Ritani vs. Vrai – Which is the Best Diamond Jeweler? (2023)

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If you’re looking for diamond jewelry, especially lab-grown diamond jewelry, you’ve probably come across two of the major jewelers, Ritani and Vrai.

In our in-depth Ritani review and Vrai review, we gave both Ritani and Vrai high scores for their diamond selection and quality, as well as outstanding service and support. However, there are significant variations between the two stores, as you’ll discover in our Ritani vs. Vrai comparison.

While Vrai only sells lab-grown diamonds, Ritani sells both mined and lab-grown diamonds. We’ll concentrate on lab-grown diamonds since they are the environmentally and ethically sound choice, but our comparison equally holds true for Ritani’s inventory of mined diamonds. Find out why choosing a lab-created diamond is a good idea!

Read on to discover which diamond jeweler is the better option for you in our comparison of Ritani vs. Vrai.


Quick comparison of Ritani vs. Vrai

Introduction to Ritani

Ritani vs. Vrai: Introduction to Ritani

Since its founding in 1996, Ritani has teamed up with the Julius Klein jewelry titans. Ritani first joined the e-commerce industry in 2012 and has since developed into one of the top online retailers of diamonds and jewelry, even bridging the gap between online purchasing and physical jewelry stores (more on later).

Diamonds, wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, and fashion jewelry are all sold by Ritani, including mined and lab-grown diamonds. Additionally, they provide one-of-a-kind items that are custom produced at their facilities in New York.

Learn about Ritani in greater detail in our in-depth Ritani review.

Introduction to Vrai

Ritani vs. Vrai: Introduction to Vrai

Vrai was first started as Vrai and Oro to develop a more straightforward and affordable method for purchasing and producing jewelry. They immediately garnered a following by concentrating on cost-cutting and making straightforward yet stunning jewelry designs.

The company, now simply known as “Vrai,” is still expanding and has established flagship locations in China, Spain, and the West Coast. Diamond Foundry, known for having Leonardo DiCaprio as a co-owner, has since acquired Vrai and produces all the diamonds that Vrai uses. Diamond Foundry produces lab-grown diamonds that are entirely sustainable and powered only by renewable energy, and thus, Vrai, too, is entirely sustainable and carbon-neutral.

Read more about Vrai in our detailed review of Vrai.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Lab-grown diamond selection

We’ll start our Ritani vs. Vrai comparison by looking at their collection of lab-grown diamonds and assessing the quality and breadth of their inventory.

Ritani diamond quality and inventory

Ritani offers one of the most impressive collections of high-quality diamonds, both lab-grown and mined. Ritani’s inventory includes nearly 165,000 mined diamonds and 97,000 loose lab diamonds. We identified 118 lab diamonds that matched the specifications of our reference stone (0.93-1.07ct, I-J color, VS1-VS2 clarity, and ideal cut). There are fewer matches than we discovered in our in-depth Ritani review from 2023. However, we were still amazed by Ritani’s vast selection, and there is a good possibility that you will be able to find the perfect diamond for you.

Learn more about how to assess and discover the perfect lab-grown diamond in our diamond buying guide.

Like all the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds, Ritani allows you to create your own diamond jewelry. For example, you can customize a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant by choosing a diamond from their extensive loose diamond inventory. This is great because you’ll be able to select the best diamond for your needs within your budget. We always recommend that you pick your own diamond and create your own jewelry since pre-set diamond jewelry is often matched with sub-par diamonds.

Ritani enables you to design your own diamond jewelry, much like all the top suppliers of lab-grown diamonds. By selecting a diamond from their massive inventory of loose diamonds, you may, for instance, create a unique set of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant. This is fantastic since it will allow you to select the perfect diamond for your requirements while staying within your budget. Since pre-set diamond jewelry frequently pairs inferior diamonds, we always advise choosing your own diamond and designing your own jewelry.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Ritani diamond inventory
Vrai diamond quality and inventory

In comparison to Ritani, Vrai offers fewer loose diamonds, and we only found 15 stones that met the criteria for our reference diamond grades. However, the loose diamonds at Vrai are primarily intended for diamond (engagement) rings. Therefore, their inventory is skewed towards bigger stones, as we’ll see below.

