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Clean Origin Review (Updated 2022)

Clean Origin

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People & Planet



  • Lowest lab-grown diamond prices
  • Unbelievable and fast support
  • Huge selection of lab-grown diamonds
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Select your own diamonds and settings


  • Selection of fancy shapes limited
  • Limited info on environmental impact

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Summary of Clean Origin Review

Clean Origin is one of the absolute best places to shop for lab-grown diamonds and remain so in 2022. They focus purely on lab-grown diamonds and were started by three diamond industry veterans. Their mission is to offer the best possible diamond prices by cutting out all middlemen and selling directly online to consumers. They strive to offer a unique level of customer service and support rooted in deep diamond and jewelry expertise.

In our Clean Origin review, we conclude that they have succeeded. Of the many diamond sellers we have reviewed, Clean Origin is one of the select very few to receive our highest rating.

We award Clean Origin a maximum score of 5 out of 5 stars in our Clean Origin review. Their prices are unbeatable, and their customer service is outstanding. We cannot recommend them highly enough. In 2022, Clean Origin is still holding the top spot and is the best place to shop lab-grown diamonds online.

Keep reading our Clean Origin review if you want to learn why Clean Origin deserves our top rating.

Clean Origin Diamonds

Clean Origin Company history

Clean Origin was started in 2017 by three jewelry industry veterans: A former global managing director for the Danish jewelry conglomerate Georg Jensen and a third-generation diamond trader; a former CMO of one of the most popular jewelry brands in America, Alex and Ani; and a former CEO for Signet Jewelers, Sterling Jewelers and chairman of Zales and current chairman of the board for Abercrombie and Fitch.

It is no surprise how perfectly they have executed their mission of bringing the best customer service and premium-quality diamonds at the most competitive prices direct to consumers with such a strong team.

Clean Origin has quickly risen to become one of the leading sellers of man-made diamonds and has made its mark on the industry. They have positioned themselves as leaders in the lab-grown diamond space and direct-to-consumer jewelry sales in a short time span. Throughout our Clean Origin review, you’ll learn how.

Is Clean Origin legit?

Clean Origin is a legit company that has been in existence for many years and has amassed thousands of positive reviews and scores of satisfied customers. Clean Origin’s customers love their exceptionally generous 100-day return period. Clean Origin sells some of the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at the best prices we’ve found. Clean origin is a trustworthy company and one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Is Clean Origin a good place to buy diamonds?

Clean Origin is one of our top-rated places to buy diamonds online in 2022. Clean Origin specifically focuses on lab-grown diamonds and is a leading lab-grown diamond jeweler. Their diamonds are of exceptionally high quality and their prices are the best on the market. Clean Origin is an excellent, if not the best, place to buy diamonds.

Does Clean Origin have a showroom?

Clean Origin primarily sells diamonds online and you will not find Clean Origin in physical stores or sold at other jewelers. That’s one reason why Clean Origin’s prices are so competitive. However, Clean Origin has recently opened a showroom in Dalles, Texas. Their showroom, like the Vrai showrooms, lets you see some of their products and talk to trained staff, but you would still want to order online to be able to peruse their huge diamond inventory and pick the best fit. Learn what we think about Clean Origin in the following part of our review and what you must know before buying.

Lab-grown diamonds only at Clean Origin

Clean Origin exclusively sells lab-created diamonds and jewelry. So when you shop diamonds at Clean Origin, you are guaranteed to avoid conflict diamonds and can rest assured that your stone will have a minimal negative impact on both people and the planet.

Clean origin sells diamonds produced using the two main techniques, High-Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapor Deposition, which you can read more about in our guide to lab-grown diamonds.

Together, the techniques allow them to sell diamonds of almost any size and quality – all at a much lower cost than mined diamonds. Without the negative societal impact and unnecessary carbon emissions.

Clean Origin has the absolute best prices on lab-created diamonds

Based on our in-depth analysis of the lab-grown diamond market and countless reviews, we have consistently found Clean Origin to offer the most competitive prices. Not only are their diamond prices 30-40% lower than for similar mined stones, but typically 5-10% lower than many of their competitors in the lab-grown diamond space. The only other sellers that come close to their rock-bottom prices are GemsNY and Ritani.

