Editorial Review Process

How we review at LabGrownCarats.com

At LabGrownCarats, our mission is to help our readers find the perfect lab-grown diamond at the best possible price. We aim to educate and guide our readers through helpful guides and educational articles, price analyses, product recommendations, and honest and detailed reviews of lab-grown diamond jewelers.

We are one of the leading publications dedicated to lab-grown diamonds and jewelry, and we have built deep expertise and experience with lab-created diamonds over the years. That is how we can provide trustworthy, expert recommendations and guide you to the best lab-grown jewelers and jewelry.

When we review lab-grown diamond jewelers, we weigh the following factors:

  • The lab diamond quality, craftsmanship, and selection.
  • The lab diamond prices of both loose diamonds and lab diamond jewelry.
  • The shopping experience, including the ability to adequately assess diamonds through video and images.
  • The customer support and service.
  • The shopping policies, including shipping and return policies.
  • Sustainability in terms of diamond creation, recycling of materials, packaging, shipping, etc.
  • Other customers’ experiences with the jeweler.

We always personally test all aspects of the jeweler, carry out test buys (and even personal purchases), visit physical stores, interact with customer service and support, try the return policies, and much more.

Unlike other review sites, we don’t just regurgitate random customer reviews or write boilerplate reviews. We test all jewelers and products in-depth and perform expert review analyses. That is why you can trust our impartial lab diamond recommendations, guides, and reviews.


We partner with only select lab-grown diamond jewelers who we objectively and without bias can recommend. We receive many requests for paid editorial content and partnerships that we decline. We do this because we believe our readers’ interests come first, and we stand by our mission to help you get the best diamond for the lowest price.

When we partner with recommended jewelers, we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. You still receive the same low price – and sometimes even lower when you buy using our exclusive discounts and sales alerts!

We do not accept money or products for editorial content and are not influenced by monetary and commercial considerations and interests. It is in our interest that you get the lab-grown diamond of your dreams. That is why we are today one of the leading and most trusted lab-grown diamond experts and sites.