Vrai has a decent selection of lab-grown diamonds. Still, it isn’t quite as extensive as Ritani’s or the inventories of our other top-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers, such as Clean Origin and Brilliant Earth.

With Vrai, you may create your own diamond ring and select the best stone for your requirements. But, unlike Ritani, you cannot modify other jewelry items such as diamond pendants or earrings. You’ll thus have to make do with Vrai’s potentially hit-or-miss pre-selected pairings for their pre-set jewelry.

Most diamond jewelers pair pre-set jewelry with diamonds of poorer grade. Vrai, on the other hand, stands out since it frequently goes with diamonds of greater quality. Unfortunately, the diamond ratings aren’t always comparable since Vrai doesn’t use impartial diamond graders, as we’ll discover in a moment.

Learn more about what the lab diamond 4Cs are and why they matter.

Luxury and a premium brand feel are Vrai’s other distinguishing features. Through partnerships, unique collections, endorsements from famous people, and collaborations, Vrai has established itself as a respected high-end jewelry brand in the lab diamond market.

Vrai features a wide selection of pre-set jewelry due to the brand’s focus on collaborations with designer jewelry makers and minimalist design ethos. Thus, Vrai’s designs range from slightly modified versions of traditional jewelry pieces, such as martini stud earrings, to bespoke and one-of-a-kind products that you’ll only find at Vrai.

Indeed, Vrai creates some of the most exquisite and modern diamond jewelry designs. Along with its emphasis on sustainability (which we’ll cover later), Vrai’s unique selling point is its gorgeous jewelry designs. As a result, in some ways, Vrai is similar to fashion jewelers such as Lightbox Jewelry and Pandora Brilliance, but with higher quality jewelry and diamonds.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Price comparison

Ritani diamond prices

Ritani has some of the absolute best prices on lab-grown prices on the market, which we have detailed in our Ritani review.

Our reference diamond costs between $519 to $1251 at Ritani. That’s much cheaper than many other diamond dealers, but depending on your use case, you might wish to upgrade from the absolute lowest-priced diamonds, which Ritani also has in stock. Ritani will even recommend the best-value diamonds for you. Even Clean Origin, another pricing leader, occasionally falls short of Ritani’s lowest prices.

Ritani’s pre-set jewelry cost is somewhat comparable to James Allen’s and that of their main rivals. However, remember that Ritani only uses the best diamond cut (generally rated Ideal when graded by IGI). So even though Ritani’s costs for ready-to-ship jewelry are sometimes slightly higher, the greater diamond quality more than justifies it.

Vrai diamond prices

Vrai’s prices are higher, though, which we also wrote about in the price section of our Vrai review. However, they are priced similarly to Kimaï and other high-end diamond jewelry designers.

The prices for our reference diamond ranged from $1,200 to $2,000. That is both more than Ritani and what you’ll find at James AllenBrilliant Earth, and Clean Origin.

It’s critical to remember that all diamonds at Vrai undergo in-house evaluation at Diamond Foundry by GIA-certified gemologists but that those certificates are not to be confused with actual GIA certifications. That is, Vrai (or rather Diamond Foundry) grades their own homework. None of our best-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers do that.

Therefore, we advise either spending the money ($2-400) for an independent grading or making sure you have the option to return the jewelry if you don’t think it corresponds to the diamond grades they’ve awarded themselves.

Prices for loose diamonds in Vrai increase when grading and certificates are added, which is why we find that Vrai’s diamond prices are too high.

However, if the jewelry design is more important to you and you’re willing to spend extra for their distinctive and stunning jewelry, Vrai is a terrific choice (and brand name).

We believe that Vrai offers the most exquisite and attractive jewelry designs, which may be enough to justify the high cost. However, if you don’t mind getting a diamond that has not been independently graded (but is usually of great quality) and you like their designs, Vrai’s prices are more reasonable.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Shopping experience

Possibly the most important consideration when buying a diamond is the shopping experience, which includes the opportunity to evaluate potential diamonds thoroughly. Continue reading to learn if Vrai or Ritani offer a better shopping experience.

