more for the higher color grades, even if you can’t see the difference.

Diamond clarity refers to surface blemishes or inclusions inside the diamond. If the clarity is low, it will be noticeable to the naked eye. You should stay clear of those. Instead, aim for so-called eye-clean lab diamonds, in which the blemishes and inclusions are not noticeable and so insignificant that they do not impact the light reflection. Typically, that means aiming for VS2 or higher, but sometimes, even an SI can be acceptable.

Lastly, diamond carat refers to the weight of the lab diamond. Not the size, as many people believe. But size and weight are closely correlated and vary only depending on the cut and shape of the diamond.

So what about the quality of the lab diamonds from the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection?

All diamonds used in the High Jewelry collection are of high quality, meaning Excellent cut grade, near-colorless color grades (often GH+), and have great diamond clarity grade of VS2 or higher.

As for the carat weight, these are measured in total carat weight because the intricate diamond designs comprise up to hundreds of individual lab diamonds. So the carat weight is summed. But, suffice to say, the diamonds used by Grown Brilliance in their High Jewelry are big and numerous!

Grown Brilliance High Jewelry designs

The High Jewelry Collection from Grown Brilliance is designed by the founder and creative director of Grown Brilliance, Akshie Jhaveri.

She was born into a family of third-generation jewelers and developed a fascination with diamonds and gems at an early age. She spent her time at her father’s office in the jewelry district, where she admired the work of diamond jewelry designers.

Determined to continue her father’s legacy, Akshie learned the jewelry manufacturing process by observing skilled artisans. Driven by a desire to introduce her designs to the Western world, she relocated to New York to build her own designer jewelry brand.

Akshie’s High Jewelry Collection at Grown Brilliance is the culmination of her creative journey, inspired by her global travels. It represents the ultimate of diamond jewelry designs, quality, and extravagance. Yet, the designs are subtle even when they carry over 200 diamond carats.

The designs are one-off and unique, and the collection is constantly being updated and renewed.

We find that the elegance and exquisite designs are indeed something else and rival what you will find at the very high end of the diamond jewelry industry, comparable to household names such as Tiffany & Co. or Cartier.

Amsterdam Earrings from the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection.
Nara Bracelet from the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection.

Grown Brilliance High Jewelry pros and cons

The benefits and drawbacks of the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry collection can be summed as:


  • Exquisite and unique designs
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Premium quality diamonds and craftsmanship


  • The prices are not for everyone and are aimed at the high-end market
  • We would have liked to see the accent stones, at least the larger of them, having a cut grade

In all, we think that the cons are by far outweighed by the pros of the High Jewelry from Grown Brilliance. So, what is our verdict on the Grown Brilliance High Jewelry review? Learn that as we sum up our review next.

Our Grown Brilliance High Jewelry review verdict

We are excited to see very high-end lab-grown diamond jewelry enter the market. Coming from one of our best-rated lab diamond jewelers, we hoped to be wowed. And we were. Yes, the prices of Grown Brilliance’s High Jewelry are high, but so are the quality, design, craftsmanship, and the number of diamonds and carat weights that are used.

The High Jewelry collection from Grown Brilliance proves that lab-grown diamonds should not be viewed as inferior to mined diamonds just because they are cheaper to produce. Lab-created diamonds are the ethical alternative to mined diamonds and are just as beautiful as any mined diamond. And they have their place in high-end jewelry. Luckily, Grown Brilliance shows the way and how lab-grown diamonds can be everything mined diamonds are and more.

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