April 2024 Lab-Grown Diamond Sales: All Deals, Promos, and Discounts

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Are you looking to save on lab-created diamonds? Then you have come to the right place. We find and list the best lab-grown diamond sales, deals, discounts, and promos – all in one place. Find incredible deals and sales on stunning lab-grown diamonds from the best lab-grown diamond jewelers in the US.

At LabGrownCarats.com, we have carefully selected the best diamond sales and discounts so you get the best possible price on your next piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

The Best Deals and Discounts Right Now

Our handpicked deals make it easy to find the perfect diamond for any occasion, whether for engagements, celebrations, or just personal indulgence. See the best deals for July 2024 just below, or scroll down to find all the best lab diamond sales, deals, promos, and discounts!

Why Pick a Lab-Grown Diamond Deal?

With lab-grown diamonds, you can have elegance and ethics and save 60-80% compared to mined diamonds of the same quality. And lab-created diamonds are better for the environment and society.

But did you know you can save even more on lab-created diamonds?

Many jewelers run sales and occasionally offer special deals and discounts. To help you save even more, we monitor the best lab-grown diamond sales, deals, and discounts.

So, get a real diamond and save! The listed limited-time offers allow you to shine brighter without breaking the bank. Find the very best lab-grown diamond and jewelry discounts and promos here. We list all ongoing sales and deals from the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Where do I find the best deals on lab-grown diamonds?

You are already getting a fantastic deal because our price analysis shows that lab-grown diamonds are at least 60% less expensive than mined diamonds. However, sometimes lab-grown diamond jewelers run sales, and you can save even more! Find all the best deals and sales on lab-created diamonds right here. We update our sales list constantly, so check our overview of the best lab-grown diamond sales and subscribe to our deal alert email newsletter.

All Lab-Grown Diamond Sales, Deals, and Discounts

Below is the list of current lab-created diamond sales, deals, promos, and discounts. You can find diamond savings, promos with free gifts, or money off your purchase. We also list lab diamond ring discounts, offers, and promo codes. Note that sometimes deals include the jewelry setting only, not the actual diamond. But saving on the setting is also a significant cost-saver.

Ritani logo
Our Ritani Review: 5/5 ★★★★★

Ritani Sales

Ritani offers some of the very best prices on lab-grown diamonds and jewelry on the market and is one of our top-rated places to buy lab-created diamonds.

Current lab-grown diamond sales, deals, and discounts at Ritani:

Lab-Grown Diamond Sale
10% off ALL lab-grown diamonds! (and 2% off natural diamonds)

Ritani already features some of the lowest prices available, so if you can snag a discount, you will get a phenomenal deal!

Learn why we think Ritani is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds in our detailed review of Ritani.

Grown Brilliance reivew logo tall
Our Grown Brilliance Review: 4.7/5 ★★★★★

Grown Brilliance Promos

Grown Brilliance is our highest-rated best place to buy lab-created diamond engagement rings. We especially like Grown Brilliance’s unique designs and collaborations, advanced ring design tool, and excellent customer support. And their low lab diamond prices! Learn more in our Grown Brilliance review.

Grown Brilliance rarely runs sales or promos, but you may be lucky to snag a deal (see below).

Our James Allen Review: 5/5 ★★★★★

James Allen Sales

James Allen is among our highest recommended lab-created diamond jewelers and has received our top rating in our detailed James Allen review. James Allen already has some of the best prices, but if you’re lucky (and quick), you might get an additional discount during one of their diamond sales.

Current lab-grown diamond sales, deals, and discounts at James Allen:

Blue Nile Lab-Grown Discounts, Deals, and Sales
Our Blue Nile Review: 4.4/5 ★★★★★

Blue Nile Sales

Blue Nile is one of the most prominent jewelers online. While they specialize in mined diamonds, they have just started selling lab-grown diamonds in addition to the Lightbox Jewelry lab-grown diamond brand from DeBeers (read our Lightbox Jewelry review).

