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Your lab-grown diamond experts
Lab-grown diamonds have exploded in popularity, driven by lower prices, ethical sourcing, and better environmental impact

Our lab-grown diamond price analysis shows that lab-grown diamonds are 60-80% cheaper than mined diamonds. And, crucially, lab-created diamonds are every bit as real as natural diamonds are.

So what are you waiting for?

Our team of lab-grown diamond experts is ready to guide you to the cheapest and best lab-created diamonds.

Lab-grown diamond sales and promotions

See all the best ongoing lab-grown diamond deals, discounts, promos, and sales. We monitor and list all sales, so you can save on your next diamond purchase.

Our top-rated lab-grown diamond jewelers

Our diamond experts review and recommend the best places to buy lab-created diamonds. See our highest-rated lab diamond jewelers below.

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Overall diamond quality, shopping, and service.
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The cheapest lab-grown diamonds and largest inventory.
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The cheapest lab-grown diamond jewelry.
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Lab-grown diamond engagement rings and designs.
The most sustainable diamonds and inventory.
With Clarity - best place for lab-grown diamond engagement rings
The best try-before-you-buy and engagement rings.
Best places to buy lab-grown diamonds and jewelry in 2023.

Best places to shop for lab diamonds

As part of our extensive review process, we list the best places to purchase lab-grown diamonds, lab diamond engagement rings, and other lab-created diamond jewelry.

Lab-grown diamond prices and value analysis

At LabGrownCarats, our diamond-buying specialists will help you save on lab-grown diamonds. We monitor and compare lab-created diamond prices and list lab diamond sales and deals.

Top-rated lab-grown diamond reviews

Our professional diamond reviewers spend weeks reviewing and analyzing sellers of lab-created diamonds and jewelry. We rely on our decades of diamond expertise to give you the best recommendations and trustworthy jeweler reviews.

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Learn about lab-grown diamonds

Shopping for lab-grown diamonds and jewelry can be intimidating. And it’s often a costly affair, even if lab diamonds are much for affordable. That is why our team of lab diamond experts has put together guides and knowledge articles about lab-created diamonds. See the most recent guides below.

Our diamond experts are here to help you

We’re here to help you learn about lab-grown diamonds and find the perfect lab-grown diamond. We’ll teach you to get the best prices and spot the best diamond deals, and locate the best lab-grown diamond jewelers through our honest lab diamond seller reviews.

Our team of diamond experts is here to help you with a combined experience of over 75 years in the diamond and jewelry industry. We spend all our time analyzing, testing, reviewing, and lab-created diamonds and sellers so you can shop confidently and get the best lab-grown diamonds at the best possible price.

Rolf Hartmann: Lab-Grown DIamond Expert
Rolf Hartmann

Lab-grown diamond expert

Sharon Tate, diamond jewelry expert.
Sharon Tate

Lab diamond jewelry expert

Klaus T, diamond analyst
Klaus T

Lab diamond price and impact specialist

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Susannah Pask

Lab diamond jewelry writer