Best Lab-Grown Diamond Evil Eye Jewelry
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Best Lab-Grown Diamond Evil Eye Jewelry

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The evil eye, sometimes referred to as the less sinister-sounding “blue eye” has its roots in Middle Eastern and Western Asian cultures. Despite the name, the amulet is a protective measure meant to ward off the true evil eye (a malevolent stare or curse).

Today, the talisman is recognized worldwide, and it’s estimated that 40% of the world’s population believes in it. That’s more than 3 billion people! Countless celebrities have donned blue eye or evil eye jewelry pieces. It continues to be popular among celebrities, influencers, and everyone else who needs a little extra protection from evil stares.

Below we have found the best lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry for anyone who wants to stand out a little with added sparkle. With lab-created diamonds, it no longer has to cost a fortune to buy real diamonds, and they are not reserved for the rich and famous.

Learn more about why lab-grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds, and read up on how to buy lab-grown diamonds. You can also find the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry and all our reviews.

In the following, we present our recommendation of the best lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry.

Our list of the best lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry

Evil Eye Diamond Ring from James Allen: $420
Best lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry - Ring

The evil eye ring from James Allen is exceptionally elegant and understated yet perfectly stands out from the plain diamond rings. The diamonds illuminate the eye and provide extra protection against any evil spirits or mean stares.

Clarity: I1
Color: G-H
Carat: 0.11
Diamonds: 45

Price: $420

Evil Eye Diamond Pendant from Ritani: $1,418
Best lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry - Pendant

This beautiful evil eye pendant from Ritani is adorned by brilliant diamonds and a blue (of course) sapphire centerpiece. With this, you’ll look stunning while being protected from evil spirits and stares.

Clarity: VS2 (min)
Color: H
Carat: 0.22

Price: $1,418

Evil Eye Diamond Bracelet from James Allen: $280
Lab-grown diamond evil eye jewelry - Bracelet

A bracelet is a perfect way to ward off evils and spirits while looking the part and doing it in a nonchalant, low-key way. It’s a small diamond, but it’s perfectly designed to sparkle enough to attract the right kind of attention (and protect against the wrong).

Clarity: I3
Color: H-I
Carat: 0.03

Price: $280

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