The Ritani shopping experience

Ritani makes buying a diamond exceedingly easy. To make the buying process less daunting, they make all information accessible and straightforward to comprehend. As a result, first-time purchasers or those unable to invest much time in the diamond purchase will find shopping at Ritani a breeze.

Ritani provides HD photos and 360-degree videos of its diamond stones, and its diamond examination tools are excellent. As a consequence, you can evaluate and compare diamonds easily. If you follow our guide to selecting the perfect diamond, you’ll have no trouble finding the best diamond at the most affordable price.

One of the things Ritani does to make the procedure even more accessible is labeling diamonds that are great buys. They recommend the best value and quality diamonds and suggest alternatives for you to consider. Although the suggestions are not always perfect, they are often very good and always worth considering.

Transparent pricing is another excellent feature at Ritani. They clearly state their markup, expenses, and diamond purchase price for you to see! That is really honest and candid. We wish every jeweler selling diamonds would provide this information.

The live chat feature works flawlessly with excellent phone and email support too. Additionally, you may speak to licensed (and supposedly impartial) gemologists who’ll help you find the best diamond for you. We have found it to be fair and unbiased, and considering their extremely transparent pricing, their support is trustworthy.

Ritani doesn’t have its own showrooms, but you may pick up your jewelry and inspect it at a partnering jewelry store or a participating WeWork location. This is a fantastic option for those who would instead view the diamond in person before making a purchase.

The Vrai shopping experience

Vrai’s site is sleek and modern, with no clutter or banners to draw your attention away. However, compared to Ritani’s, the site is not nearly as sophisticated.

The entire purchasing process is really easy and seamless. The website’s navigation is simple, and its organizational structure is clear. As a result, the whole purchasing procedure is straightforward, and you are led through each step. This is particularly true when buying jewelry that has already been created, but making your own engagement ring is a bit trickier.

At Vrai, you may only pick and customize your own diamond, but only if you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring. The process is straightforward and comparable to other respectable jewelers’ features. Choose the ring style and diamond quality you like, then start inspecting the diamond.

Missing filters can be a bother, but it’s not unbearably problematic. The diamond evaluation, which is necessary for every purchase of diamond jewelry, remains the most challenging step in the diamond purchasing process at Vrai.

Ritani’s and some of the best lab-grown diamond jewelers in the business, such as James Allen, Brilliant Earth, and Clean Origin, offer better diamond inspections than what’s possible at Vrai. The lack of impartial diamond grading is the biggest issue, but we also would have liked easier access to high-resolution diamond images.

The customer service at Vrai is excellent, and you will be guided at every turn. But while they were friendly and accommodating, they were unfortunately not as knowledgeable as the professional gemologists at Ritani and other places like James Allen, Clean Origin, or Brilliant Earth.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Sustainability

Ritani sustainability

Ritani sells both lab and mined diamonds, and they offer an unusually large selection of lab-grown diamonds, which is not always the case with jewelers who also sell mined diamonds. We also find that Ritani provides enlightening and truthful information about the merits of lab-grown diamonds.

It would be great if Ritani provided the same level of diamond sustainability as what we discovered when reviewing Brilliant Earth. However, since lab-grown diamonds are already the more ethical and ecologically better alternative to mined diamonds, Ritani’s sustainability profile is excellent.

Vrai sustainability

Vrai started by selling mined diamonds to improve the impact and long-term sustainability of the diamond trade. Since then, they have changed to just selling lab-grown diamonds, which are the more sustainable diamond option.

After being acquired by Diamond Foundry, a renowned lab diamond maker committed to sustainability and using only renewable energy, Vrai is now a leading sustainable diamond jeweler. Diamonds from the Diamond Foundry are the only ones set in jewelry by Vrai.

Vrai has invested in taking things a step further and eliminating any adverse environmental effects. For example, Vrai uses reused jewelry metals and recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Read about Vrai and its sustainability in our detailed Vrai review.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Shipping and Returns

In addition to free returns within 30 days, Ritani provides free delivery on all items delivered in the United States by FedEx Priority Overnight (US) and Express shipping (Canada).

For all orders, Vrai offers free standard shipping in the US (3-5 business days) and free two-business-day delivery for more costly products. On all orders coming from the US, Canada, the EU, and the UK, Vrai additionally provides free returns within 30 days.

