Best Lab-Grown Diamond Mother’s Day Gifts at Clean Origin (2024)

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Mother’s Day is coming up. And in case you forgot, Mother’s Day in 2024 is Sunday, May 12th. If you’re looking for something special this year, then we strongly recommend that you consider the environmentally friendly choice of lab-grown diamond jewelry. While flowers, chocolate, and personalized photo calendars are always lovely gestures, there’s nothing like a diamond gift to show your appreciation for the woman in your life.

To help you get started finding a lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gift, we have rounded up the 5 best lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gifts from Clean Origin, our best-rated lab-grown diamond jeweler.  

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Why you should choose lab-grown diamonds for Mother’s Day

Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular, and with good reason. Lab-grown diamonds, also known as lab-created or man-made diamonds, have the exact same chemical, physical, and aesthetical properties as one that is formed underground. The sparkle is just the same, and the only difference is that instead of being pulled out of a dirty mine, lab diamonds are created in a clean, cutting-edge, and energy-efficient laboratory. In fact, lab-created diamond stones are graded and certified by the same laboratories that certify mined diamonds, which includes grading for carat, diamond cut, diamond color, and diamond clarity.

But the best part is that a lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gift doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. On the contrary, you’ll save at least 60-80% compared to mined diamonds because the supply chain is much shorter and cost-effective.

Learn why lab-grown diamonds are better.

Next, we’ll explain why we have chosen the 5 best lab-grown diamond Mother’s Day gifts at Clean Origin.

Clean Origin – the environmentally conscious company

Clean Origin is one of the absolute best places to shop for lab-grown diamonds and one of only two top-rated jewelers on LabGrownCarats. They were founded in 2017 by a team of industry veterans and have quickly risen to become one of the leading online retailers of lab-grown diamonds.

What sets Clean Origin apart from other diamond retailers is that the company only sells conflict-free lab-grown diamonds. As our readers know, lab diamonds are the more eco-friendly choice, and they do not involve the harmful processes and unethical practices that often follow the mining of diamonds. In fact, lab-created diamonds are the only guaranteed conflict-free diamond choice.

Read our in-depth review of Clean Origin and what we love about Clean Origin:

If you’re looking for diamond jewelry for Mother’s Day, lab-grown diamonds are the way to go because they’re environmentally friendly and conflict-free. Moreover, you can save at least 30-40% when choosing an ethical and more sustainable lab-grown diamond.

At Clean Origin, you’re not only shopping safely with 100-day free returns, but you’re also sure to make a great deal at Clean Origin, which offers some of the absolute best prices on lab-grown diamonds. That’s why we have picked the 5 best Mother’s Day gifts at Clean Origin.

The 5 best lab-grown Mother’s Day gifts at Clean Origin

Below, we have found the five best lab-grown Mother’s Day gifts at Clean Origin, showing any mother how much you appreciate them. And with these affordable prices at Clean Origin, most people can afford something extra special.

Mother's Day gifts at Clean Origin Pick #1: Solitaire diamond pendant

Mother’s Diamond Day Pick #1:
Solitaire diamond pendant

A classic solitaire diamond pendant featuring a 1ct tw. round lab-grown diamond in an 18″ long chain. This beautiful and timeless diamond pendant will never go out of style and can be worn with just about any outfit.

Average diamond clarity: VS/SI
Average diamond color: I/J

Mother's Day gifts at Clean Origin Pick #2: Petite Diamond Bracelet

Mother’s Diamond Day Pick #2:
Petite Diamond Bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is an all-time classic diamond jewelry gift that is trending once again. This petite diamond bracelet has over 102 diamonds. The delicate bracelet looks great when stacked and comes to its full right when worn alone.

Total carat weight vary based on the length of the bracelet.

Minimum diamond color: F/G
Minimum diamond clarity: VS/SI

Mother's Day gifts at Clean Origin Pick #3: Diamond stud earrings

Mother’s Diamond Day Pick #3:
Diamond stud earrings

These gorgeous certified diamond stud earrings (4 prongs) are available in yellow gold and white gold and come in various carat sizes. Tips: while available in preset (ready to ship) jewelry, we recommend you customize your jewelry to select the best diamonds.

Minimum diamond color: J
Minimum diamond clarity: SI

Mother's Day gifts at Clean Origin Pick #4: Perfect heart pendant

Mother’s Diamond Day Pick #4:
Perfect heart pendant

This beautiful heart-shaped pendant with 16 round lab-grown diamonds is perfect as a Mother’s Day diamond jewelry present. The pendant comes in both white gold and yellow gold.

Average diamond clarity: H/I
Average diamond color: VS/SI

Floral Mother's Day gifts at Clean Origin Pick #5: Floral Halo diamond pendant

Mother’s Diamond Day Pick #5:
Floral Halo diamond pendant

This Floral Halo Diamond Pendant is a chic and modern take on the classic halo look. It comes in white, yellow, and rose gold and features 9 sparkling lab-created diamonds.

Approximate Total Diamond Weight: 1/2ct

Average diamond clarity: VS/SI
Average diamond color: F/G

Read our guide to the 5 best lab-grown diamond gift ideas for Mother’s Day if you’re looking for more inspiration.

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