Clean Origin’s jewelry settings are of high quality, similar to what you expect of any high-end jeweler, and like their diamonds are priced competitively. But it’s on the diamonds you save the big bucks.

And, with extremely honest customer service and expert buying guidance, you can be sure not to overpay for a sub-par diamond. Clean Origin ensures you get the best-priced diamond that fits your exact needs (more on their customer service later in the Clean Origin review).

Clean Origin selection of lab-grown diamonds

Clean Origin exclusively sells lab-grown diamonds, so you don’t have to worry about diamonds being conflict-free (they are) or excess carbon footprint (it’s much smaller).

Clean Origin offers an extensive selection of loose stones and ready-to-ship lab-created diamond jewelry. Currently, they have around 18,500 diamonds in all possible sizes and shapes.

Diamond selection and preview on Clean Origin's website (review)

The biggest selection is of round brilliant diamond, the most popular diamond shape. But they also offer a large enough selection of fancy-shaped diamonds to ensure everyone can find something for their taste and budget.

You can choose between an impressive variety of jewelry settings as well as pre-set jewelry pieces. You can find both classic diamond jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings and tennis bracelets, and more creative designs and fashionable jewelry.

Clean Origin has an extensive selection of diamond jewelry - Clean Origin review.

As always, we highly recommend that you pick the jewelry design and setting that you prefer, and then search for a diamond that fits your need.

If you end up changing your mind, you can make use of their generous 100-day risk-free money-back guarantee to change to another setting – completely free of charge! More on that and their amazing customer service later in our Clean Origin review.

Clean Origin environmental impact

Clean Origin devotes a lot of attention to the environmental benefits of lab-grown diamonds versus mined stones. By purchasing lab-created diamonds instead of mined, you avoid disturbing land and decrease mineral waste by more than 6,000%! No animal habitats are disturbed, and growing diamonds in a lab leave no huge holes around (some of which you can see from space).

Energy consumption is 25 times lower, and water consumption 1/7th of the mined counterparts per diamond carat. Whether it is gold or platinum, even the metal is recycled, keeping the environmental footprint at a minimum. It’s safe to conclude that buying a lab-grown diamond through Clean Origin instead of a mined diamond benefits the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds from Clean Origin do not need to move tons of earth leaving enormous holes behind - Clean Origin review.
No holes left behind when producing diamonds in the laboratory
Lab-grown diamonds from Clean Origin use only 15% water in their production compared to mined diamonds - Clean Origin review.
Only 15% water is used compared to extracting diamonds from mines

The only area where Clean Origin could raise their environmental bar would be to rely solely on renewable energy as a few producers do (for example, Vrai through Diamond Foundry and Pandora is aiming for, or the sustainably rated diamonds from Brilliant Earth). In our review of Clean Origin, we would have liked to see a little more commitment to the clean energy cause.

You can read more about all the benefits of lab-grown diamonds here.

Clean Origin human impact

Diamond mining has a poor track record of leaving conflict, human and workers’ rights violations, political turmoil, and conflict in its wake. Mining also harms local communities and brings disease, pollution, and corruption to mining communities, while working deep in mines results in injuries and health-related issues.

Diamonds created in a laboratory have none of those issues, and the human impact is solely positive. In our Clean Origin review, we appreciate and applaud their dedication to settings things right and educating consumers. You can learn more about the benefits of lab-grown diamonds in our in-depth article here.

Clean Origin customer service

Next in our Clean Origin review, we’ll take a closer look at their customer service and the shopping experience.

Clean Origin has built its company around customer service and ease of doing business. They’re a digital-first direct-to-consumer company, and it shows. The shopping process is made truly simple and, whenever you have any questions, you can just initiate a chat for an immediate response (not a bot!).

You can choose between ready-to-ship jewelry or pick out your own lab-grown diamonds and match them with your favorite setting by choosing between a vast selection of settings of any type, style, and metal imaginable for complete customization and a personal piece of jewelry.

Ring selection at Clean Origin (review)

We always recommend choosing your own diamond to go with your preferred setting. This way, you’ll get the exact diamond that fits your needs. And while it can be a daunting task to find the perfect diamond, Clean Origin will guide you through the process. Read more about that next in our Clean Origin review.

We also recommend that you learn about the diamond 4Cs and read our lab-grown diamond buying tips.

