Keltie Knight’s Golden Globes Nightmare: Diamond Goes Missing—With Clarity Saves the Day

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In a shocking turn of events at this year’s 2024 Golden Globes, television host Keltie Knight found herself in the midst of a jewelry mystery that has left Hollywood buzzing after losing a stunning 4-carat diamond from her 10-year anniversary ring during the star-studded event.

The red carpet was ablaze with glamour and glitz as celebrities showcased their most exquisite ensembles, and Keltie Knight was no exception. However, the night took an unexpected turn when the television personality noticed the absence of the precious diamond from her ring. Knight, known for her composure, couldn’t hide her distress as she frantically searched for the missing stone, even enlisting the help of security and fellow attendees.

Keltie Knight lost her diamond ring at the Golden Globes.

The missing diamond cast a shadow on what was supposed to be a night of celebration and recognition.

Security teams at the Golden Globes venue conducted a thorough investigation into the incident, examining surveillance footage and interviewing staff and attendees, but the diamond was nowhere to be found.

Keltie Knight gets a 5-carat lab diamond from renowned jeweler ‘With Clarity’

Luckily, Keltie Knight’s missing red carpet diamond was replaced by diamond retailer With Clarity with an even more magnificent stunner. The New York-based retailer, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and quality gems, became the perfect partner for Knight’s quest for a show-stopping piece.

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After careful consideration and close collaboration with With Clarity’s expert jewelers, Knight settled on a stunning 5-carat princess cut lab-grown diamond showcased in a 14K yellow gold setting.

Medi Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring from With Clarity that was gifted to Keltie Knight.

Keltie Knight’s New Affection for Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds

Through her collaboration with With Clarity, Knight says she has gained insights into the world of lab-grown diamonds, a specialty of the brand. She discovered the sustainable nature of these diamonds in contrast to mined ones, highlighting their affordability (in fact, lab diamonds cost at least 60% less than mined diamonds – even though they are precisely the same!) That means you can get even bigger and better diamonds when you purchase a lab-grown diamond engagement ring!

Who is With Clarity?

Keltie Knight's new ring gifted by With Clarity.

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With Clarity’s 3D replica rings are made of a white metallic alloy and a diamond simulant that looks just like the real thing. And they really do, giving you an excellent idea of the style you’re considering.

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With Clarity's Home Preview.

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