Most of the best online diamond jewelers provide 30-day free returns and exchanges. Anything less should make you wary. Only Clean Origin distinguishes out from the competition with its extensive 100-day free return policy.

Ritani vs. Vrai: Pros and Cons

Below we list the pros and cons of shopping at Ritani vs. Vrai so you can decide which of the two is better for you.

What we like about Ritani (Pros)

Ritani has the absolute lowest prices on premium lab-grown diamonds.
Extremely transparent and honest diamond prices.
Ritani has the largest selection of lab-grown quality diamonds.
Exceptional customer support and guidance.
HD images and 360-degree videos of all diamonds for easy comparison and inspection.
Better recommendations and great value labels are very helpful.
The option to see and examine diamonds and jewelry at one of their partner stores.
Superior post-purchase services, for example, free annual ring cleanings forever.
Insured and free FedEx express shipping on all orders.
Risk and hassle-free 30-day returns.

What we don’t like about Ritani (Cons)

No sustainable graded lab diamonds and focus on recycled materials.
Ritani does not have their own stores (however, you can see and pick them up at one of their participating partner stores).

What we like about Vrai (pros)

All Vrai’s diamonds are 100% zero-emission sustainable diamonds created by Diamond Foundry (their owner).
Vrai offers only lab-grown diamonds, the most ethical diamonds available.
Spectacular jewelry designs that go beyond what you’ll find in most other places.
360-degree videos and extensive diamond statistics for great diamond inspection.
Vrai is committed to using recycled precious metals.
Easy to use website where you can effortlessly create your own engagement ring.
Fantastic and friendly customer support team.
Several showroom locations across the West Coast, China, and Spain.
Diamond quality is typically quite excellent (but not graded by an independent laboratory).
Shipping boxes are made from post-consumer recycled materials.
Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

What we don’t like about Vrai (cons)

Vrai’s diamonds are not graded by independent diamond institutes.
You’re limited to creating your own diamond engagement rings
Prices come at a premium compared to Ritani, Clean Origin, and Brilliant Earth.
Vrai’s recycling fee of $200 is costly.
Overnight or express delivery is not standard.

Summary of Ritani vs. Vrai

Who do we believe is best after properly weighing Ritani vs. Vrai? It depends on what you are searching for and what matters to you more, as is typically the case.

Having said that, we propose Ritani as the superior option if you want guidance and help throughout the diamond inspection procedure and if you are a little less sure about what to buy.

Ritani, by far, offers the most extensive selection of high-quality diamonds at some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere. In addition, at Ritani, you can build almost all types of diamond jewelry by selecting one of the many diamonds. And, if you should choose a pre-set jewelry piece, Ritani sets them with the best quality diamonds (unlike most other jewelers).

We think Ritani is the better choice if you are searching for the very best prices and the most extensive inventory of premium-quality diamonds. Ritani is both the better choice for pre-set jewelry due to its use of the best diamonds and for creating your own jewelry due to its low prices of premium diamonds.

However, if the jewelry design is more important to you than the diamond itself, Vrai may be the superior option. You won’t find their earrings, bracelets, rings, or other distinctive pieces anywhere else than at Vrai’s wide and one-of-a-kind selection. Compared to most other diamond dealers, including Ritani, Vrai provides a more contemporary and edgy assortment of lab-grown diamond jewelry. Learn more about what we like and don’t like in our Vrai review.

Lastly, Vrai’s zero-emission and completely sustainable diamonds are likely the best choices if sustainability is more important to you. But if you’re looking for lower prices but sustainable options, then consider Brilliant Earth, another of our highest-rated lab diamond sellers. See our comparison of Brilliant Earth vs. Vrai and our Brilliant Earth review to learn more.

Is Ritani better than Vrai?

Ritani and Vrai are both very reputable diamond sellers, and both are great places to buy diamonds and jewelry online. But which is better, Ritani or Vrai? When comparing Ritani vs. Vrai, Ritani is a clear winner with its extensive diamond inventory and low prices for premium diamonds. Ritani also offers a better shopping experience and support. Vrai, on the other hand, stands out with its premium brand and extraordinary designs, so if that matters to you, you should consider Vrai too.

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