Clean Origin shopping experience

Like other diamond sellers who have embraced the technological possibilities of showcasing diamonds online, Clean Origin offers high-definition 360-degree inspection of all diamonds. While they may not be quite as advanced as the pioneering James Allen, they are among the very best, and most buyers will be delighted with the level of due diligence possible at their site.

Diamond inspection in HD and 360 degree view at Clean Origin's website (Clean Origin review)
360-degree and high-definition views of all diamonds are available at, so you can inspect the diamonds in every detail before you purchase.

Responsive customer support

You can contact Clean Origin via chat, email, or phone, and they are incredibly responsive regardless of the type of inquiry. We recommend using the chat or phone option when deciding on a diamond since you’ll get an immediate reply, and it’s great for getting all your questions answered. It’s a true pleasure speaking or chatting to Clean Origin’s representatives, and we’ve rarely encountered such friendly and customer-centric service.

Professional guidance

Clean Origin’s customer service is staffed by diamond experts, and they are ready to guide you expertly through the buying process. In our experience, they are extremely transparent, do not try to push more expensive stones, and even recommend cheaper diamonds when appropriate. It’s evident that they are true experts at their trade and possess deep-diamond knowledge. We were particularly impressed by their patience and friendliness and how no ask was too big, and how they strive to make the customer happy.

Virtual appointments

Clean Origin now also offers virtual appointments, similar to James Allen, GemsNY, Ritani, and With Clarity (see our Clean Origin vs. With Clarity comparison review).

This greatly improves the diamond shopping experience, in particular, if you need help finding the exact diamond for you and perhaps a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Clean Origin offers virtual appointments to help you find the right diamond for you - Clean Origin review.

As noted above, Clean Origin’s professional support is exceptionally honest and, unlike what you may have experienced at a physical jeweler, want the best for you. They’ll even advise you against a more expensive diamond if it’s not right for you!

Clean Origin free shipping and free returns

Clean Origin offers free FedEx Overnight shipping on every order and free return shipping on all orders (currently US only). Orders are shipped securely overnight following a 7-10 day production time, but they also offer flexible delivery options to avoid ruining any surprises. Shipping is fully insured, and order delivery is required to be signed by the receiver.

Returns are completely hassle-free using the same premium standard of shipping with the option to send through a FedEx-staffed shipping station if you need any assistance.

Clean Origin’s 100-day money-back guarantee

Clean Origin offers a very generous risk-free 100-day money-back guarantee. Not only do they offer a full refund, but you can also choose to exchange your purchase for another setting or stone while relying on their expert guidance throughout the process.

Clean Origin diamond certification

Lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified by the same laboratories and grading institutions as mined diamonds are. And the certification is performed using the exact same standards and procedures. Therefore, you can rest assured that your lab-created diamond is exactly the same as a mined diamond, and you can compare them like-for-like using the 4C grading system (read more about the 4Cs here).

Clean Origin uses leading diamond grading institutes like the International Gemological Institute - Clean Origin review

All diamonds purchased through Clean Origin are graded and certified by the best diamond labs. Most grading is carried out by the renowned International Gemological Institute, the leading institute for lab-grown diamonds headquartered in the diamond capital of Antwerp, Belgium.

This means you can trust their diamond grading. And remember to always choose the highest diamond cut grade, which for IGI is ideal.

Clean Origin review verdict

Clean Origin - Verdict

In our Clean Origin review, we award them fully 5 stars out of 5 for their unbeatable prices and stellar customer service and cannot recommend them highly enough.

This does not change for our updated 2022 review. Clean Origin, together with James Allen, is still our favorite jeweler and we are yet to find any competitors with a stronger offering or better prices.

The only possible improvement area would be relying on 100% clean energy (which would also go well with their name) and there is no change to that in 2022. With that, the final verdict is a superior 5 out of 5 stars.

Clean Origin customer reviews

Customers agree with us and are leaving rave reviews all over the internet and their sentiments are closely-aligned with our Clean Origin review. So you can feel confident in purchasing through Clean Origin.

Clean Origin Review - Google Ratings
Clean Origin Review - Trustpilot Ratings

Clean Origin Showroom Address

Clean Origin’s showroom is located at the following address:

2601 Preston Rd
Suite 1053
Frisco, Texas 75034

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