We highly recommend buying diamonds and diamond jewelry at Blue Nile due to their low prices, incredibly friendly customer service, excellent buying experience, and massive selection of high-quality diamonds and jewelry. Read our Blue Nile review to learn more.

Current lab-grown diamond sales, deals, and discounts at Blue Nile:

Brilliant Earth review logo
Our Brilliant Earth review: 4.7/5 ★★★★★

Brilliant Earth Promos

Brilliant Earth is one of the industry’s most established brands. It is famous for being dedicated to positive environmental and societal impact.

In addition, Brilliant Earth offers an extensive selection of low-priced, high-quality lab-created diamonds and jewelry.

Current lab-grown diamond promos at Brilliant Earth:

Our Clean Origin Review: 5/5 ★★★★★

Clean Origin Promos

Clean Origin is one of our top-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers in 2024. They provide a wide variety of jewelry pieces, lab-created diamonds, and the lowest diamond prices on the market. Additionally, Clean Origin offers the best return policy on the market with its 100-day risk-free return period.

Read more about why we have awarded Clean Origin 5 out of 5 stars and why they are one of our highest-rated places for lab diamonds and jewelry in our review of Clean Origin.

Current promos at Clean Origin:

With Clarity Review - Logo
Our With Clarity Review: 4.6/5 ★★★★★

With Clarity Sales

With Clarity is one of our favorite jewelers and the best place to buy a lab-created diamond engagement ring. So, if you’re looking for a lab-grown diamond engagement ring, With Clarity is the place for you! Learn why in our With Clarity review.

With Clarity’s prices are incredibly competitive, but they do have occasional sales during which you can save even more.

Current lab-grown diamond sales and discounts at With Clarity:

GemsNY Review - Logo
Our GemsNY Review: 3.9/5 ★★★★★

GemsNY Sales

GemsNY offers great prices and an extensive, high-quality lab diamond inventory. Our in-depth review has rated GemsNY as one of the better places to buy lab-grown diamonds and jewelry.

Even with some of the best prices available anywhere, GemsNY does run sales and offers great discounts, but you have to be quick to snatch them up.

Current diamond sales and discounts at GemsNY:

Friendly Diamonds Review - Logo
Our Friendly Diamonds Review: 3.9/5 ★★★★
Friendly Diamonds Discounts

You may know Friendly Diamonds from Etsy and Amazon; they also sell through their website. In our detailed Friendly Diamonds review, read what we like (and don’t like) about them.

Current lab-grown diamond discounts at Friendly Diamonds:

Helzberg Diamonds Review Logo
Our Helzberg Review: 2.5/5 ★★★

Helzberg Diamonds Sales

We were not impressed by Helzberg in our Helzberg Diamonds review, but if you buy during a sale, you might be able to offset their high prices and find a good deal.

Current diamond sales and discounts at Helzberg Diamonds:

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Pandora Brilliance Lab-Grown Diamond Review - Logo
Our Pandora Lab-Created Diamonds Review: 3.9/5 ★★★★

Pandora Jewelry Discounts

Pandora has launched its lab-grown diamond collection in the US, now available globally. Pandora’s lab-created diamonds offer some of the most environmentally and climate-friendly diamonds on the market, and the jewelry prices are attractive. Learn more in our review of Pandora.

While we wait, we’ll still list Pandora Jewelry sales here.

Current sales at Pandora Jewelry:

No current Pandora Jewelry lab-grown diamond sales, deals, and discounts

Kay Jewelers Lab-Created Diamonds Review Logo
Our Kay Jewelers score: 1.8/5 ★★★★

Kay Jewelers Valentine’s Day Deals

We awarded Kay Jewelers review an abysmal rating. But, if you are going to pay too much for diamond jewelry, at least you can save a little. Take advantage of their sale and see current offers and deals at Kay Jewelers below:

Current Kay Jewelers promos:

More sales, deals, and discounts on lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry

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